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Oversize Wall Plates in 100 Jumbo Sizest

Oversized Wall Plates - Find & Compare Size Options - Searching online for jumbo wall plates? See what your options are when you browse photo comparisons of 10 series of oversize switch plate and outlet covers in more than 100 sizes.

Fix Sunken Outlet

Add Spacers Under Outlets - a quick and easy fix for sunken outlets on shiplap or wainscot walls.

Deep Plates Fit Gap Between Wall & Switchplate

Deep Switch Plates for Protruding Wall Boxes - learn how to fix an unwanted gap between a cover plate and the wall.

Get trimmed narrow switch plates for backsplash tile or moulding that is obstructing a wall plate.

Get short switch plates if wall tile comes too close to the switch.

Narrow Switch Plate Solutions

Need a narrow or thin plate? See which ones cover electrical boxes and which are even smaller when you view our narrow switchplate reference guide.

Hard to Find Switch Plates

Switch Plates in Hard To Find Sizes - Easy Custom Solutions - Need a custom wall plate right away? Find quick solutions now.

Switch Plate Solutions

Switch Plates in Any Size - Design Your Own with Inserts - The simple way to construct the size you need.

Intercom Speaker Covers for Video Doorbell Installation

Learn how to update your intercom speaker to a video doorbell such as the Ring.

Wall Plates - Round Opening Sizes

Find a cover for a single round outlet or specialty control dial - All Round Plate Opening Sizes.

Compare Wall Plates with Rectangle Cutouts

Compare wall plates with rectangle punches to find the correct cover for a rectangular switch or data connector.

Triple Switch Plate Solutions

Triple Switch Plate Size Issue Solutions - Is your triple switch plate now too wide for your wall space because of new furniture or cabinetry? Find great ideas for adding more switches into tight spaces.

Attractive Solutions for Ugly Switchplates

Attractive Solutions for Ugly Switch Plates - Is a bad switchplate installation making your remodel look awful? Find good-looking solutions for those eyesores.

Identify Old Switch or Odd Cover Plate

Identify an Old Switch or Odd Cover Plate - If you're not sure what your odd switch is called, see picture examples of a variety of unusual electrical components & find the solution for replacement parts.


Doorbell Cover Solutions for Vintage Intercom Boxes

See vintage intercom examples - find replacement parts if you're looking to update your old doorbell intercom speaker with a modern or video doorbell system.


Identify Your Low Voltage System with Picture Examples

Find Your Low Voltage System - Not sure which vintage lighting brand is installed in your older home? Look at photos to find yours.

Line and Low Voltage Side by Side

Solutions for putting line and low voltage side by side in a single electrical box and shared switch plate.

Narrow switch plates - trimmed, skinny, or thin sizes

Narrow Wall Switch Plate Options - In a tight spot? Find narrow wall switch plate options for an electrical box in butted up against tiles, trim, cabinetry. Photos and dimensions to help you select the correct size.

Mount Switch in Center of Box

Centering a Switch in a 2-Gang Box - How you mount a centered switch depends on the type of box you have. See all options and solutions here.

Side by Side Electrical Box Cover Solutions

We have solutions for side by side electrical boxes that create odd spacing between devices and require special switch plates.

Fix Crooked Electrical Boxes

Are your outlets crooked? Find a way to get your switch plate to sit straight. Fix a crooked outlet or switch cover.

Get Decora cover screws to tighten properly against tile

Fix Decora cover plate screws that are too long. See how to get rocker cover screws to tighten properly.

Fill Gap if Outlet Half Tiled Around

Half an outlet that is half tiled on the bottom and has drywall around the top? Shop gap filler rings to find a solution..

Switch Plate Engraving Options

Need to label your switches, outlets or dials? See switch plate engraving options.

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