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Stacked Light Switches - Space Saving Options

Use space-saving stacked light switches to add 2 or 3 devices in the same size electrical box. 

Combining Two Switches into 1 Gang:


Put two switches into a single gang of your electrical box with this stacked Decora Rocker switch from Leviton.

Each individual switch rocks side-to-side to control the lighting and fits perfecting into standard rocker plate openings.


Pass & Seymour's RCD11 (2 single pole switches) and RCD33 (3-way) switches combine 2 vertically switched switches into 1 device.

These combo switches also fit rocker wall plates.


Here is another style of dual rocker switch from Leviton, which has smaller horizontally flipped switches that fit a standard rocker opening as well.


This style of combined switch has 2 sideways flipping toggle switches on a rocker shaped device.


Horizontal toggle light switches are a very popular way to fit more than one switch into a single plate.

Note this style of sideways-flipping toggles fit into duplex outlet covers - something that often confuses customers.


The smaller sideways toggle light switches shown here are Despard switches.

You can purchase 2 of these individually sold despard switches and the compatible strap for mounting 2 in 1 gang.

These switches fit our 2-despard covers.


For low voltage lighting, see our low voltage lighting parts guide.

Fit 3 Switches into a 1 Gang Plate:

Triple Stacked Rocker Light Switches in 1 Gang

An easy way to combine 3 switches into 1 is to get a triple stacked rocker switch from Leviton.

This is a single device that has 3 individual light switches that flip side-to-side to control your lighting.

Fits a rocker plate opening.

3-in-1 Rocker Combo Light Switches for Single Gang

Another combo switch with 3 switches in 1 gang is Pass & Seymour's RCD113 combo switch.

Two switches sit side by side on the top half, and a larger switch occupies the bottom half of this single device with three switches.

All switches flip up and down.

This switch also fits rocker wall plate openings.

3 Stacked Light Switches in 1-Gang Cover

You can also stack 3 despard toggle switches into a metal strap to get three switches into a single gang.

These toggles flip side-to-side and fit covers for 3 despard switches.

You can buy 3 switches plus a mounting straps in white, ivory or brown.


For 3 low voltage switches, see our low voltage switch guide to identify your brand and buy new parts.

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