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Switch Plate Help

Identify Wall Plate Opening

Not sure where to start? Learn the lingo with our Quick Guide for Identifying Your Wall Plate - then, you can easily navigate our site to find what you need.

Oversize Wall Plates in 100 Jumbo Sizes

Oversized Wall Plates - Find & Compare Size Options - Searching online for jumbo wall plates? See what your options are when you browse photo comparisons of 10 series of oversize switch plate and outlet covers in more than 100 sizes.

Hard to Find Switch Plates

Switch Plates in Hard To Find Sizes - Easy Custom Solutions - Need a custom wall plate right away? Find quick solutions now.

Switch Plate Reference

Switch Plate Size & Reference Information - Check dimensions, screw positions, layout options, and commonly asked questions.

Wall Switch Plate and Electrical Device Glossary

Switch Plate & Electrical Device Glossary - See photos and explanations to help you understand the various types of switches, wall opening types, and electrical terms used in the industry. Clarify the jargon your electrician might use to describe what items you need to buy.

Decorative switch plate gallery for inspiration

Decorative Switch Plate Gallery - Find inspiration for enhancing your home.

Painting Switch Plates

Painting Switch Plates: How to a Paint Wall Plate for Best Results - Tips for getting great results when you want your plates to match your walls.

Switch Plate Solutions

Switch Plates in Any Size - Design Your Own with Inserts - The simple way to construct the size you need.

Switch Plate Screw Length Size Comparison

Switch Plate Screw Size & Spacing Length Options - Find the screw length and wall plate screw positioning you need.

Plastic vs Metal Wall Plates

Metal vs. Plastic Switch Plates - What's the Difference? - Find out which one is the better value.

Tips for Buying Switch Plates

Tips For Choosing the Right Switchplates and Avoiding Mistakes - Advice for purchasing the correct light switch covers the first time.

Triple Switch Plate Solutions

Triple Switch Plate Size Issue Solutions - Is your triple switch plate now too wide for your wall space because of new furniture or cabinetry? Find great ideas for adding more switches into tight spaces.

Despard Wall Plates

Despard Light Switchplates Reference Guide & FAQs - Compare features of this older yet versatile series of electrical items.

Electrical Device Help - Tips, Tricks, and Comparisons

Electrical Device Glossary

Switch Plate & Electrical Device Glossary - See photos and explanations to help you understand the various types.

Almond vs Ivory

Almond & Ivory Electrical Device Comparison - See what shade different electrical brands call ivory or almond.

Gloss vs Satin Electrical Devices

Buying Switches & Outlets - Gloss vs. Satin? - See if the finish makes any difference.

Phone Jacks

Guide to Selecting Phone Jacks & Cover Plates - Compare the four main types of options before you buy.

Phone Jack Installation

Telephone Jack Installation Instructions - Tools, tricks, and options for adding a modular telephone jack.

Choosing Devices

Choosing Electrical Switches & Outlets - Tips & Suggestions - Choose the right ones for your home.

Black Devices

Black Outlets, Light Switches & Dimmers Comparison - Look for the features you need and see if they are manufactured.

Brown Devices

Brown Outlets, Light Switches & Dimmers Comparison - Find out if the features you want are available in matching devices.

Fix a Stuck Switch

Fix a Stuck Switch in a Low Voltage System - Do you have lights that aren't working in an older home with low voltage lighting? Find out what to do to get your lights back on.

DIY Project Ideas

Decoupage Switch Plates

Decoupage Switch Plates How-To Instructions - Creative tips for great results.

Covering Switch Plates

Quick Instructions: How To Cover Switch Plates with Fabric or Paper - Quick and Easy Tricks for Professional Results


California Resale Certificate

Resale Certificate Requirements for Tax Exempt Purchases - Selling your wall plates? Apply with this form if you are based in California.

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