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Line Voltage + Low Voltage Switch Plate Options

Need to install a regular line voltage switch in the same electrical box as a low voltage light switch? See your options below.

Line Voltage Rocker & Low Voltage Ultra Switch

Here, a line voltage rocker switch is mounted next to a low voltage Touch Plate ultra device with 4 buttons in a divided electrical box. Both Touch Plate Innova and Ultra series switches fit into a Decora switch plate opening.

Note: Leviton's rocker switch is the best color match to Touch Plate.

These devices fit rocker plates.

IMPORTANT: Be sure your box has a divider so there is no chance of the line voltage wiring coming in contact with the low voltage wiring.

Touch Plate Ultra Light Switch Finishes

Depending on which finish of Touch Plate Ultra switches you select, here are the best matches for rocker switches:

White Leviton 5601 Switch

Light Almond P&S TM870-LA Switch

Ivory P&S TM870-I Switch

Line & Low Voltage Despard Switches

Here, 2 line voltage despard toggle switches are in the same electrical box as a single low voltage trigger light switch.

The white, ivory and brown despard toggle and trigger switches all match each other, so no need to worry that the finishes won't match each other.

Buy a 3-switch combination plate for despard switches.

4 Combined Line & Low Voltage Lighting Switches

There are other variations for combining despard style switches.

You can have 2 stacked side-by-side (shown here) or even 3 stacked side-by-side.

Depard Light Switch Finishes Match

Despard toggle switches come in ivory and white and are great matches for the despard 1091 low voltage switches in the same finishes.

Combining Line & Low Voltage Switches

Line and low voltage toggle switches can also share an electrical box. Here, a standard line voltage toggle light switch is combined with a low voltage mementary toggle switch.

Note that the line voltage toggle sits in an up/down or on/off position, while the wider low voltage toggle switch rests in the center position (as shown), and is momentarily flipped up or down when being switched on and off.

These low voltage toggle switches are available in white, ivory and brown and each finish matches closely to the Leviton toggles and the Pass & Seymour toggles.

Toggle Finishes

Low voltage 1081 toggle switches are available in white, ivory and brown.

As you can see, they are great matches for both Leviton toggle switches and Pass & Seymour brand toggle switches.

Putting these line and low voltage toggles in the same switch plate won't be a problem since the finishes are near perfect matches.

Line & Low Voltage In Same Box

IMPORTANT NOTE: Low voltage and line voltage devices must be separated by a partition. You can either add a partition to your current box or use this divided box for line and low voltage.

Once divided, you can mount low voltage electrical devices - such as a phone jack or old low voltage light switch - next to a line voltage switch. 

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