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Sierra Electric Low Voltage Replacement Options

Find your options for replacing 1-6 Sierra light switches.

Keep the same look with Despard switches, or see alternative low volt options that will work in your Sierra low voltage lighting system, including toggle and rocker switches, as well as popular brands GE and Touch Plate. (Note that GE switches are on manufacturer backorder until Q1 2022.)

Easily find your options based on the number of switches in your cover plate:

Replace 1 Sierra Low Voltage Switch

1 New Sierra Switch

A Sierra brand low voltage switch can be replaced with a new despard switch.

This replacement Sierra switch fits a despard switch plate cover and is mounted in a metal strap.

1 New GE Replacement for Sierra

GE brand low voltage switches can also replace old Sierra ones.

No mounting strap is required for GE switches if you buy our new snap-in cover plates.

Mount Single GE Switch in Strap

The above GE switch replacement for Sierra is shown without a bracket. However, a GE switch can be mounted in a GE bracket as long as it's combined with a bracket mount cover.

A bracket mounted GE switch will sit vertically and have less black trim visible around the switch's edge (as in the above option that has no bracket and a snap-in style cover plate).

Toggle Replacement for Sierra Switch

Another choice is to replace a single Sierra light switch with a low voltage toggle.

They fit standard toggle switch plates and will blend in with any other toggle light switches you have in your home.

These are slightly different from line voltage toggles, in that they are flipped up/down to turn the lights on/off, but when released the toggle returns to the center position (as shown).

Modern Low Voltage Decora Rocker Switches

For a modern look, replace your old switch with a low voltage Decora rocker switch from Leviton.

They're compatible with Sierra systems and fit standard rocker switch plates, which come in nearly 20 finishes.

These low voltage rockers sit in a neutral, centered position, and are rocked up/down to turn the lighting on/off, but once released will return to the centered position.

2 Button Ultra Replaces Sierra

Touch Plate is another low volt lighting brand that can be used to replace Sierra.

The thing to note, is that your single Sierra light switch will be replaced with 2 Touch Plate buttons - one will be the ON and the other will be the OFF switch.

Get Touch Plate Wiring Instructions to convert from a single Sierra switch to two Touch Plate buttons.

5002 Touch Plate Options

As in the previous example, replacing Sierra with Touch Plate requires that you double the number of switches.

The Sierra switch being replaced will become 2 Touch Plate buttons (separate on and off controls).

Buy a 5002 Touch Plate unit and refer to this wiring guide to upgrade to Touch Plate (we will include the wiring diagram with your order free of charge if you add it to your cart).

How to Replace 2 Old Sierra Switches

Single Sierra Plate & Switch

New Momentary Trigger Switches

A simple replacement for 2 Sierra switches is to buy 2 new momentary switches, mount them in a despard strap, and cover with a 2-despard switch plate.

Putting GE Switches in Sierra System

For a different look, buy 2 GE switches and a 2-switch cover plate for GE.

With this particular style of switch and cover, the switches snap directly into the metal cover plate, so you don't need to purchase any mounting bracket or strap for the two replacement GE switches.

Replace 2 Sierra with GE Low Voltage

New GE switches can also be positioned in brackets to sit side by side, vertically.

This option requires that you purchase the mounting bracket as well as a bracket mounted plate for 2 GE switches.

4 Button Touch Plate Ultra

You can also replace your two old switches with 4 Touch Plate Ultra buttons in a single-gang unit.

Each old Sierra switch must be replaced with 2 separate ON/OFF Touch Plate buttons, so 4 buttons are required to replace 2 Sierra switches.

Get a free Touch Plate wiring diagram here.

4-Button Touch Plate Classic

Another 4-button choice from Touch Plate is the 4 Button Classic line.

For help with installation, add this free wiring guide to your cart when making a Touch Plate purchase.

Guide for Replacing Double Sierra Switch Plate

2 GE Replace 2 Sierra

Buy a couple of new GE brand low voltage switches and snap into a 2-switch wall plate for a simple replacement with no mounting straps or brackets required.

Toggle Replacements for Sierra Low Voltage

Swap out 2 old Sierra switches that are in a double plate with low voltage toggle switches.

They fit double toggle switch plates - available in 18 finishes.

