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Horizontal Toggle Switch Plates

Sideways flip horizontal toggle switch plates were commonly installed in homes in the 1970's and 1980's. They use a duplex opening, which are also used to cover a duplex outlet. Available in a variety of finishes, all UL listed and made in America.

IMPORTANT! What You Should Know About Horizontal Toggle Switch Plates:

Sideways toggle switches fit the exact same switch plate as a duplex outlet.

Remove your old switch plate from the wall and look at the base of your horizontal toggle switches. The shape of the base should be identical to a duplex outlet.


The Difference Between Horizontal Toggles and Despard Toggle Switches:

If you have Horizontal Toggle Light Switches, you'll see a single screw hole in the center between the top and bottom switches. You will need a duplex outlet cover or combination switch plate with a duplex opening.

If you have Despard Toggle Switches, which are smaller than horizontal toggles, you'll see that they are mounted in a bracket and the screw holes for the switch plate are at the top and bottom of the bracket. You will need a despard wall plate.


IMPORTANT! The Switch Plates below are duplex switch plates shown with horizontal toggle switches. The switches are not included.

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