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Wall Plates for Rectangular Switch or Control - Find A Size

View wall plate sizes with rectangular or square openings to find a configuration for switch, controller, outlet, etc.

Sizes listed below are for the square or rectangle cutout.

Jack Size

Jack Opening

Shape: nearly square

Size: 9/16" W x 13/16" H

Uses: for phone jacks, cable jacks & ethernet jacks.

Availe with:

1 jack opening

2 jack openings

3 jacks openings

4 jacks openings

Toggle Size

Toggle Cutout

Shape: small rectangle

Size: 7/16" W x 15/16" H

Uses: Fits a toggle light switch, toggle dimmer, or rotary dimmer.

Find plates with toggle cutouts.

Also available on a variety of combination switch plates.

Bigger Toggle Opening

Fat Toggle Size

Shape: taller rounded rectangle

Size: 1/2" W x 1-3/8" H

Uses: covers vintage wide toggle light switches

Get this cover for a single fat toggle switch or cover 2 fatter toggles.

9 Pin Cable Connector

9 Pin Plate Opening

Shape: rectangle


Use: connects a 9-pin serial port computer cable for VGA monitors

15 Pin Monitor Cable Coneector

15 Pin Plate Opening

Shape: rectangle

Size: 7/16" W x 1-1/8" H

Use: for 15-pin serial port computer monitor cable

5001 Size

Touch Plate 5000 Series Opening

Shape: medium rectangle

Size: 1-1/8" W x 5/8" H

Uses: fits 5000 series Touch Plate buttons.

Shop covers for:

1 switch - part: 5001

2 switches - part: 5002

3 switches - part: 5003

GE Low Voltage Size

Old GE Switch Cutout

Shape: rectangle

Size: 1-3/32" W x 21/32" H

Uses: Plate opening fits old General Electric and Bryant low voltage light switches.

Get plates with up to 6 switch openings when you shop old GE plates.

New GE Size

New GE Switch Opening

Shape: rectangle

Size: 1-9/32" W x 49/64" H

Use: fits new, currently manufactured GE low voltage switches.


Find covers with up to 12 low voltage switch openings when you shop all new GE covers.

8 wire Data Opening

Tandem Modular 8-Wire Connector

Shape: rectangle

Size: 1.45" W x .75" H

Use: fits over tandem 8-wire data connectors

Sierra Receptacle Size

Vintage Square Receptacle Opening

Shape: rounded square

Size: 1-5/16"W x 1-3/8" H

Use: Rounded square opening for an old Sierra Electric square receptacle.

Awning Size

Retractable Awning Cover Opening

Shape: rectangle

Sizes: 3 options available:

.9375" W x 1.4375" H

.875" W x 1.4375" H

.6875" W x 1.25" H

Uses: fits retractable Somfy awning switches.

Leviton Centura Size

Opening for Leviton Centura Button Switch

Shape: narrow rectangle

Size: 15/16"W x 1-27/32" H

Use: for old style Leviton Centura button switch.

Genesis Size

Touch Plate Genesis Line

Shape: vertical rectangle cutout

Size: 27/32" W x 1-23/32" H

Use: for Touch Plate Genesis lighting buttons.

Get Genesis series plates for:

1 Genesis Switch

2 Genesis Switches

3 Genesis Switches

Triplex Size

Sierra Electrica Triplex Receptacle Opening

Shape: tall rectangle opening

Size: 1-1/16" W x 2-29/32" H

Use: for old Sierra biplex or triplex outlets.

Classic Size

Touch Plate Classic Switch Opening

Shape: large rectangle plate opening (nearly square)

Size: 1-9/16" W x 2" H

Uses: fits Touch Plate's Classic series button units.

Shop these plates:

1-Gang Classic covers for 4 or 6 buttons.

2-Gang Classic covers for 8 or 12 switches.

3-Gang Classic covers for 18 or 24 switches.

Rocker Size

Rocker Opening

Shape: large, rounded rectangle

Size: 1-5/16" W x 2-5/8" H

Uses: for Decora rocker switches, block & GFCI outlets, slide dimmers, fan controls, Touch Plate Ultra switches, modular frames, stacked rocker switches & rocker shaped inserts.

Shop rocker plates for 1 to 10 devices.

Rocker openings are commonly found on combo cover plates.

Ultra Size

Touch Plate Ultra Series Opening

Shape: "decora" rocker rectangle cutout

Size: 1-9/32" W x 2-19/32" H

Uses: Screwless plate fits rocker sized devices including Touch Plate's Ultra Line of low voltage switches.



Shop All Screwless Rocker Plates

Fire Alarm Size

Fire Alarm Opening

Shape: largest rounded rectangle opening

Size: 1-27/32" W x 2-23/32" H

Uses: for a hard-wired fire alarm.

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