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Black Outlets, Light Switches & Dimmers Comparison

Easily find the black device you need on two handy charts for Black Switches & Dimmers and Black Outlets (Receptacles). Shop a complete selection from all major manufacturers. Click Product ID# link for specs.

View all Black Switch, Outlet, and Dimmer photos, phone or cable jacks, and black inserts. [Read notes below]

Satin vs Gloss Electrical Outlets

Use the charts below to coordinate kitchen and bathroom light switches and outlets in gloss and satin sheens to ensure your devices match.

You'll be happiest with the look of your remodel or updated home if all the devices in a single switch plate match in sheen - keep all gloss or all satin for a nice, uniform look.

Trouble deciding? Learn the pros and cons of gloss & satin devices. Note that the satin sheen looks best with Kyle's switch plates, which range from eggshell enamel to satin metals like stainless steel, bronze and brass.

Product ID #SatinGlossShapeAmpsGFCITamper ResistantComboMfg
3232BK   Duplex 15A       PS
3232TR-BK   Duplex 15A     PS
5252ABLK   Duplex 15A       HP
5352ABLK   Duplex 20A       HP
CR20-BK   Duplex 20A       PS
5335-E   Duplex 15A     Switch / Outlet LEV
5261-BK   Round 15A       PS
5361-BK   Round 20A       PS
885-BK   Decora 15A       PS
885TR-BK   Decora 15A     PS
26242-BK   Decora 15A       PS
26342-BK   Decora 20A       PS
5325-E   Decora 15A       LEV
16352-E   Decora 20A       LEV
GFNT1-E   Decora 15A     LEV
GFTR1-E   Decora 15A   LEV
GFNT2-E   Decora 20A     LEV
  Decora 20A   LEV
1597-BK   Decora 15A     PS
1597-TRBK   Decora 15A   PS
CAR-15-GFTRH-BL   Decora 15A   LUT
2097-BK   Decora 20A     PS
2097-TRBK   Decora 20A   PS
5625-E   Decora 15A     Switch / Outlet LEV
1597NTLTRBKCCD4   Decora 15A     Light / Outlet PS
TM818-TRBKCC   Decora 15A   Switch / Outlet PS
Product ID #SatinGlossShapeAmpsGFCITamper ResistantComboMfg


Product ID #SatinGlossShapeAmp/ WattsSwitch #3 Way4 WayDimmerDims CFL, LEDLightMfg
1451-2E   Toggle 15A 1           LEV
PS20AC1-BK   Toggle 20A 1           PS
1453-2E   Toggle 15A 1         LEV
PS20AC3-BK   Toggle 20A 1         PS
PS20AC4-BK   Toggle 20A 1         PS
AYCL-153P-BL   Toggle 600W 1         LUT
AY600P-BL   Toggle 600W 1         LUT
AY603P-BL   Toggle 600W 1       LUT
AY-10P-BL   Toggle 1000W 1       LUT
5335-E   Duplex 20A 1 & Outlet           LEV
TM870-BK   Decora 15A 1           PS
TM873-BK   Decora 15A 1         PS
TM874BK   Decora 15A 1         PS
5601-2E   Decora 15A 1           LEV
5603-2E   Decora 15A 1         LEV
5604-2E   Decora 15A 1         LEV
2621-BK   Decora 20A 1           LEV
5621-2E   Decora 20A 1           LEV
5633-2E   Decora 20A 1         LEV
5685-2E   Decora 15A SPDT         LEV
5634-E   Decora 15A 2           LEV
5625-E   Decora 15A 1 & Outlet           LEV
Product ID #SatinGlossShapeAmp/ WattsSwitch #3 Way4 WayDimmerDims CFL, LEDLightMfg
TM811BKCC   Decora 15A 2         •* PS
RCD33BKCC   Decora 15A 2       •* PS
TM818-TRBKCC   Decora 15A 1 & Outlet         •* PS
TM838BKCC   Decora 15A 1 & Outlet       •* PS
DV-600P-BL   Decora 600W 1       LUT
MA-600-BL   Decora 600W 1       LUT
DVSC-600P-MN   Decora 600W 1         LUT
DV-603P-BL   Decora 600W 1     LUT
DVSC-603P-MN   Decora 600W 1       LUT
S-600-BL   Decora 600W 1         LUT
S-600P-BL   Decora 600W 1         LUT
S-603P-BL   Decora 600W 1       LUT
DVCL-153P-BL   Decora 150W 600W 1       LUT
CTCL-153P-BL   Decora 150W 600W 1       LUT
Product ID #SatinGlossShapeAmp/ WattsSwitch #3 Way4 WayDimmerDims CFL, LEDLightMfg
6681-E   Rotary 600W 1         LEV
D-600RH-BL   Rotary 600W 1         LUT
HD1   Push 15A 1           CA
HD12   Push 15A 1           CA
DUAL1   Push 15A 2           CA
HD3   Push 15A 1         CA
DUAL3   Push 15A 2         CA
HD4   Push 15A 1         PS
S90SPC   Push 15A Main.           CA
S90DM   Push 300W 1         CA
S90DMTRIM   Push 200W Trim         CA
S90DM6   Push 600W 1         CA
S90DM6TRIM   Push 400W Trim         CA
S93DM   Push 300W 1       CA
S93DMTRIM   Push 200W Trim       CA
S93DM6   Push 600W 1       CA
S93DM6TRIM   Push 400W Trim       CA
SFSQ-LF-BL   Decora 360W Fan / Light           LUT

 * = Requires additional light module. Shop for Black Switch Plates and Outlet Covers.
Manufacturer: PS = Pass & Seymour, LUT = Lutron, LEV = Leviton, HP = Hubbell Premise, CA = Classic Accents 

Shape: Toggle = Small Rectangle, Decora = Large Rectangle/Rocker/GFCI, Duplex = 2 Large Rounded (Standard Outlet), Round = 1.4" Circle, Despard = 2 Small Rounded (Specialty Size), Push = Old-Fashioned Pushbutton 

Choices: You'll find a complete a selection of black switches, dimmers and receptacles. Note: Not all black devices are manufactured in all finishes or all features. 

Commonly Requested Devices That Are NOT Manufactured in Black:

  • Gloss black 3-rocker switch.
  • Gloss black 4-rocker switch.
  • Black Despard switches.

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