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Mounting Bracket for 1 or 2 New Style GE Low Voltage Light Switches

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These RPB21 metal brackets or yokes for holding currently manufactured low voltage light switches with on and off buttons that only fit one style of wall plates.


DISCONTINUED BY GE - ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: Need a plate that has this same vertical layout but without a bracket? See the New Style Snap-In 1 Switch Vertical GE Low Voltage Switch Plates or the Vertical 2-Switch GE New Style Switch Wallplates. These save you the cost of a bracket without having to mount your switches sideways.

This diamond-shaped bracket is used with particular switchplates in low voltage lighting systems common in homes built in the 1960's and 1970's. Mounting straps are designed to hold one or two lighting devices at a time (again - only fits the newly manufactured switches - not the old, original teeter-totter switches from the 1950s. Those old mounting straps have been discontinued.)


  • RPB-21 bracket is 2.25" wide by 3.75" high and includes 2 screws for mounting through oval openings into the electrical box. Yoke mounts to electrical box in the elongated screw holes shown. Switch cover plates then mount to bracket in two small round holes.
  • Devices snap into this RPB2-1 bracket which then mounts behind "Bracket Mount" wall plate (plates and devices not included).
  • Fits bracket mount switchplates that have .756" x 1.187" openings as demonstrated in the photos. When mounted in a coverplate, a thin black bezel on device is visible around the edges of the faceplate openings.
  • Made in USA.

Click Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Devices for all low volt switches, brackets and wallplates including those that fit the old style RFS-6 devices. We carry low voltage wall plates that fit many different series of low voltage wiring system's electrical devices.


These mounting brackets are ONLY compatible with Bracket Mount Low Voltage Switch Plates.

They CAN'T be used with "New Style" or "Original Style" wall plates. If you order a switch plate that includes the term "New Style" Or "Old" in its name, do not order this mounting bracket. Only order for use with cover plates that say "Bracket Mount".

These steel yokes also do not replace the original style straps that were discontinued when GE stopped making the vintage switches. If you need to get new switches and plan to buy Bracket Mount Low Volt Light Switch Covers because you like the look of them or already have that style in your home, then that is the only time you would need these brackets.

Q & A

Q. Why do you sell low voltage brackets if the replacement GE switches snap directly into a wall plate?
A. Using brackets allows you to remove the switchplate completely without unwiring your switch, should you have need of this, for example, frequent repainting of walls. (In contrast, you can just clip the replacement GE switches directly into new style GE switch plate covers without a bracket, but then can't easily remove the light plate once the devices are wired to your circuit.)

A second reason is just for cosmetic considerations. The steel strap allows you to mount one or two switches vertically in a single gang plate (or three or four in a double gang cover). Additionally, because the switches are slightly hidden behind the cover plates, the black border around the edge of a switch is minimized. This style was popular for a number of years, so choose the bracket mount wall plates if you are trying to match ones like this already installed in your home.

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