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Wall Guard 6x6 Single Light Switch Plate Expander

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Protect paint and wallpaper in high traffic areas or hide holes around your electrical box with Kyle's exclusive wall switch cover expanders. These custom wall guards will expand the area around your one-gang electrical outlet cover or light switch plate to hide gaps, rough cuts, lumpy paint, or cracked Sheetrock around your wall box. These expansion panels are 1-1/2" taller and 3-1/4" wider compared to a regular single wall plate cover to hide the biggest problems. Larger than both regular and oversized switch plates, these jumbo-sized wall plate cover extenders are an easy, affordable way to correct visual flaws caused by contractor errors or remodeling changes like removing and replacing a NuHeat thermostat with Signature WiFi thermostat. Allows you to use your regular switch plate that is part of your set without having to substitute an odd cover.


  • Designed to work on a single-gang electrical wall box with any type of device - duplex, block, Decora, toggle, slider, cable, single round, etc.
  • Finish: enamel white (matches our white wall switch plates).
  • Thin somewhat flexible jumbo surround panel easily adapts to wall surface for use under all light switch covers or electrical outlet plates.
  • Steel expanders are 6" high x 6" wide with 2 box mount screw holes.
  • Center cutout is 2" wide by 2.85" high with one set of box-mounting screw holes (vertically 3.281" apart center to center).
  • Two 1/2" white screws include or install with any standard switchplate screws.
  • Extends area covered by a 1-gang outlet cover or switch plate by 1.5" in height and 3.25" in width. (Standard plate is 4.5" x 2.75".)
  • Tip: Finish with your wallpaper or paint to match your wall surface to make it blend. See how to paint light switch plates.
  • Use as subplate behind thermostat mounted in 4-11 box with mudring such as Nu Heat.
  • Kyle Switch Plates exclusive product.

Needing a bigger version? Purchase the 8" by 8" Wall Expander for 1 Gang Boxes.


Step 1: Turn off power at the electrical box; take off your current light switchplate.

Step 2: Remove screws holding electrical switch/outlet in box, then pull device slightly away from box.

Step 3: Pull device through center opening of wall switch plate expander then seat panel over the electrical wall box, and adjust as needed until pass-through holes are in alignment with the electrical box's screw holes. Reinstall the electric device over the expander cover by threading screws through device and expander directly into wall box mounting holes.

Step 4: Replace light switch wall plate and screw back into place, tightening down as needed for a tight fit against the wall. Turn on power again.

For 2-Gang Boxes:

To use this expander with a 2-gang box, the device should be installed in the center of the box using a mud ring. See our Guide for Centering a Single Device in a 2-Gang Box to learn more. There are different solutions for different types of boxes, so you will need to know which type of box you have.

Expander may be used on one side of a 2-gang box (installed off-center), but note the expander will cover very little wall space on one side of the box (see additional image of expander over blue handy box). If covering a 2-gang box with device not installed in center, you may need to size up to the 8 Inch Expander Plate.

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Product Reviews

  • A
    Alan Noon Verified Buyer
    31st Oct 2022
    Wall guard 6x6 plate

    Good useful product. Did exactly what was promised. Would like to see other products by this Company available through Canadian outlet. Shipping costs almost equal value of product!

  • J
    Joseph Cammarata Verified Buyer
    5th Nov 2019
    Great product and excellent quality

    These worked perfectly to replace my old NuHeat Harmony thermostats with the new Signature wifi thermostats. Using a mud ring and these plates worked perfectly. Thanks

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    5th Mar 2019

    Had to replace a Harmony thermostat. Swapped the 2 gang plaster ring for a 1 gang ring and used this plate to fit a Signature WiFi Thermostat. Paint quality is good and the finished product looked great. Only other option would have been patching the sheetrock and painting. This doesn't look odd. Very nice.

  • A
    Andrew Erdman Verified Buyer
    17th Dec 2018
    Great product

    Worked perfectly

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    23rd Feb 2018
    As promised

    Kyle 6x6" wallguard switch plate extender works as promised. I was able to retrofit the new "HOME" model thermostat where an older "Harmony" thermostat was in use for my NU Heat mat, under my tile floor. The existing hole in the wall was too big for good fit on the "Home" model, but with the 6x6" wallguard plate it looks professionally installed.
    Yes, it's a large white plastic plate on my wall but that is preferable to an empty hole along side my new , smaller thermostat. Service was also excellent and item shipped in timely fashion.

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