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Oversized Wall Plates - Find & Compare Size Options

Compare sizes from a collection of 100+ oversized plate configurations to find the best switch plate dimensions for your job. Kyle designs switch plates in exclusive sizes to fit specialized needs - that's why you'll find the largest selection of oversize wall plate covers here at Kyle Switch Plates.

Comparison of Switch Plate Sizes

Guide to All Switch Plate Sizes:

Standard Size Switch Plate

Here is a standard single-gang toggle light switch cover, which is 2-3/4" wide by 4-1/2" tall.

Below, we've laid this standard plate over various other size options, many of which we've custom created, made in America, and not available anywhere else.


Centered 2 Gang Wall Plate

When your height is fine but you need some coverage on the sides, these double wide light switch covers are a good option. Perfect for situations such as an electrical box that had to be moved over slightly or an uneven plaster repair job around a box that is too close to the underside of a cabinet or top of a back splash. Find Centered Toggle, Centered Outlet, Centered Rocker, Centered Single Receptacle, Centered 20A Socket, and Centered Blank Switch Plate Covers.

Tall Switch Plate Size

This plate with a standard width is elongated to provide an extra half inch of height. Corners are slightly rounded. Shop all Tall Light Switch Plates

Tall Wide Switch Plate

This version of the tall plate provides extra coverage on the sides as well. Take into consideration that the curved corners provide less coverage than a plate with crisp points. Shop Tall Wide Toggle, Tall Wide Duplex Outlet, Tall Wide Single Round OutletTall Wide Decora, Tall Wide Blank, Tall Wide Phone Cable, Tall Wide Dryer Outlet 

Midway Switch Plate

Slightly different proportions than the Tall Wide wall plate but with the traditional square corners, these covers might be the perfect size for dodging cabinetry but covering contractor errors. Shop all Plastic Mid-way Light Switch Covers

Round Switch Plate

Sometimes, based on the shape of the damage and wall features or furnishings near the electrical box, a round plate might be just the size you need. The unusual shape adds visual interest. Shop all Round Wall Plate Covers

Oversized Switch Plate

Also referred to as jumbo switch plates, these panels are great for covering paint build-up and rough-cut holes in sheetrock. These are the most popular oversize light switch covers and come in a wide range of finishes and designs. Shop all Oversized Outlet Covers and Light Switch Plates - More Than 50 Sizes

Oversized Centered Cover Plate

Popular for installations with tile or granite where a large rough cut in made in the material on a countertop or backsplash. In addition, if used with a mudring on a two-gang electrical box, this plate gives you the extra room inside for hiding complicated wiring for sound or security systems. Buy Oversized Center Toggle, Oversized Centered Duplex Outlet, Oversized Centered Decora Rocker, Jumbo Centered Single Round Outlet cover plates.

Jumbo Face Plate

A Kyle Switch Plates exclusive, this popular size provides that extra height and width for covering big chips in plaster or wide-cut openings in marble or granite. Buy Jumbo Oversized Toggle, Jumbo Oversize Outlet, Jumbo Oversized Rocker, Jumbo Oversized Blank

Ultra Oversized Cover Plate

Shop online for Ultra Oversized Toggle, Ultra Oversized OutletUltra Oversized Decora light switch plates.


To cover a large hole to one side of a light switch or GFCI outlet, you can use a 3-gang cover with either a rocker or toggle opening on 1 end and 2 blank slots to either side.

For rocker switches and GFCI or block outlets, buy the rocker-blank-blank plate.

For toggle switches, buy the toggle-double-blank plate.

Specialty Sizes

2 Despard Switch Plate

6.125" H x 1.75" W - Vertical Stacked 2 Despard - More specialized but still an option if only needing light switches (rather than outlets, blanks, or cable jacks) in a certain location. Might require replacing existing switches with Despard switches. Buy Vertical 2 Tandem Despard Switch Wall Plates

3 Despard Switch Plate

8.125" x 1.75" W - Vertical Stacked 3 Despard - More specialized option when you need three light switches (but not outlets, blanks, or cable jacks) in a location that is tight on the sides but needing extra coverage top and bottom. Will require swapping out current switches with interchangeable Despard switches. Shop Stacked 3 Tandem Despard Switch Plates

Tandem Switch Plate

8.25" x 2.75" - Tandem Wall Switchplates - Another specialty item, these long narrow wall plates were designed to stack two devices one on top of the other, although they typically are mounted sideways. Shop Tandem Outlet Covers

Deep Jumbo Faceplates

5.5" x 5.5" and 7.5" x 5.5" Deep Jumbo Faceplates - Add filler rings under a standard wall plate to create deep two gang and 3-gang versions in a jumbo size. Shop Double Deep Rings and Triple Deep Rings. Single Deep Rings also available.

Switch Plate Extender Plates

Kyle Switch Plate's expansion panels effectively cover extra space around your single gang, double gang or oversized 2-gang switch plates. Allows you to use the plate that is part of your existing light switch cover set, thereby maintaining a consistent look throughout your room. Simply screw the extenders in place in back of your standard or oversized face plate to cover extra wall space. Available in nickel silver or polished gold non-tarnish finishes.

