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Low Voltage Wiring System Compatibility

Kyle Switch Plates is your best resource for buying low voltage switch plates online. Specializing in GE, Remcon and Touch Plate low voltage systems, we produce and stock a wide range of wall plate configurations and replacement devices for low voltage wiring systems installed during the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.

What Type of Low Voltage Wiring System Do I Have?

Several types of low voltage systems were manufactured and installed in U.S.-built homes during the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Over time, many of these wiring systems have become obsolete with replacement parts now extremely hard-to-find. If you do not know what type of low voltage electrical system you have, please see Determine Your Low Voltage System for detailed descriptions and photos of low voltage wiring components.

Bryant and GE Low Voltage Light Switch ExamplesRemcon, Sierra, Touch-Plate Low Voltage Light Switch Examples

What Replacement Parts Are Available For My System?

Once your low voltage system type has been determined, view our wide range of low voltage wall plates, electrical switches and replacement relays for General Electric (GE) & BryantSierra ElectricRemcon and Touch Plate systems to find compatible replacement hardware for your low voltage wiring set-up.

GE Low Voltage Lighting

Various styles of GE switches - mini rocker switches, toggle switches, trigger switches, and push button switches may be replaced with new GE low voltage switches and new style light switch covers. Use the new GE remote control relays and transformers.

Buy GE Light Switches, Relays, and Switchplates

Touch Plate Low Voltage Systems

You can still buy these three series of Touch Plate low voltage switches are still manufactured.

Buy Touchplate Relays, Light Switches, and Wallplate Covers

Replacements for Remcon Systems

Remcon switches are no longer available (relays still are!) but fortunately Touch Plate Lighting switches are compatible if wired correctly.

Buy Remcon Relays and Replacement Light Switches from Touch-Plate

Parts for Sierra Low Voltage Lighting

Sierra Electric thumb type trigger switches are stil available and manufactured as Despard style switches in a low voltage form by Pass and Seymour. You may use GE relays and Despard switchplates.

Buy Low Voltage Trigger Switches and Depard Lightswitch Covers

Are GE Switches Compatible with Remcon Wiring Systems?

Vintage Low Voltage Remcon Light Switches

YES, technically GE switches can be used with Remcon relays. Both are 3 wire, 3A, 24V switches. However, GE switches have not been tested for safety or reliability when used with Remcon relays and likely will burn out more quickly. Touch Plate switches have been tested for safety when used with Remcon relays, which is why we recommend them to replace discontinued Remcon switches over GE switches. We have had customers use both GE and Remcon switches with their Remcon relays.

Are GE Switches Compatible with Bryant Wiring Systems?

Vintage Low Voltage Bryant Light Switches

YES. Original Bryant low voltage devices and relays are no longer manufactured and updated same-brand replacements are not available. However, General Electric brand remote control relays (solenoids) and 24V switches can act as direct replacements for older Bryant low voltage relays and switches.

Are Touch Plate Switches Compatible with GE & Bryant Systems?

Touch Plate Switches Compatible with GE and Bryant LoVo Switches

YES. Touch-Plate switches operate on a 2 wire system (one common, one switch); GE and Bryant switches use 3 wires (one common, one ON, one OFF). Because the Touch Plate switch wire allows a single button to turn a relay ON or OFF, it can replace the two ON & OFF wires on GE or Bryant switches. In order to have enough wires to connect correctly, however, 2 Touchplate switches are needed for every 1 GE or Bryant switch.

Are Touch Plate Switches Compatible with Remcon Systems?

Touchplate Switches Compatible with Remcon Low Volt Switches

YES. Like GE and Bryant, Remcon switches also operate on a three-wire based system (one wire is common, one turns the relay ON and one turns the relay OFF). The switch wire on Touch Plate switches can successfully substitute the two ON & OFF Remcon wires. However, like GE and Bryant, each single Remcon switch will have to be replaced by two Touch Plate switches in order to have enough wires to connect correctly.

Can GE, Remcon, Bryant Switches Work In Touchplate Systems?

Cannot Use Touch-Plate Switches in GE or Bryant Low Volt Systems

NO. Two-wire Touch Plate switches are technically "backwards compatible" as they can accommodate the wiring of 3-wire low voltage switches (e.g. GE, Remcon, Sierra, Bryant). However, three-wire switches cannot be converted to function in the same way as Touch Plate's 2-wire switches.

Can Touch Plate Relays Replace GE, Remcon & Bryant Relays?

Touch Plate Relay Compatibility - Only Use in Touchplate Systems

NO. Every low voltage system uses a type of relay that is designed for that particular system, and they all tend to work very differently. The Bryant system is an exception, because it can use GE brand relays for replacement. Updated relays are available from GE and Remcon that can directly replace their brand's older model relays; similarly, Touch-Plate offers a relay that is backwards compatible for replacement of older Touchplate relays. Touch-Plate relays are single-coil 28DVC latching relays whereas Bryant, Sierra and GE relays are dual-coil, and Remcon relays are single- or dual-coil with internal power supplies.

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