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Lighted Switch Types - Uses for Illuminated Light Switches

Locator Switches

Locator Switches

Locator switches illuminate when they are in the OFF position, to help you locate them in the dark.

Locator Switches

Pilot Light Switches

A pilot light switch illuminates when the switch is in the ON position, to alert you that a light that's out of site at the switch (such as an outdoor, basement or closet light) is on.

Lighted Toggles

Lighted Toggles

Some toggle switches have lighted handles, while others are only lighted around the toggle's edge.

Lighted Rocker Switches

Lighted Rockers

There are a variety of ways a rocker switch can be lit.

Some rockers have an embedded jewel that lights up.

Others have a light inside that glows through the paddle.

Certain combo rocker switches have a bar along the top or bottom switch that can be removed and replaced with a snap-in light bar.

Illuminated Outlets

Illuminated Outlets

Outlets can also provide illumination.

These receptacles have built-in night lights to the side of the GFCI set/reset buttons.

Perfect for bathrooms and hallways at night.

Shop lighted outlets here.

Illuminated Wall Plates

Pilot Light Illuminated Wall Plates

Pilot Light Switch Plates

A pilot light can also illuminate a bulb inside your electrical box.

One way to cover this pilot light bulb is with a switch plate that has a jewel placed in a round opening.

Buy a pilot light cover plate with a jewel.

Pilot Light Toggle Jewels

Pilot light jewels also come in a rectangle shape that fit toggle switch plate openings.

Available in clear, amber, green and red.

Illuminated Steps Louvered Covers

Illuminated Louvered Switch Plates

A light inside the wall can also be covered with a louvered switch plate, which allows the light to shine through the slats in the plate.

This is a common way to light outdoor steps.

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