1 Gang Switch Plate Extender

6" H x 4" W - Extra Wide Light Switch Cover Expander - Add even more room on the sides of a single gang switchplate - 5/8" extra coverage on each side plus 3/4" each on the top and bottom. Use with any standard plate to create oversized versions of most any configuration - oversized deep switchplates, jumbo recessed light switch covers, etc. Allows you to keep your regular plate that matches all the others in your room. Optionally paint the expander to match your wall color to help camouflage it so the focus stays on your decorative switchplate. Buy 6" X 4" Oversized Switchplate Expanders

Oversized Recessed Outlets

For example, use to create an oversized recessed outlet cover when you pair it with a standard size recessed receptacle plate. Buy Wall Switch Plate Expander Panels

6x6 Plate Expands Single Switch Plate Coverage

6" H x 6" W - Single Switch Plate Expander - Need more coverage than 4" x 6"? Get another 2" of coverage with these 6" x 6" back plates for single-gang plates that add extra wall coverage where needed. Also fits behind jumbo sized plates.

6x6 Plate Expands 2-Gang Light Switch Covers

6" H x 6" W - Expander for Centered Device 2 Gang Plates - When you need to extend coverage around a 2-gang centered device, simply add this 6x6 expander plate.

Wall Plate Expander for 2 Gang Plate

6" H x 6" W - Double Wall Plate Expander - Adding this cover behind either a standard or jumbo light switch cover will increase the overall dimensions to be extra tall and extra wide. Expands the top, bottom and both sides by an additional 1/4" compared to an oversized switchplate. If using with a standard wallplate, the panel extends out all sides by 3/4". Buy Jumbo Light Switch Cover Expanders

8x8 inch square wall plate extender panels

8" H x 8" W - 1-Gang Expanders - Cover a very large area around a 1-gang electrical box with this 8x8 inch wall panel.

8 inch square wall plate panel

8" H x 8" W - 2-Gang with Single Device - Expand wall coverage around a double gang plate with single, centered device with this 8 x 8 wall plate panel.

Extra Large Switchplate Expander for 2-Gang Covers

8" H x 8" W - 2-Gang Cover Plate Expanders - Get even more drywall coverage around a 2-gang switchplate with this larger 8" x 8" expander plate.

Triple Gang Switch Plate Extended Coverage

6" H x 8" W - Extend Coverage of Triple Switch Plate - Cover up more sheet rock or dry wall around your triple gang switch plate with this universal 6x8" extender.

4-Gang Wall Plate Extenders

6" H x 10" W - Expand 4-Gang Wall Plates - Hide wall blemishes around cover with 4 devices using a 10x6" extender.

Panel Extends 5-Gang Wall Plates

6" H x 12" W - For 5-Gang Wall Plates - Our largest panel extends your 5-gang electrical box cover.

Create Your Own Tall Switch Plate Cover

Very Tall Custom Sizes From Completely Blank Panels

If you have a hard-to-find wall plate situation such as odd screw or device opening requirements (non-standard screw hole spreads, off-center spacing, etc.), another option is to select a blank no-hole switch plate panel and add your own drilled holes - either at a machine shop or with your hand drill. That way, you'll have a neatly finished switch plate with standard beveled edges but in your unique layout. To create your custom plate, choose from oversized panels that are 5.5", 6.38", 7.5", 8.19", 10" or 12" high. 

Buy 8 in by 8 in Wall Hole Cover

8" x 8" Large Hole in the Wall Covers

Have a gaping hole in your wall that you'd like a neat way of covering? For example, if you had a leaking pipe that required cutting a hole in the Sheetrock to access it, removed a piece of stereo equipment from a media center, or inadvertently knocked a hole in the drywall, this panel can cover it. You can even cut your own holes in it if creating a switch or outlet cover for customized machinery. (Works great as a low-profile magnet board, too.) Buy an Extra Large Hole in the Wall Cover Plate

6 inch by 8 inch Wall Hole Covers

6" x 8" Covers for Hole in the Wall

Flat covers for sheetrock holes are also available in 6x8" size.

8x10 Sheetrock Hole Cover Panels

Extra Large 8" x 10" Drywall Hole Covers

Cover up a hole in your drywall with this flat 8x10" panel.


Big 10" x 12" Sheetrock Panel

Use this 10x12 plate to cover if this size is necessary to fix your problem.


Super Large 10" x 16" Flat Drywall Cover

For wide holes, the 10x16 flat drywall panel may fit your needs.

Create Your Own Oversized Wall Switch Plates with Inserts

Switch Plate Inserts

Keep in mind that you can also create a variety of oversized light switch cover configurations using inserts to fill or change an opening. Dummy fillers, cable or phone jacks, and converter overlays may all be used to change one opening to another shape. Typically used on combination (multiple-gang) switch plate covers, simply start with the closest size you need and change the misconfigured opening to the type you need. View all Cover Plate Inserts and Blank Fillers.

Custom Switchplates

Need a jumbo wall plate to hide a big opening in your sheetrock, tile, or solid surface material? Whether you need a plate that is a little taller or a lot wider, you'll find creative solutions and innovative products to get your project done. If none of the above sizes works, having custom light switch covers made in a particular configuration is another affordable option if you need a quantity of them. Read about requirements for ordering a custom switch plate size, then contact us if you have additional questions. Switch plates are high quality and made in USA for lasting value. Minimums apply.

Note that custom sizes must be cut and welded to order, adding considerably to the price. To help keep the price down, use a standard plate size such as those dimensions for metal plates listed above if at all possible. Alternately, have a flat plate (no beveled edges) custom made to avoid the cost of forming and welding the corners, if such a cover could work for your particular project.

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