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Touch-Plate Low Voltage Powered Relay Pack - Nipple Mount

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Touch-Plate Zone-RP powered relay pack is a complete relay and power supply in one making it a great stand-alone solution for any lighting load that needs to be controlled from more than one location. These single point lighting control solutions can be used in hospitals, hotels, vintage homes and other projects requiring remotely installed relays for use with either unlighted or pilot lighted switches.

Remcon Retrofits

These power packs also can be used to update vintage Remcon systems when used with new Touch Plate switches. Replace old R-115 or R-115S relay transformers with these packs then connect new Touchplate switches to get your lights working again. This Touch Plate power pack should be installed on its own circuit, so be sure the switch is connected only to the local room switch(es) and is not connected to a master panel (with Remcon relays); ensure there are no shared common wires. too. Note that installing on a separate circuit means that Touch Plate relays and power packs must not be connected to any other Remcon relays or any shared common wires. Being on a breaker together is fine because the breaker is just providing the line voltage to everything that needs power.  It’s the low voltage that they can’t share. 

If there is not room for this pack next to the junction box, see the Mini Relay Power Packs for an alternative that is small enough to fit inside the box.


  • controls one fixture (unless more are connected together and they do not exceed the maximums)
  • switches 120VAC
  • common: 24VDC Open Circuit 1.0VA Class 2
  • relay rating 20A, 120V, 1HP, 120V
  • operates a 20 amp relay
  • maximum 1920 watts if on their own breaker feed
  • may be used to power Touch-Plate LED pilot light switches as well as standard switches
  • unit contains mechanism and extra wire needed for powering Touch Plate LED pilot lighted switches or regular unlighted switches
  • electronic stuck switch protection
  • momentary contact switching device
  • multi-way switching feature allows it to be controlled by multiple light switch control stations (for ex. light switches on either end of a hallway) as long as the wattage is not exceeded
  • 3.325" L x 2.76" W X 1.89" D (without threaded nipple) or 2.27" D (with threaded nipple)
  • threaded nipple for mounting to standard junction box with 1/2" KO (note the old solid state Remcon relays may have had a smaller nipple connection)
  • UL listed 20A relay and transformer
  • made in USA; 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • can be use as a power pack for any occupancy sensor or as an Automatic OFF
  • NOTE: Cannot be used to replace individual Touch Plate relays connected to a master panel due to the transformers powering the systems being incompatible.

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Wiring follows historical Touch-Plate colors: blue for LED status output, orange for cycle switch, and white for both commons. Touch Plate is a 2-wire system: the orange and white are for the switch control and the blue wire is for lighting the LED switches only (if using lighted switches).

Q & A

Q. Can I use this relay power pack with 3-wire Sierra / GE / Bryant / Remcon switches?
A. No. These relay packs can power 2-wire switches from Touch Plate only. They can be used to replace switch/relay sets in GE / Bryant / Sierra / Remcon low voltage systems if placed on a separate circuit with no wiring connected between the two types of systems. In essence, they create a standalone low voltage system at each location. You would use the white common wire and the orange switch wire, but not the blue LED wire that is available for pilot light functionality (cap off if unused).

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