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Tips for Buying Switch Plates

Choose the Right Switchplates - Tips and advice for selecting the correct light switch covers the first time.

Measure Screw Spacing

How to Measure Switch Plate Screw Spacing - Detailed instructions for ensuring your cover plate screws will align with your electrical box or device.


How to measure from a side obstruction to make sure our narrow switch plate will fit your space and fix your problem.


If you lack space for a wall plate due to an obstuction above or below your electrical box, get tips to measure for short wall plate solutions.

Phone Jacks

Buying Guide for Phone Jacks & Cover Plates - Advice for purchasing the correct light switch covers the first time.

Choosing Devices

Buying Guide for Electrical Switches & Outlets - Tips and suggestions for purchasing the right electrical devices.

Choosing Devices

Be sure you get the right replacement caps for floor outlets - compare brands and sizes here.

Installing & Troubleshooting

Phone Jack Installation

Phone Jack Installation Instructions - Tools, tricks, and options for adding a modular telephone jack.

Mounting Decvices in Middle of Double Boxes

How to Center a Switch or Outlet in a Double Gang Box - Learn what hardware is required to mount a device in the middle position of a 2-gang box, based on the box type.

Fix a Stuck Switch

Fix a Stuck Switch in a Low Voltage System - Do you have lights that aren't working in an older home with low voltage lighting? Find out what to do to get your lights back on.

DIY Projects & Decorating Ideas

Painting Switch Plates

Painting Wall Switch Plates for Best Results - Tips for getting great results when you want your plates to match your walls.

Decoupage Switch Plates

Decoupage Wallplates - Create your own decorative light switch covers.

Covering Switch Plates

How To Cover Light Switch Plates with Fabric or Paper - Get professional results with these quick and easy tricks.

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