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Switch Plates in Hard To Find Sizes - Easy Custom Solutions

Have a hard-to-find wall plate requirement? Need a fast solution for an oddball layout in order to pass an inspection? Kyle Switch Plates offers innovative and affordable solutions for creating specialized wall plate covers in a wide range of sizes.

Create Hard-to-Find Switchplate Sizes

Hard to Find Plates: Start with one of our quality UL listed American-made Light Switchplates in durable metal finishes. Kyle Switch Plates stocks nearly 450 different configurations in a range of colors and so may already have the plate you need. Sizes include oversized, undersized, narrow, short, tandem, stacked, deep, vintage, and other odd options.

Swap Devices

Rearrange Your Devices: Sometimes, the easiest solution is to rearrange the switches into a more common pattern. For example if you have a toggle-rocker-rocker-toggle wallplate, it could be rearranged to a toggle-toggle-rocker-rocker wall plate.

Even if an odd light switch cover size is available, swapping the layout may give you more finish choices. Before moving around your devices, be sure to turn off the electrical current to the box. Simply unscrew the devices from the box, swap the device positions, then screw them back in to the wall box in the new arrangement. View all combo wall plates.

Stacked Combo Switches Save Room on Wall Plates

Combination or Stacked Electrical Devices: Use stacked switches that have multiple switches on the same device. Decora switches come with one, two, three or four rockers on one housing and can come in combination with an outlet as well. A dual purpose electrical device is an excellent solution if you want more functionality from your home or office without changing the current wiring. Peruse our extensive selection of Combination Electrical Devices for Light Switch Plates for ideas.

Create Custom Switch Plates with Modular Jacks

Modular Jacks: Modular jack frames fit Decora rectangular openings and are a very convenient way of converting them into data jacks. Choose from a variety of ports for communication, audio, video or telephone jacks. Frames have room for two, three, four or six jacks on a single insert thereby giving you great flexibility for adding any combination of voice, cable or Ethernet ports within a limited area on your wall.

Create Custom Switch Plates with Inserts & Overlays

Inserts, Fillers & Decorative Overlays: Use inserts and overlays to change an opening to a toggle, cable, blank, dimmer shaft or phone jack. While the most choices are available for converting Decora openings into another type, options are still available for duplex and toggle openings, too.

Change Your Devices

Update Your Electrical Devices: Sometimes, it's as easy as changing from a duplex-shaped outlet to a rectangular-shaped one, or swapping a toggle switch for a Decora switch. A great feature of the modern square Decora switches and outlets is that they all fit into the same rectangle opening. This makes it easy to move dimmer switches, add stacked light switches, even replace electrical outlets, without having to change your switchplate, now or in the future. But if you do need to keep your current switches and receptacles, you can buy inserts for a simple way to adapt those openings. Buy Duplex to Decora Outlet Inserts or Toggle to Decora Switchplate Inserts.

Undersized Switch Plates - Narrow, Short, Half Trimmed

Use Short Plates if Top or Bottom End Blocked

Use Short Wall Plates If Top or Bottom Edge Is Blocked: Find yourself with an electrical butted up under a countertop or set right above a backsplash? Kyle's Short Light Switch and Outlet Covers are trimmed on one side to fit those tight spots.

Narrow Plates for Blocked Edges

Use Narrow Covers If Side Edge Is Blocked: If you added a tile backsplash with a bullnose edge you may discover there's not enough room for a cover plate.

Notice this narrow plate has a trimmed left edge that allows it to fit into this tight space.

Simply rotate it if you need the right edge to be narrow instead.

Cover Side Blocked Electrical Boxes with Narrow Wall Plates

Cover Side Blocked Electrical Boxes with Narrow Wall Plates: Solve remodeling miscalculations with narrow switch plates and outlet covers that are trimmed on one or both sides that fill fit up against cabinets, moulding, or furniture. Choose from plates that are narrow on both sides, or those that are trimmed just on one side for multiple-gang (double, triple, quad) light switch covers.

Create Configuration with Narrow Plates

Create Your Own Configuration with Narrow Plates: Place narrow cover plates side by side to cover your devices. Here, we have two 1.75" duplex covers in the center and two 2" duplex plates on the outside edges. You can loosen the screws that mount each device in the electrical box to nudge the devices to the left or right as needed. This is an excellent way to get the configuration you need when you don't have enough room for a full-size cover plate.

