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Metal Switch Plate Finishes

Metal Switch Plate FinishesSwitch Plate Finish Variety

Compare 23 metal switch plate finishes to find the best color for your decor - from stainless, brass, and bronze, to classic solid colors. Shop gorgeous decorative switchplates made in USA in 400+ sizes for your best value.

White Switch Plates


Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked white enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 430+ including oversized, deep, narrow, short, round, tall.

Features: Finish looks great with either gloss or satin white light switches and electrical outlets making it easy to complete any lighting project. Fresh white color brightens your room. Most popular finish.

Shop: White Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

Metal Ivory Wall Plates


Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked ivory enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 170+ including oversized, deep, narrow.

Features: Classic ivory is a traditional favorite that coordinates well with neutral colors and furnishings with warm undertones. Finish coordinates well with both gloss or satin ivory electrical switches for the greatest versatility.

Shop: Shop Ivory Light Switch Plates

Light Almond Light Switch Covers

Light Almond

Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked light almond enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 70+ including oversized, deep.

Features: Good choice for rooms with natural finishes. Provides a complementary contrast to darker walls without being harsh. Attractive with either satin or glossy almond electrical outlets & switches for maximum flexibility.

Shop: Light Almond Switch & Outlet Covers

Red Plates for Light Switches & Plugs


Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked red enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 50+ including oversized.

Features: Versatile fire-engine red switch plates that add pizazz to any lighting area in your home of office.

Shop: Red Wall Switchplates

Black Covers for Electrical Devices


Finish: Smooth, baked black enamel with an eggshell finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 130+ including oversized, narrow.

Features: Eggshell enamel finish looks great with either glossy or satin black outlets & switches to make it easy to complete your electrical project. Classic black is goreeous with dark granite, black marble, poured concrete, black wallpaper.

Shop: Black Light Switch & Outlet Covers

Brown Electrical Component Covers


Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked brown enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 100+ including oversized, narrow.

Features: Finish looks great with either glossy or satin brown switches to make it easy to complete your lighting setup.

Shop: Brown Switchplate & Outlet Covers

Gray Switch Covers


Finish: Smooth, semi-gloss baked gray enamel finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 50+ including oversized.

Features: Cool and classic, soothing gray wallplates are the perfect complement to either gloss or satin gray light switches and electrical outlets.

Shop: Gray Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

Polished Chrome Switchplates


Finish: High-polished, shiny silver finish on durable .030" steel.

Sizes: 90+ including oversized.

Features: Beautiful mirrored finish that reflects the surrounding colors of the room to add a decidedly modern feel.

Shop: Chrome Wall Switch Plates

Polished Stainless Faceplates for Switches

Polished Stainless Steel

Finish: Shiny, reflective .030" 302 stainless steel with mirror polish finish, US #32.

Sizes: Limited configurations in this limited specialty finish.

Features: Elegant mirror finish with color tone of stainless steel and a very slight horizontal grain.

Shop: Polished Stainless Cover Plates

Raw Steel Switchplate Finish

Raw Steel

Finish: Unfinished .030" thick cold rolled steel, zinc coating to retard rust.

Sizes: 11 configurations in this raw, industrial finish.

Features: Manufacturing marks & color variations visible. Great for industrial design spaces or for painting.

Shop: Raw Steel Industrial Design Switch Covers

Aluminum Switch Plates


Finish: Clear anodized finish on .040" type 5052 alloy (US #28) with a matte satin finish. 

Sizes: 40+

Features: Strong yet lightweight and easy to drill for custom applications. The smooth, quiet finish is especially attractive with understated, contemporary decor.

Shop: Aluminum Light Switch Wall Plate Covers

Stainless Steel Electrical Box Covers

430 Satin Stainless Steel

Finish: Residential grade .030" type 430 stainless steel (US #32) with a satin brushed finish.

Sizes: 250+ including oversized, deep, narrow, round.

Features: Modern and versatile, 430 stainless steel switch plates are a good choice in residences. Our UL approved stainless steel plates are 883C listed with UL number E3078. They meet Federal Specification WP4554A.

Shop: Satin Stainless Steel Wall Switch Plates

Stainless Steel Electrical Box Covers

302 Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance and Hardness

Finish: Spec. grade .030" type 302 stainless steel (US #32D) with a satin brushed finish. 302 stainless is commonly know as Chromium-Nickel steel.

Sizes: 70+ including oversized, narrow.

Features: Non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. Specification grade stainless steel does not stain, rust or corrode as easily as ordinary steel, (stains less), however it is not stain-proof. Also called corrosion-resistant steel or CRES. Type 302 stainless steel has a composition of iron, 18% chromium, and 8% nickel.

Shop: Spec Grade 302 Stainless Steel Wallplate Covers

Polished Brass Faceplates

Polished Brass

Finish: Heavy .040" solid brass, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #3, with a mirror finish surface and a shiny lacquer coating.

Sizes: 70+ including oversized.

