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How to Install Centered Switch or Outlet on 2-Gang Box

How to Install Centered Switch

Learn how to install a centered light switch or outlet in the middle of a 2-gang electrical box to provide extra room for bulky wiring.

Electrical Box Sizes for Double Covers

Pay close attention to the style of your electrical box; there are different solutions for covering each.

Use the links to find the correct solution:

1 Gang Standard Box

2 Gang Standard Box

4x4" Junction Box

4-11/16" Junction Box

Covering a 2-Gang Box with 1 Switch

If you needed a deeper box to accommodate a bulky light switch or GFCI outlet, or if you couldn't cram the electrical wires safely into a single gang box, you may need to mount your device in a 2-gang electrical box.

2 Gang Box for Electrical Devices

If you have an electrical box for 2 devices, but only need 1 switch or outlet, you have 2 options:

  1. install the device to one side
  2. center the device

2 Gang Box with Single Device

On the left, you will see the first device is off to one side.

The second option is to center the switch in the double-gang box by mounting it to a center device cover plate, which then screws into the 4 openings in the electrical box.

Adding a Device to a 4x4" Junction Box

Adding a Device to a Square Junction Box

Square junction boxes do not have tabs for mounting devices.

Adding a mud ring to the box will allow you to install a single device.

Mount Center Switch in Mud Ring

The mud ring is held in place using the junction box screws in opposite corners.

A switch or outlet can then be mounted directly to the mud ring.

A 2-gang center device cover plate can then be mounted to the device in the same way a standard cover would be. Note: you may need to trim down the cover plate's screws.

Mounting Single Device in Large Square Juntion Box

Mounting Single Device in Large Square Junction Box

Larger square juntion boxes that are 4-11/16" can also hold a single device with the addition of a mud ring.

Large Mud Rings for Single Devices

Add a large mud ring for junction boxes, then simply mount the device to the ring and cover with a large oversized cover plate.

Extra Coverage Around Single Electrical Box

Double gang covers with a center device cutout can also be used with single gang boxes.

Gap in Wall by Electrical Box

Here is an example of a single switch with a gap between the wall surface and the electrical box.

A standard switchplate will not cover the damaged wall alongside the switch.

Extra Coverage for 1 Gang Electrical Box

Use a 2-gang centered cutout cover plate to cover a single device in a 1-gang electrical box when you need to cover extra wall space on either side of the box.

Wall Coverage for Single Device

This plate mounts to the electrical box in the same way as a standard cover plate.

The difference is that a standard cover is 2-3/4" wide, while this wider plate is 4-9/16" wide, resulting in greater coverage to the left and right of the box.

If you have a gap around your single gang electrical box, this plate will fix the unsightly problem.

You may also want to add this wider cover in high-traffic areas where a switch gets lots of use. The wider wall coverage from this double gang plate will give your wall some added protection.

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