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Switch Plate Size & Reference Information

Light Switch Wall Plates in Hundreds of Sizes

-- Size and Wall Plate FAQs --

Decorative light switchplates, outlet covers & combo switch plates in stock. 300+ sizes of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 gang metal toggle, outlet, Decora, rocker, slider, blank, wide, tall, narrow, deep, cable, phone, oversized or combo switchplate sizes, plus midway plastic plates.

We stock over 300 sizes of switch plates in nearly 20 finishes. Not all sizes or configurations are available in every metal. Some sizes in certain finishes may be special ordered. For the largest variety of sizes, check our white and stainless steel switch plates.


Available Switch Plate Finishes:

  • white
  • light almond
  • ivory
  • red
  • brown
  • satin brass
  • polished brass
  • antique brass
  • satin bronze
  • oil rubbed bronze
  • dark bronze
  • gray
  • polished chrome
  • brushed aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • black


This is Kyle Switch Plates' Light Switch Cover Reference Page where you'll find information on 350+ sizes, terminology, and FAQ's. Shop for Light Switch Plates in all sizes, colors and finishes. Kyle Switch Plates stocks the largest selection of switch plate sizes on the web so you can find the wall plate you need.

Wall Switch Plate Dimensions, Features & Descriptions

Switchplates Size Terms
Configuration Descriptions
Switchplates Dimensions
Screw Positions and Length
Oversized Switchplates
Telephone Jack Plates
Finishes and Colors

Light Switchplates Size Terms

To ensure the correct size/configuration selection, please read the descriptions below.

info-gang-size-comparison.jpgThe term "gang" refers to the width of the plate. A standard single-gang plate is 2-3/4" wide and houses 1 device. A 2-gang plate is 4-1/2" wide and houses 2 devices. A 3-gang plate houses 3 devices, and so on.





We use the term "Outlet" to refer to electrical receptacles, plugs, sockets, and duplex plates with two rounded openings (1-1/8" h x 1-11/32" across at their widest). We use the term "Rocker" to refer to block, Decora, slider, GFI, GFCI, or wide size openings (1-5/16" x 2-5/8").




info-standard-vs-oversized-switch-plate.jpgDimensionally large sized switchplates are called Oversized.

On oversize switch plates, opening sizes and screw locations remain the same; only the overall outside dimensions change. On the single toggle switch plate pictured here, the standard size is 2-3/4" x 4-1/2", and the oversized plate is 3-1/2" x 5-1/2".



Switchplates Configuration Descriptions

All Toggle Switch Plates


  • Uses: toggle flip switches, toggle slide dimmers, locking switches, and other small rectangular devices
  • Gangs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 gangs
  • Sizes: standard, mid size, tall, wide, centered, narrow, deep, oversized, jumbo


All Decora Rocker GFCI Plates


  • Uses: rocker switches, Decora devices, GFCI outlets, block outlets, inserts
  • Gangs: 1 - 10 gangs
  • Sizes: standard size, mid sized, tall, wide, centered, narrow, oversized, jumbo, deep


All Duplex Outlet Cover Plates


  • Uses: standard outlets, dual rounded receptacles, horizontal toggle switches, other duplex devices
  • Gangs: 1 - 6 gangs
  • Sizes: standard size, mid sized, tall, wide, centered, narrow, oversized, deep
  • Note: a single duplex cover has 2 socket openings, a 2-gang duplex cover has 4 sockets, etc.


All Round Outlet Receptacle Cover Plates


  • Uses: single round receptacles (1.4" simplex), 20-amp round receptacles (1.63" simplex), large power supply outlets, other circular electrical outlets
  • Gangs: 1 - 3 gangs
  • Sizes: standard size, wide, centered, oversized, jumbo, deep

All Combination Switch Plate Covers


  • Uses: various devices side by side - combines toggles, duplex outlets, rockers, cable, phone, blank, etc.
  • Gangs: 1 - 5 gangs
  • Sizes: standard size, mid sized, wide, oversized, deep



All Cable, Phone, Device, Audio, Video Wall Plates


  • Uses: coaxial cable jacks, telephone jacks, A/V connectors, telecommunication adapters, doorbells, other round control devices, USOC, Cat5, Cat3, RJ45 modular connectors
  • Gangs: 1 - 2 gangs (can be higher when using appropriate inserts)
  • Sizes: standard, mid size, wide, centered, narrow, oversized, jumbo, deep

All Blank Wall Plate Covers


  • Uses: covers unused electrical boxes, custom switch plate configurations
  • Gangs: 1 - 10 gangs
  • Sizes: standard, deep, narrow, mid size, tall, wide, centered, oversized
  • No Holes: Versions available with no openings whatsoever for your custom job


All Louvered Cover Plates


  • Uses: box mounted night lights, lamps or light fixtures, or sound systems; perfect for steps, paths, stairways or speakers
  • Gangs: 1 - 3 gangs
  • Sizes: standard vertical, short horizontal