Features: Beautifully reflective with a clear coating that allows the sunny brass color shine through.

Shop: Polished Brass Light Switchplate Covers in 100+ Sizes

Satin Brass Electrical Switch Covers

Satin Brass

Finish: Made from heavy .040" solid brass, 260 alloy, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #4, with a brushed finish that is lacquered to help prevent oxidation.

Sizes: 60+ including oversized.

Features: The satin finish gives these covers a more relaxed look than polished finishes.

Shop: Satin Brass Switchplate Covers

Antique Brass Cover Plates

Antique Brass

Finish: Heavy .040" solid brass, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #10B, with an antiqued finish that has been lacquered to help prevent oxidation.

Sizes: 60+ including oversized.

Features: Timeless antique finish that is slightly relieved on the face with darker edges.

Shop: Antique Brass Face Plates

Wall Plates in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Finish: Made from heavy .040" solid brass, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #20, with an antique relieved rich bronze finish that has been lacquered to help prevent oxidation.

Sizes: 60+ including oversized.

Features: Elegant decorative wall switchplates with an upscale look. Single and double gang oiled bronze plates have a smooth vertical grain pattern; larger plates have a horizontal grain. Note: Slight color variations are possible between production batches as finish is hand applied.

Shop: Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Switch Outlet Covers

Dark Bronze Light Switchplates

Dark Bronze

Finish: Made from heavy .040" solid brass, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #20, with an antique relieved extra dark bronze finish and a lacquer coating to help prevent oxidation. 

Sizes: 60+ including oversized.

Features: Single and double gang oiled bronze plates have a smooth vertical grain pattern; larger plates have a horizontal grain. Note: Slight color variations possible between production batches because finish is hand applied.

Shop: Dark Bronze Switch Plates

Venetian Bronze Outlet Covers

Venetian Bronze

Finish: Made from heavy .040" solid bronze with a satin #4 surface antiqued and lacquered to retard oxidation. 

Sizes: 15+

Features: Rich copper highlights peek through their hand-applied antique finish for an elegant, high-end look. Note: They may be some color variation (lighter/darker) between production batches because the finish is hand applied.

Shop: Venetian Bronze Electrical Face Plates

Satin Bronze Electrical Plates

Satin Bronze

Finish: Made from heavy .040" solid bronze, U.S. Bureau Standards Symbol #10 with a satin #4 surface lacquered to retard oxidation. 

Sizes: 60+

Features: Rich color that is especially handsome with warm-toned furnishings and hardware.

Shop: Satin Bronze Switch & Electrical Outlet Covers

Switchplates in Raw Brass Finish

Raw Brass

Finish: Heavy .040" solid brass (260 alloy) without lacquer or coatings - allows the natural oxidation process to occur. 

Sizes: 36+

Features: Perfect for adding visual character. Unfinished brass wall switchplates are popular when you want a lived-in, vintage look. Good choice for creating interesting surface treatments if you wish to experiment with patinas or textures.

Shop: Raw Brass Wall Plate Covers

Copper Finish


Finish: These solid copper wall switch plates have a heavy baked lacquer sealant to protect their finish.

Sizes: 20+

Features: Imported. (Note: all other plates are made in USA.) Limited sizes; while supplies last.

Shop: Copper Trim Plates

White Wrinkle Plate Covers

White Wrinkle

Finish: Made from sturdy .030" steel with a finely-textured hard-baked wrinkle finish with a somewhat matte look to it.

Sizes: 20+ including tall.

Features: Textured surface helps hide fingerprints. Rounded corners.

Shop: White Wrinkle Light Plates

White Plastic Outlet & Switch Covers


Finish: Gloss white plastic wall plates are made of strong and durable Endura Lexan so they won't crack, fade, or discolor like cheap switch plates. 

Sizes: 50+ including mid-way, wide.

Features: Flexible, unbreakable plastic switchplates are perfect for covering old paint build-up, cracked plaster, or contractor errors.

Shop: Plastic Faceplates

Quality Metal Plates Made in USA Easy to Clean

Additional Features

Quality: Heavy, solid metal wall plates won't buckle, warp, or deform when installed.

Cleaning: All plates may be cleaned with a soft cloth treated with dusting spray; avoid cleansers and chlorine.

Made In USA: Shop with confidence! Buy 400+ sizes now and easily add more sizes in the future - covers have been manufactured for over 50 years.

Your Best Value: Dependable, durable, and made in America. There's no comparison!

Polished vs Brushed - Best Switch Plates for Reducing Fingerprints

Polished vs Brushed Wall Plates

All plates will show fingerprints, however they tend not be as noticeable on brushed or satin plates.

To prevent fingerprints on shiny or polished wall plates, wipe them down with oil so that any new oil from fingerprints won’t show.

Dusting Spray Cleans Metal Switch Plates

Use dusting spray and a soft cloth to remove and reduce fingerprints on our brushed metal wall plates without harming the finish.

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