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Low Voltage Remcon Switch Replacement

Remcon Switch Replacement Options for Discontinued Switches

Trying to replace discontinued Remcon light switches in your older home's low voltage system? Remcon switches are no longer manufactured. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions for your old or broken Remcon switches from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's or 1980's.

Best Option - Touch-Plate Units for Remcon Replacement Switches

Touch Plate low voltage switch units are what we recommend as the best replacement option for discontinued Remcon switches. Touch Plate is the only low voltage switch that has been tested for safety with Remcon relays.

Wiring Difference
There is a bit of wiring involved when switching to Touch Plate switch units since Touch Plate is a 2 wire system and Remcon is a 3 wire system. You will need to split off the common wire having 1 split go to the "on" button and the other split going to the "off" button.

Double The Switches
You will need to double the amount of switches in each location since you will now have 1 button for "on" and a separate button for "off". For example, a location with 2 Remcon switches would need a 4 button Touch Plate switch unit. Only buy Touch Plate switch units with an even number of buttons, never odd. Be sure to add our 3 wire to 2 wire wiring guide to your order before checking out and we'll include it with your order free of charge.

Touch Plate sells their switch units as all in one sets, including the switches, bracket and cover plate. We carry them in white, almond and ivory in 2 button, 4 button, 6 button, 8 button, 12 button and 18 button.

Replacement Remcon Relay with Transformer

Remcon Relays

Remcon is no longer manufacturing their relays. When choosing a different low voltage switch to replace your Remcon switch, keep your current working Remcon relays. It is not necessary to change them to the new manufacturer's relay. Please note that it in fact can cause issues if you attempt to mix and match Remcon relays with those of other manufacturers.

Use Touch-Plate Switches for Replacing Remcon Low Voltage Switches

Touch Plate Switches for Replacing Remcon Switches

Find instructions and replacement options for discontinued Remcon rocker switches below. Our Touch-Plate Low Voltage Switches and Wall Plates can be used in Remcon low voltage lighting systems installed in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s older homes.

Replacement Remcon Switch Alternatives

Old Remcon switches are no longer manufactured
Fortunately, there is a solution. The only tested replacement alternative is to substitute Touch-Plate control stations. Each Remcon switch requires two switches on a Touch Plate unit (changing from a 3-wire system to Touch Plate's 2-wire system). See image below for more clarity.

One Switch Remcon Wall Switch Plate
If you have a single switch Remcon wall plate, you can replace it with a two switch Touch Plate 5002 unit. Substitute with 2 Button Touch-Plate 5000 Series Low Voltage Switches & Plate

Two Switch Remcon Wall Switch Plate
If you have a double switch Remcon wall plate, you can replace it with a four switch Touch Plate Classic control station. See Classic Series Touch-Plate Control Stations with 4 Switches

Three Switch Remcon Wall Switch Plate
If you have a triple light switch Remcon wall plate, you can replace it with a six switch Touch Plate Classic control station. See Touch Plate Classic 6 Button Low Voltage Control Switch Plates

Wiring Guides For Upgraded Remcon Setup

Click 3 Wire Remcon to 2 Wire Touch Plate Wiring Instructions to learn how to replace Remcon switches.

Additional Low Voltage Systems
See Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Switches for all low volt replacement switches, brackets and wallplates. Kyle Switch Plates carries low voltage wall plates and switches for an extensive collection of low voltage wiring system's electrical devices.

How to Replace an Old Remcon Low Voltage Switch

Remcon rocking devices were used in low voltage electrical systems found in mid century houses built in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, but they are no longer in production. Remcon remote control relays are no longer in production. They can be replaced with Touch Plate relays.

When to Select Touch Plate Switches
Choose the Touchplate replacement options if you have a Remcon low voltage system and need to replace either switches (such as the R-277 or the RE-SW) or the wallplates that covered them. Original style Remcon wall plate covers, mounting straps, and flared rocker switches are no longer manufactured.

Wiring Tip: If you have one switch that isn't working in a switchplate location, you will have to replace all the switches there with a new Touchplate system. However, you could always move an old working switch to another old coverplate with a defective switch to create a working set.

Old Remcon Momentary Switches
Old style Remcon switches were part of a 3-wire system. Switches were momentary, SPST (single pole single throw) devices. The switches were stacked side-by-side in a bracket and they rocked end to end to turn lights on and off. They were available as either lighted or unlighted rocker 3A 24 V.A.C. (3 amps 24 volt alternating current.) The black RE-SW switch was discontinued in January of 2011.

Original Remcon System Features
The very old Remcon switchplates were typically installed horizontally with the switches rocking up and down to turn lights on and off. (The words "on" and "off" were often molded into the plastic switch plate.) The curved, flared switches were pinched in and narrower at the middle and wider at the top with a small dot at the center. Again, all the original type of Remcon mounting straps, ivory curvy rocker switches and rounded or oval wall plates are no longer being produced.

Low Voltage Advantages
Remcon systems allowed home owners to meet electrical code while providing really low voltages for safety considerations. Control wiring can run through house with only small wires. Makes it easy to run wiring through walls, plus the switch itself could be conveniently mounted in a variety of small spaces while connecting to another switch that could control a higher voltage load.

Replacing 1 Remcon Light Switch

Note: You will need  2 Touch Plate buttons (an "on" and an "of") for every 1 Remcon switch you previously had.

Replacing 1 Remcon Switch:

Touch Plate 2 Button 5000 Series

Touch Plate 2 Button Ultra Series

Note: the Ultra light switches can be purchased without cover plates. You can pair them with single decora rocker cover plates in 17 finishes.

Remcon Lighting Parts

Replacing 4 Broken Remcon Switches:

Touch Plate 8 Button Mystique

GE Low Voltage Switches for Replacing Remcon Light Switches

Replacing Remcon with GE Switches

General Electric low voltage switches can not be used to replace Remcon switches.

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