All Despard Switch Plate Covers, Combo Despards


  • Uses: stacked, tandem, interchangeable switches or outlets, pilot lights; also used in some low voltage systems
  • Gangs: 1 - 3 gang
  • Sizes: standard, narrow, tall, oversized


All Pushbutton Switch Plates, Combo Push Buttons


  • Uses: old or new push button devices with 2 buttons; this old fashioned style is found in Victorian houses and turn-of-the-century homes
  • Gangs: 1 - 6 gang
  • Sizes: standard size, mid sized, tall, wide, centered, narrow, oversized, jumbo, deep


All Deep Switch Plates


  • Uses: designed to cover electrical boxes that protrude from thin walls in challenging installation locations
  • Gangs: 1 - 3 gang
  • Sizes: deep, extra deep, beveled edge


All Low Voltage Switch Plate Covers


  • Uses: mid-century homes built in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s with low voltage wiring systems
  • Gangs: 1 - 2 gang; houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 buttons
  • Sizes: standard sizes for old discontinued and new replacement switches
  • Additional Parts: switches, brackets, mounting straps and yokes


All Old Style Home Light Switch Plates


  • Uses: replacement parts for low voltage wiring in houses built during the 1940s, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's; use with discontinued button switches, biplex receptacles, triplex outlets, rocker switches and narrow toggles
  • Gangs: 1 gang
  • Sizes: standard
  • Additional Parts: switches, brackets, mounting straps and yokes


All Oversized Switch Plates



  • Uses: covers greater area of wall when standard plate isn't large enough
  • Gangs: 1 - 7 gang
  • Sizes: oversized / jumbo
  • Note: device opening sizes remain the same as a standard switch plate



All Narrow Switch Plates



  • Uses: fits in tight corners where standard switch plate width is too large
  • Sizes: 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" wide
  • Note: device opening sizes same as standard size switch plate



All Round Switch Plates


  • Uses: covers 4" electrical boxes in ceilings
  • Sizes: circular switch plates with duplex, toggle and decora rocker openings, and blank round plates
  • Also called: blankup canopy outlet covers, round ceiling switch plates



All Horizontal Toggle Light Switch Covers


  • Uses: horizontally flipping toggle switches stacked one on top of the other - turn lights on and off by switching left to right
  • Gangs: 1 - 3 gang (up to 6 gang using duplex switch plates)
  • Sizes: wide, narrow, oversized, jumbo multi-gang or combo configurations
  • Note: horizontal toggle switch plates are identical to duplex outlet cover plates


All Plastic Switch Plates 


  • Uses: covers greater area of wall when standard plate isn't large enough
  • Gangs: 1 - 4 gang
  • Sizes: standard and mid-size
  • Finishes: white plastic



All Tall Plates


  • Uses: covers grater height than standard plate, but width remains the same
  • Gangs: 1 - 6 gang
  • Sizes: 5" tall
  • Finishes: white metal



All Floor Mounted Electrical Outlet Covers


  • Uses: floors, mantels and other locations in need of heavy duty electric socket switch plates
  • Gangs: 1 gang (regular and wide)
  • Sizes: 1 - 2 plugs
  • Finishes: brass, nickel



All Recessed Switch Plates


  • Uses: flush mount flat panel TV's, flat screen HDTV's, monitors and home entertainment centers
  • Gangs: 1-2 gang
  • Hookups: recessed receptacles, HDMI hi def connectors, Cat6 voice or data jacks, coax jacks, audio/video connectors



All Emergency Plates


  • Uses: utilities, fire, police, public safety and other critical locations
  • Gangs: 1-2 gang
  • Sizes: toggle, duplex outlet, GFCI outlet
  • Finishes: red emergency gas burner & oil burner switch plates, stainless steel GFCI protected cover plates & emergency switch plates



Create Custom Switch Plates with Fillers


  • Uses: convert switch plates to the custom wall plate you need with inserts, adapters, fillers
  • Gangs: 1-10 gang
  • Sizes: toggle, cable, A/V, phone, duplex outlet, despard, low voltage, push button, dimmers, ethernet, and blank fillers
  • Finishes: white, ivory, brown, gray, black, silver, gold


Switchplate Sizes and Overall Dimensions


Regular Switchplates are a standard 4-1/2" high and 3/16" deep, and the width varies based on the number of gangs:

  • One gang plates are 2-3/4" wide.
  • Two gangs are 4-9/16" wide.
  • Three gangs are 6-3/8" wide.
  • Four gangs are 8-3/16" wide.
  • Five gangs are 10" wide.
  • Six gangs are 11-13/16" wide.
  • Seven gangs are 13.63" wide.
  • Eight gangs are 15.44" wide.
  • Nine gangs are 17.25" wide.
  • Ten gangs are 19.06" wide.

