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Dimmer Knob Types & Replacement Options

Lost your old light dimmer knob? Find plastic dimmer knob replacements for GE, Pass & Seymour, Lutron, and Leviton rotary buttons, plus Lutron knobs for slide dimming controls and options for vintage dimmer knobs.

Types of Dimmer Knobs

When replacing a round dimmer knob, be sure to look at the back to see which type of stem is compatible.

We carry replacement knobs for 4 brands:

  • Leviton
  • Lutron
  • GE (the old type of GE knob has been discontinued, and can be replaced with Pass & Seymour)
  • Pass & Seymour

Replacing a Round Leviton Knob

Leviton dimming devices have a "D" shaped stem, which fits easily into round replacement knobs with a "D" shaped stem opening.

Replacing Round Lutron Dimming Knobs

Lutron dimmers have stems with ridges that align with ridges in Lutron brand replacement knobs.

Old GE RMS2A Knob

Back of old GE knobs.

Replacing GE or P&S Knobs

Pass & Seymour knobs fit both P&S devices, as well as GE dimmers.

To attach a new P&S knob to a GE stem, note that the back of the P&S knob has 2 wings. Simply slide the GE dimmer stem into ridged opening on the knob, making sure one of the knob's wings is aligned with the slit in the GE stem. The other wing will sit between ridges, keeping the fit snug.

Replacement Knobs for GE Controllers

The correct replacement knob for old low voltage GE lighting controllers like the one shown here is Lutron.

Order here by selecting "Lutron" as the "Stem Type"

Vintage Dimmers with Glowing Knobs

Here is a vintage farmhouse Lutron dimmer with light bulb behind the knob that glows all the time.

Replace the knob with Lutron brand, replace the cover with this round opening wall plate for illuminated knobs.

Ideal Industries Dimmer Knob

These are Ideal Industries dimmers, which were discontinued in the 1990's. Replacement dimmers & knobs are not available.

If you need a new round Ideal Industries dimmer knob, you will need to replace the dimmer itself. Choose a new rotary dimmer or update to a modern dimmer style.

Leviton L6620 Fan Control Knob

Leviton L6620 fan control knobs are not sold separately.

You'll need to replace the device if you no longer have the knob or control switch underneath.

Dimmer Knob for Crossbar Stem

Here is another type of dimmer knob shaft on a 1960's dimmer from Hunt Electronics formerly of Dallas, TX. Replacement knobs are not manufactured for this type of vintage Hunt Electronic dimmer that has a bar crossing the end of the shaft.

Odd Dimmer Knob

Here is another example of dimmer knob with attachment to reach the stem, which is sunken inside a wooden cabinet.

Knobs that reach back into a recessed stem hole are not manufactured.

You'll need to drill a larger round opening into the cabinet that is big enough for the dimmer to sit sunken into the wood.

Depending on how deep you must go for the knob to properly reach the stem, you may need to create an even larger cutout to give you enough room to access and spin the knob.

Rotary Dimmer Switch Plates

The correct plate for a dimmer with a rotary knob is a toggle cover plate (the screw holes for installing the cover will line up and the round knob will cover the small rectangle opening in the plate).

Stem Pushes inot Back of Dimmer Knob How Far

How far does the stem push into the knob?

The dimmer's stem pushes into the back of the knob 5/16" of an inch.

The knobs are about 1/2" deep.

Replacement Slider Dimmer Caps

If your slider dimmer or fan control needs a new knob, find replacement knobs for Lutron slider devices.

Replacement Split Dimmer Sliders

Have a split dimmer like this one? Get split replacement sliding knobs here.

Replacement Push Button Dimmer Knobs

Push button dimmer knobs can also be replaced.

You can also purchase new pearl pushbutton inserts (in white or black) if one has fallen off a switch or dimmer and gotten lost.

Sliding Dimmers Fit Rocker Plates

This rectangular shaped dimmer fits a rocker switchplate or combination plate with a Decora Rocker or GFCI opening.

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