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Old GE Low Voltage Lighting System Info & FAQ


The GE original style series of low voltage switch plates and devices first entered the market in the late 1950's, continuing production until the 1980's. If you need to replace dated, damaged or worn old style wall plates for your vintage low volt system, Kyle Design manufactures replacement switch plates to be used with your existing GE mounting brackets and rocker light switches. Simply swap out your old covers with these face plates for a quick and inexpensive drop-in replacement.

General Electric Original Style Low Voltage Switch Plate Sizes


Hard-to-find GE original style low voltage switch plates are currently available in single gang sizes for 1 Vertical Switch1 Horizontal Switch, 2 Switches, 3 Switches or two gang configurations for 4 Switches (2 switches per gang) and 6 Switches (3 switches per gang). We also offer GE Mechanical Latching Relays and 115 Volt Transformer Power Supplies.

Specifications for Bryant and GE Original Old Style RFS Series


Choose GE and Bryant original series wall plates if you have older strap-mounted Bryant or GE rocker electrical devices and need to replace switch plates only. Old style wall plate device openings measure .656" H x 1.093" W and are 2.0" center to center on two opening covers or 1.0" apart on three opening switch plates. Strap mounting screw holes are 3.812" apart center to center. Bryant and GE parts may be used interchangeably.

GE Screw Terminals

Wires on old switches be attached via screw terminals.

Soldered Low Voltage Wires

The three wires going to your Bryant or vintage GE switch may also be soldered to the back.

Discontinued GE Low Voltage Mounting Straps & Light Switches


Original RA series mounting straps and RFS rocker style switches are no longer manufactured. If you need to replace a lost mounting strap or RFS series switch in your low voltage system, you must upgrade to GE RS2 series switches that are compatible with the updated GE Bracket Mount Wall Plates or Kyle Switch Plates exclusive Snap In Switch Plates for GE Switches.

GE "Old" RFS Series Switches vs "New" RS2 Series Switches


Original style cover plates work well with older GE RFS series devices, but not with the newer GE RS2 series switches. As illustrated, an RFS switch and an updated RS2 switch can fit into an RA series mounting bracket. The RS2 switch is deeper, however, which will prevent your original style cover plate from sitting flush with the wall. Typically, original series cover plates will leave a very noticeable 1/8" gap between it and the wall surface when used with the RS2 switch series.

Discontinued RMS-4A Master Selector Switch Panel


This 12-position GE RMS-4A master control panel allowed for convenient multi-circuit control from a single location; one would simply rotate the ON or OFF knob to a desired circuit, then press the knob for remote operation. Although now discontinued, the GE RMP2-35 8 Switch Selector Panel is currently available as the recommended replacement part. Kyle Switch Plates 12-switch wall plate can be used as a replacement: 12 Switch Wall Plate Covers for New Style Snap In GE Low Voltage Switches.

Rare GE Decorator Series with Modular Wall Plates


Vintage GE decorator wall plates were a variation on the original style low volt covers and featured switch plate frames with gold or aluminum modular inserts. Originally available in one, two or three device configurations, these inserts had low voltage switch openings of .656" high by 1.092" wide with light switches mounted in straps behind the metal overlay panels.

Designer GE Original Style Switch Plates from Kyle Design


The GE original style switch plates are offered in single opening, double opening and three opening original series sizes, you can create an artistic switch cover in the unique design, decorative metal color and wall plate finish of your choice.

GE Low Voltage Replacement Parts in Bryant Low Volt Systems


Although genuine Bryant low voltage lighting devices and wall covers are discontinued, you may use GE brand mechanical latching relays and 24V momentary switches for replacement in your Bryant low voltage wiring system. Visit GE Low Voltage Lighting Components for our full selection of low voltage devices, switchplates and relays manufactured by General Electric.

Touch-Plate Low Voltage Parts for GE & Bryant Wiring Systems


GE and Bryant low voltage switches can be replaced with stylish Touch-Plate low voltage devices. Touch-Plate is a two-wire low volt system, so you will need to replace every single GE or Bryant switch with two Touch-Plate buttons in order to turn each light on and off. See Compatibility of Low Voltage Systems to review more replacement options for your wiring system.

RMS-2A 9-Switch Controller by GE


The 9-position GE RMS-2A master controller panel (and the similar 11-position controller) operated by turning the dial to a circuit them pushing the rocker button on or off. Now discontinued, homeowners have the choice of replacing it with an ;8 Switch Selector Panel or a 12 Switch Wall Plate Cover. (Unused openings may be covered with blank fillers.)

Low Voltage Electrician Recommendation

Many customers ask us if we can recommend an electrician in their area who can wire their low voltage switches in their low voltage system home. You do not need to find an electrician who specializes in low voltage wiring, any electrician can easily install or replace your low voltage switches by following our informative low voltage wiring guides that we include for free with the purchase of any low voltage item.

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