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Despard Light Switchplates Reference Guide & FAQs


Sizes and descriptions of Despard switch plates with links to stocked metal finishes and the stacked interchangeable devices that fit them.

Standard Cover Sizes

Despard switch plates are a standard size of 4-1/2" high. One gang Despard plates are 2-3/4" wide, two gang Despards are 4-1/2" wide and three gang Despard switch covers are 6-3/8" in width.

Oversized Cover Versions

Single gang oversized Despard switch plates are all 5-1/2" high and 3-1/2" wide. If you need multiple gang sizes or combination covers, you may use Despard inserts in rocker wall plate openings. Shop 1 Despard Insert, 2 Despard Insert, 3 Despard Insert to create your own standard or jumbo versions.

Metal Finishes

Kyle Switch Plates stocks Despard switchplates in up to 13 metal finishes per configuration.

Decorative Wallplates

These Interchangeable switch plate covers are also available in decorative patterns. Styles include contemporary, Celtic, Art Deco, Celestial, Cat and Dog designs. To order these designer versions, please visit: Designer Light Switch Plates.

Device Placements

Despard toggle switches can be placed in any of the horizontal or vertical strap openings. Despard outlets with a mounting tab can be placed only in the end positions of the horizontal 3 hole straps (utilizing just the two outermost openings); Despard outlets with grounding wire can be used in the middle too.

Mounting Straps

Despard plates require a mounting strap to hold devices in place. The Horizontal Despard Mounting Strap has three holes situated horizontally for receptacles or switches. On these, switches flip from left to right. Vertical Despard Mounting Straps have just one hole vertically oriented for switches only.

Screws and Openings

Plates have one or more 29/32" W x 11/16" H openings that are usually situated horizontally, but may be situated vertically on certain configurations. Screw holes are 3-13/16" apart center to center (3.8125"). There can be 1, 2, or 3 device openings on a single gang; the spacing between openings on centers  is .937 on the triple stack or 1.843" on the double stack. All of our interchangeable switch plates come with standard 1/4" 6-32 screws.

Shop for Despard Parts

Click Depard Switch Plates and Despard Electrical Devices for all interchangeable switchplates and switches.

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