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Reference Guides

Identify a Wall Plate

Click Identify Your Wall Plate Guide to learn the basics & determine which opening you need in your plate.

Switch Plate Reference

Switch Plate Size & Reference Information - Check dimensions, screw positions, layout options, and commonly asked questions.

Wall Switch Plate and Electrical Device Glossary

Switch Plate & Electrical Device Glossary - See photos and explanations to help you understand the various types of switches, wall opening types, and electrical terms used in the industry. Clarify the jargon your electrician might use to describe what items you need to buy.

Electrical Outlet Types

Electrical Outlet Types - learn about the various types of outlets to determine which you need as well as which cover plate fits which type of outlet.


Types of Lighted Switches - Learn about illuminated locator & pilot light switches, as well as lit up switch plates with louvered slits.

Wall Switch Plate and Electrical Device Glossary

Learn about Toggle Switch Types to be sure you know which type of cover plate matches the type of toggle light switches that you have or need to replace.

Switch Plate Screw Length Size Comparison

Switch Plate Screw Size & Spacing Length Options - Find the screw length and wall plate screw positioning you need.

Types of Electrical Switch Plate Screws

Learn about the different Types of Electrical Screws, including flathead, pan head, self-tapping and more.

Switch Plate Screw Spacing

Screw Hole Spacing on Electrical Device Covers - See how different devices screw into electrical boxes and how cover plates are mounted.

Faceplates with Round Openings

Whether you have a single round outlet or a control dial, find the cover plate with the right size round opening for your needs when you see all round opening faceplate sizes.

Find Switch Plates with Rectangle Punches

Compare switch plates with rectangle cutouts - get the right size rectangle or square punch to fit your line or low voltage light switch, dimmer or data jack.

Guide to Stacking More than 1 Switch Into Single Gang

Need more switches in a single gang? Use our combo switch guide to see options for putting 2 or 3 switches into 1 gang.

Dimmer Knob Replacement Guide

See options for replacing dimmer knobs - Dimmer Knob Replacement Guide.

Measure Select Round Floor Outlet Cover Caps

Floor box caps vary in size by brand. See our Round Floor Outlet Cover Cap Replacement Guide for help selecting the correct replacement.

Despard Wall Plates

Despard Light Switchplates Reference Guide & FAQs - Compare features of this older yet versatile series of electrical items.

Find Your Vintage Light Switch Brand - Compare Low Voltage

Find out what brand your vintage light switch is so you can replace broken lighting parts.

Low Voltage Switch Depth Comparison

Low Voltage Switch Depth Comparison - Determine which style of low voltage switch will fit by comparing how far each style recesses behind the wall. 

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