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Wall Plates for Round Switch, Dial, Button, Control - Find A Size

Round Plate Opening Sizes

Scroll down and view wall plate sizes with round openings from .25" to 1.75" to find a size for switch, dial, button, controller.

Use grommets or bushings to adapt holes for alternate openings to locate the perfect size for a dimmer, cable TV jack, phone cable, speaker knob, doorbell, or cords and cables.

Here are your switch plate options with round openings, ranging from .25" to 1.73":

Note: when selecting a plate, pay close attention not only to the center hole opening size, but also to the screw holes to be certain they will align with your particular device, mounting straps or electrical box.

Switch Plate with Quarter Inch Round Opening

.25" (Plate + Grommet)

For the smallest round opening of 1/4", you can get a 3/8" plate opening and add this grommet to shrink the opening down as well as protect any cords or cables coming through the opening.

Switch Plate with .375 Inch Round Opening

.375" (Plate Only)

Plates with a 3/8" opening are common for covering TV cable jacks.

You can add a MHL-40451 bushing to reduce it down to 1/4".

Switch Plate & Bushing 3/8 Inch

.375" (Plate + Grommet or Bushing)

A 3/8" opening can also be created with a 1/2" plate opening and a MHL-40452 rubber grommet or MHL-40447 plastic bushing.

Switch Plate - Half Inch Round Hole

.5" (Plate Only - Box Mount)

This stainless steel plate has a centered 1/2" round opening for covering controls, dials, cable or other round electrical devices smaller than .5".

The opening can be reduced to 3/8" with a bushing or grommet.


.5" (Plate Only - Device Mount Screw Spread)

Here is another 1/2" diameter opening cover plate. Note that the screw holes are closer together on this plate. Cover must mount directly to device or strap inside the electrical box.

Cover Plate with Half Inch Round Opening

.5" (Plate + Grommet or Bushing)

If you want a 1/2" opening that includes a rubber bushing to protect any cords running through the opening, get a 5/8" hole plate and a MHL-40453 grommet.

A 5/8" round opening cover plate can also be reduced down to .5" with a MHL-40448 bushing.

5/8 Inch Opening Metal Plate

.625" (Plate Only)

Plates with 5/8" round opening are typically used as telephone or cable TV plates.

You can add a rubber grommet or plastic bushing to protect phone, HDMI & cable cords, but they will reduce the opening from 5/8" down to 1/2".


.625" (Plate + Grommet)

This round opening plate has a 5/8" inside the included grommet.

Metal Plate with 5/8 Inch Hole

.625" (Plate + Grommet or Bushing)

A MHL-40449 bushing or MHL-40454 grommet added to a 7/8" opening will reduce the hole down to 5/8".

Round Hole Switch Plates

.69" (Plate Only)

This odd size opening of .69" may be used in a variety of applications - to cover a doorbell, a machine dial or specialty machinery switches or levers.

Round Hole Switch Plates 3/4 Inch

.75" (Plate Only - Box Mount)

This plate has a round opening of .75" which may fit your needs to cover an in-wall speaker knob, old dimmer or specialized machinery switch that's nearly 3/4" in diameter.


.75" (Plate Only - Device Mount Screw Spacing)

This cover with 3/4" round opening has screw holes that don't line up with the electrical box.

This plate is instead mounted directly to a device or into a metal strap.


.75" (Inside Grommet)

This round cutout wall plate comes with a grommet inserted into the opening.

The inside of the included grommet measures .75".



Clearance inside this round opening is .78 (just slightly over 3/4").

Round Opening Switch Plates 7/8 Inch Hole

.875" (Plate Only - Box Mount)

This plate has a 7/8" opening for an old dimmer, speaker knob or switch on a special piece of equipment or machinery.

Opening can be reduced to 5/8" with MHL-40454 grommets or MHL-40449 bushings.


.875" (Plate Only - Device or Strap Mount)

Wall plate with 7/8" round center cutout.

Note the positioning of the screw holes. Must mount into a device or strap.

1 Inch Circle Plate Opening

1" (Plate + Grommet or Bushing)

If you need a 1" opening, create it with a 1.4" opening reduced down with either a MHL-40450 bushing or a MHL-40455 grommet.

Round Opening Cover Plates 1.125 Inch Hole

1.125" (Plate Only)

Measure closely to see if your speaker knob, Honeywell switch, controller, equipment dial or old style light or dimmer fits into this 1-1/8" opening plate.

Round Opening Cover Plates 1.125 Inch Hole

1.1875" (Plate Only)

Pay close attention to the size of the round opening as well as the placement of the screw holes on this 1-3/16" opening plate for Honeywell Tap Light.

Round Hole Plate 1.25 Inches

1.25" (Plate Only)

Another option when covering speaker knobs, Western Electric phone jacks (#548A) or other misc. cabling is a 1.25" opening.


1.25" (Plate Only)

This 1.25" opening wall plate has special screw spacing (1-7/8" apart center to center, above and below cutout) and is typically used to cover vintage phone jacks.


1.25" (Plate Only)

Here is another specialty 1.25" opening switch plate with side screws spaced 1-7/8", but on the sides of the device.

Large Round Hole Cover Plate

1.4" (Plate Only)

Plates with 1-13/32 openings are for single round outlets and heavy duty Somfy brand momentary indoor key switches.

You can also use this 1.4" plate to cover rotary dimmers with 1.5" knobs (although toggle plates are more commonly used for round dimmers).

To reduce the opening down to 1.4", add a MHL-40455 reducer grommet or MHL-40450 protective bushing.

Cover Plates for 20A Plugs

1.62" (Plate Only)

Cover 20A simplex receptacle plugs or large round twist-lock plug outlets with a 1.62" opening plate.


1.73" (Plate Only)

For large round devices, such as 30A twist lock plugs, this 1.73" cover plate will do the trick.

Find our full selection of phone & cable plates or receptacle covers for larger sizes and more applications.

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