Size & Spacing of Device Openings:

  • "Toggle" openings are 13/32" x 15/16" high.
  • "Decora" openings are 1-5/16" x 2-5/8".
  • "Duplex Outlets" have two rounded openings (slightly flat top and bottom) that are 1-1/8" h x 1-11/32" across at their widest.
  • "Despard" openings are flat top and bottom and rounded on the sides and are 11/16" H x 29/32" W at the widest point.
  • Switchplate openings are 1-13/16" apart, center to center, from gang to gang.

Switchplate Screw Positions and Length

The following screw positions are standard on all brands of switch plates including Leviton Decora switch plates, Pass and Seymour brand, Mulberry Metal Products, etc. The screw holes themselves are 5/16" across at the top and taper to a 3/16" opening at the botton. See Switch Plate Screw Size & Spacing for a more in-depth description of all possible options.


All Toggle, Single Round Outlet (with a 1.406" device opening), and Push Button plate configurations have screw holes spaced 2-3/8" apart (center to center) and include 1/2" screws.





All Decorator Rocker, vintage GE Low Voltage, and Despard configurations have screw holes 3-13/16" apart and include 5/16" screws.





All Blank, Cable, New Low Voltage, Telephone Jack 1, 2 and 3 configurations have screw holes 3-9/32" apart and include 1/2" screws.





All Duplex Outlet configurations have a screw hole in the center and include a 1/2" screw.





"Dryer" plates have screw slots for screws 2.5" apart and include 1/2" screws.





A Single Toggle (S) plate works fine with push type round dimmer knob mechanisms; a Cable plate with 3/8" Hole (CC) and a Cable plate with 5/8" Hole (CL) may also be used.




Click links to order Extra Long Switchplate Screws or Standard Length Light Switch Plate Screws.  

Oversized Switchplates - Jumbo Switch Plates

All oversize plates have standard size openings and screw placements. Jumbo or oversized plates are 5.5" high and the width varies based on number of gangs:

  • Singles (1-gang) are 3.5" wide
  • Doubles (2-gang) are 5.5" wide
  • Triples (3-gang) are 7.5" wide
  • Quadruple (4-gang) plates are 9.5" wide
  • Five gang (5-gang) are 11.5" wide
  • Six gang (6-gang) are 12.5" wide
  • Seven gang (7-gang) are 14.38" wide

Phone Jack Switchplates - Telephone Wall Plates



Telephone Jack 1, 2 and 3 plates are 2-3/4" W x 4-1/2" H x 1/8" D with 9/16" W x 3/4" H rectangular modular phone jack openings. Screw holes are spaced 3-5/16" apart from center to center on Telephone Jack 1, 2 and 3 plates.

These work with USOC, Category 3, 5E and 6 modular phone jacks.


Sometimes, the telephone electrical fittings are attached to the plate itself and the jack opening is the shape of a rectangle with a small notch below. These types of plates can usually be replaced with our Telephone Jack 1, Telephone Jack 2 and Telephone Jack 3 plates by switching to the modular phone jacks. We carry the phone modular jacks, Ethernet jacks and cable jacks in white, ivory, gray and black here: Decorator Modular Phone Jacks and Cable Adapters.

Click Phone Jack Installation Instructions for photos and instructions on how to install a modular jack, plus additional information and pictures on jacks that won't work with our plates. Our plates are raised 1/8" with a 3/16" bevel around the outside (flat surface area is 2-7/16" x 4-3/16") and may not be deep enough or wide enough to cover the telephone hardware you have underneath as some are designed larger. Please carefully check your dimensions before ordering and read our return policy, too.

For more information on phone jacks, please read Guide To Selecting Telephone Jack Devices and Wall Phone Jack Plates.  

Finishes and Colors

Switchplates are all metal, come with matching screws and may be cleaned with dusting spray applied to a soft clean cloth.

Nickel Silver, Copper and Brass decorative top plates are brushed and antiqued in the recessed areas of the design and have a baked lacquer finish. Polished Gold is a plated brass finish.

All plates have non-tarnishing finishes. (Classic Polished Brass plates have a lacquer finish.)

Matte Black, Gloss White and Semi-Gloss Ivory plates have an enamel paint finish.

The color of the Ivory switch plates most closely matches these paint chips: Kelly Moore Barely Khaki #KM493-L, Glidden Pine White #F26 or Behr Hearts of Palm #3B-2-2.

The brushed nickel silver decorative top plates very closely match the color and tone of stainless steel used in appliances and sinks.

The satin stainless steel is close in color to the brushed nickel finish found on a lot of fixtures and hardware today.

Brushed aluminum is whiter and more textured than satin stainless steel or polished chrome plates.

For prices and to order, please click Light Switch Plates to select from 100s of switch plate configurations in nearly 20 quality metal finishes.


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