Flat Outlet Covers Sit Flush Behind Furniture

Completely Flat Wall Plates Behind Furniture: If you have bookcases or other furnishings that need to be flush with the wall near an outlet or switch, Kyle's completely flat wall outlet plates and flat toggle covers will allow for the closest fit.

Oversized Switch Plates - Jumbo, Deep, Gap Filler, Extended

Oversized Switch Plate Hides Damage to Wall

Oversized Switch Plates in 50+ Sizes: Many of the above tricks can be used along with oversize light plates to create even more custom configurations that help protect the wall around electrical boxes or hide damage or gaping areas.

Switch Plate Extension Frames

Extension Frames: Kyle's wall plate extension frames can be used behind any standard sized plate to enlarge the overall dimensions of it to 6" x 4", 6" 6", or 6" x 8". (Standard single-gang sized wall plates are 4.5" high by 2.75" wide and oversized wall switch plates are 5.5" H x 3.5" W.) Available in polished gold or brushed nickel silver finishes. To order, click Decorative Wall Switch Plate Expander Covers.

Fill Gap Under Floating Switch Plate

Create a Deep Plate to Fill Gap Under Floating Switch Plate: Have an outlet cover half mounted over tiling that is partially raised off of the wall? Fill the gap underneath your outlet cover with this specialty tile ring that allows you to neatly caulk and fill the exposed problem area. This solution still allows you to access your electrical device or remove your cover plate when needed without having to rip it and the caulking off the wall. Prevents broken sheetrock or additional damage to wall surface when painting or electrical repairs are needed in the future.

Fill Gaps Around Protruding Wall Boxes

Fill Gaps Around Protruding Wall Boxes: Ended up with an electrical box sticking out from your wall with a gap underneath all the edges? Fill in the space with deep faceplates or combine with Kyle's specialty switchplate box extender rings for single, double and triple wall boxes.

More Creative Solutions for Hard-To-Find Wall Plate Sizes

Custom Cut a Blank Switch Plate

Blank Switch Plates with No Holes: Another option is to order blank no-hole switch plates and use a drill to create your own custom openings. These plates come in sizes up to 6 gangs and are available in some oversized jumbo sizes. Or, if you will be mounting it in a standard electrical box, then a blank plate with standard box mount screw holes may be used for your custom project. Alternatively, choosing one of our blank switchplates with specialty screw hole spacing (such as strap mount, center mount, or device mount) may be a better choice for your particular needs.

To drill plates, use a metal drill for best results. Use a nail to tap a starting point for the drill bit to fit into (to help prevent traveling over the surface if using a hand drill). For plates with an baked enamel finish (white, black, etc.), using a piece of masking tape over the hole may help minimize any minor chipping along the opening.

Painting Switch Plates

Paint a Switch Plate: Our wall plates can be painted to match any decor. Choices include smooth plates and plates with a wrinkle texture finish. (Shown here are the CoverPlug Child Safety Outlet Covers that can be easily painted when you want a plug cover to completely hide the sockets.)

For instructions on how to paint wall switch plates, read Painting Switch Plates.

Block Unused Outlet

Recessed Outlet Covers: If you are trying to mount a flat screen TV or computer monitor flush on the wall, use recessed outlet covers.

Still Can't Find A Size? Contact Us! We can help you find a fast, affordable solution. If possible, please send us a photo of your old wall plate or of the devices in the box. (Please contact us first then attach it to our reply.) Please be sure it is a straight-on photo (so the box or plate is square in the photo) so we can more easily take measurements to ensure you get the correct size.

Custom Switch Plates Starting at $100 - Get a Quote on a Customized Size: Need a switchplate size that we don't carry to accommodate a construction project? If you need a specialized size, we have the capability to stamp those, too. Custom sizes start at $100 per job, or more if a specialized punch shape is needed. (Larger quantities reduce the per plate price.) Please contact us for a quote.

Standard Quote: Just need a quote for regular items stocked on our site? Simply add items to your cart and print.

Up Next: Learn more about oversized cover plates.

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