Decora Options for Sierra Lighting

Want a modern look when replacing your low voltage light switches?

Buy low voltage Decora rockers and cover with standard 2-rocker switch plates, available in 18 quality finishes.

Double Gang Sierra Swtich Replacements

Upgrading to Touch Plate low volt switches means replacing each Sierra switch with a separate ON & OFF Touch Plate button.

For a 2-gang switch plate that has 2 Sierra switches, update it with 2-button Ultra switches side by side in either a 2-gang screwless Ultra plate or double decora rocker cover.

Fix 3 Broken Sierra Switches

Single Gang Plate - 3 Sierra Switches

3 Despard Sierra Switches

If you want new switches that look like your old ones, get 3 Despard Switches.

Despard switches are held in straps and fit despard wall plates.

Triple Sierra Switches - Buy New

Three GE brand light switches conveniently snap into the cover plate (no mounting hardware needed) and can replace your old Sierra switches.

Touch Plate Ultra Replaces Sierra

Three Sierra switches get replaced with 6 Touch Plate buttons (ON / OFF for each old switch).

Get modern Touch Plate Ultra switches for an updated look to your low voltage system.

Add a free Touch Plate wiring guide to your cart for assistance with installation.

Updating Sierra Low Voltage Lighting

As explained in the previous Touch Plate example, 6 buttons will replace your 3 Sierra switches.

Buy a 6-button Touch Plate unit here.

Get free instructions for wiring Touch Plate buttons into your Sierra system.

Buy New Sierra Low Voltage Lighting Switches

Triple Despard Sierra Configuration

To create this setup, get 2 straps for 1-3 despard switches and add a single despard switch to the center of one strap and two despard switches to the outer openings of the other strap.

Cover with a 2-gang plate for 3 despard switches.

Touchplate Replacemens for GE

Double the number of Sierra switches when integrating Touchplate into your system.

A 2-button Touch Plate Ultra will replace the single switch on one side, and a 4-button Touch Plate Ultra will replace the 2 switches on the other side.

Cover the two Ultra units with a screwless double plate or with a 2-rocker switch plate.

Use this Sierra to Touchplate wiring diagram for help with this update. Free with purchase.

Sierra Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Sierra Trigger Switch Replacement Guide

Swap out 4 old switches with low voltage despard switches mounted 2 per strap.

Cover with a 4 despard switch plate cover.

Sierra Low Voltage Guide

New General Electric lo-volt switches can replace your trigger switches.

GE's switches snap into these covers for 4 switches. (No bracket or strap is needed to mount the switches).

GE Low Voltage in Sierra System

GE switches may also oriented vertically. Buy GE light switches and use a bracket to mount them side by side.

Cover with this bracket mount cover for 4 switches.

Touch Plate Replacements for Sierra

1 Sierra Switch = 2 Touch Plate Buttons (separate on and off buttons per switch)

Replace 4 Sierra switches with two side by side 4-button Touch Plate Ultras.

Compatible with double rocker plates and a screwless ultra covers.

Use this Sierra-to-Touchplate wiring guide for this upgrade. Guide free with device purchase.

Touchplate Replacement Guide for Sierra

Another option from Touch Plate is the 8 button Touch Plate Classic. This replaces 4 Sierra lighting switches.

Use our free (with device purchase) Sierra to TP wiring & info guide.

Replace 6 Sierra Switches in Single Plate

New Sierra Switches

This simple set-up can be recreated with six new 24V momentary despard switches.

Mount them in triple switch straps and cover with this 6-despard switch plate.

New Sierra Lighting Switch Options

No strap is required to mount 6 GE low volt switches in this GE cover plate.

12 Ultra Switches Replace 6 Sierra

A screwless double ultra plate with 2 6-switch ultras is another replacement option for 6 Sierra momentary switches.

With Touch Plate, a separate ON and OFF button replaces each Sierra light switch.

Use this free wiring diagram when upgrading from Sierra to Touch Plate.

Classic Switches Replace Sierra Brand

A 12-button Classic by Touch Plate is another option for replacing 6 old Sierra switches.

You will have a new ON and an OFF button for each of the old switches.

Use our free Touch Plate wiring guide if you buy Touch Plate switches for your Sierra system.

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