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Touch Plate Low Voltage 3000 Relay

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Single pole, single throw (SPST) Touch-Plate 3000 low voltage mechanical latch relay for Touch-Plate low voltage lighting systems can be used as an updated replacement part for older Touch-Plate low voltage systems that were installed from the 1940s to the 1980s. Specifically, this replacement 2-wire relay (model 3000) may be used to replace discontinued 1550-A, 1550-B, 2500-B, and 4000 Touchplate relays. 


  • 7" lead length, wire leads without plug (see the TPL-300PL if your relay plugs into the panel)
  • Coil Spec. Power Requirement: 0.044 Watt-seconds pulsed 28.5 VDC* (see Q&A below) at 0.020 seconds minimum to 1.100 seconds
  • Coil Spec. Resistance: 7.2 OHMS + 10%; Duty cycle: 50% at 1 second max. rate
  • SPST (single pole single throw) relay alternately opens and closes in response to momentary switch closure
  • black base: 1-7/8" L (terminal side) x 1-11/16" W x 31/32" H
  • 1.75" H x 1" diameter cylinder; overall height from bottom of black base to top of cylinder is 2-3/4"
  • cylinder is offset on base; center of cylinder is 9/16" from long edge (non-terminal side, back edge in photo) and 3/4" from the short side (left side in photo)
  • includes 1" I.D. x 1/2" thick rubber grommet shown in photo
  • 120/277/347 VAC 20 amp contact rating
  • 1.0 HP 125 VAC, 20 A 125 VAC Tungsten
  • 1.5 HP 250 VAC, 20A 277 VAC Ballast
  • ETL and CSA listed
  • auxiliary contact rating of 1 amp at 30 volts, Tungsten
  • constructed of silver alloy; max. operating temperature 65 degrees Celsius
  • 3000 / 4000 relay base is 1" larger than older models 1550-A, 1550-B, 2500-B
  • made in America; 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • current replacement for Touchplates' old 1550A, 1550B, 2500B, and 4000 relays
  • Loads connect into terminal block on relay; maximum wire size #10 AWG; low voltage leads end in #20 AWG wires

INSTALLATION NOTES: Note that the screw terminals on the base are the same (not polarized) so it doesn't matter which terminal you attach each wire to as long as one is connected to the high voltage line and the other to the switch leg wire. (It DOES matter how the wires on top of the cylinders are connected.)

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Many brands of relays look similar but cannot be used to replaced each other. Please confirm your system by the type of relays currently used: Identify A Low Voltage Lighting System.


Q & A

Q. I hear a noisy buzz sound coming from my relay. Does this mean my relay needs to be replaced?
If you hear a hissing noise coming from your relay, this means your relay needs to be replaced or the switch connected to that relay needs to be replaced. To determine which part is faulty, connect a working switch from a different area of your home to the switch that is connected to the buzzing relay. If the relay continues to buzz, then you know the relay needs to be replaced. If the relay stops buzzing, then you know the switch needs to be replaced.

Q. Can I substitute a GE or Remcon relay in my Touch Plate system?
No. The relays are too different. Touch-Plate relays are single coil, 28DVC latching relays whereas GE relays are dual coil and Remcon relays are single or dual coil with internal power supplies.

Q. My old 1550A relay had four wires coming out of it - two from the top of the cylinder and two from the bottom block. How do I install it with this replacement 3000 relay that only has two wires?
The old 1550A, 1550B, and 2500B relays had two low voltage wires coming out of the top cylinder that you would connect to your switches. The two wires coming out of the bottom were the ones you connected to the high voltage wires coming out from your wall electrical system. These new relays have screw terminals that eliminate the need to twist together and cap off the two sets of wires. You just attach the high voltage wires to the new screw terminals on the bottom block of the relay. This is a safer, more secure way to connect the wires than on the older relays. Because the high voltage connections are not polarized, it doesn't matter which way you connect the two high voltage wires to the two screw terminals - both terminals are the same, so either one can have the hot feed and the other the switch leg. Note that the bases on these new 3000 relays are a bit larger than the old ones so they might be a bit of a tight fit in the relay panel. If necessary, move the older relays to the back row and use the new 3000 relays in the front row where there is more room.

*Q. My Touch-plate relay says it is 12 VDC, but replacement relays are 28V. Can I use these 3000 relays with them?
Yes. For a period of time in the past Touch-Plate was marking their relays with the lower voltage, even though they really had a higher voltage. Some were labeled as 12 VDC; others 14 VDC. But all Touch plate systems have always worked with 28 VDC transformers and transverters. (If you wish to confirm this on your end, simply check the output voltage on your unit.) So you may safely use a 3000 relay to replace a Touch Plate relay marked as 12V or 14V, and may use a new TPS-0120 transformer with either the new or the old relays.

Q. How do I install the rubber grommet in the hole?
Generally, you can just squish it a little to get it in. The other method would be as follows: Wrap a nylon string around the groove of the grommet.
Put one part of the grommet in.
While you are pushing it in, pull on the nylon string because it will pull the edges down to get it into the groove.

Q. I replaced the vintage relay, but this new relay didn't fix the issue. Why?
Test the reading on the transverter. The older relays can fire with 24VDC, but the newer ones require at least 28.5VDC. If the transverter is reading around 28VDC, then it is likely too weak to power the new relays. Often replacing the transverter fixes the problem. A new relay will provide close to 40VDC (which is still perfectly fine for the older relays).

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Product Reviews

  • D
    Dave Sjaardema Verified Buyer
    16th Jul 2022
    Just what I needed

    This relay is just what i needed to replace the old failed 1550 TouchPlate relay in my customer's home. So glad I found Kyle Switch Plates, has these replacement parts for the old low voltage systems. I'll keep coming back!

  • D
    David Wormuth Verified Buyer
    2nd Apr 2022

    work great and we are able to turn our lights on again

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    18th Feb 2022

    Great replacement part.

  • D
    David Ronnow Verified Buyer
    1st Feb 2022
    Works as designed and intended.

    I am in the process of upgrading relays that were installed in 1956. Hope these last as long!

  • G
    George Benthien Verified Buyer
    12th Nov 2021
    Light wouldn't turn off

    We had one light that was difficult to turn off. We had to push switch many times. Our system is very old and original relays are no longer available. This relay was recommended as a replacement. It was easy to install and works perfectly. It only took a few days to receive the item. The information on the website was very helpful.

  • J
    Jean Benthien Verified Buyer
    12th Nov 2021
    Worked well

    1st time in 50 years to have to replace a relay. Quick delivery. Thank you

  • G
    Gary Scoville Verified Buyer
    3rd Sep 2021
    Low Voltage Relay

    This relay was just what the Dr. ordered! Fit was perfect and even came with a new rubber grommet. I will definitely be doing more business with you guys.

  • C
    courtney durow Verified Buyer
    6th Aug 2021

    Just what I needed to replace the relay in my 1962 low voltage system

  • D
    Darryl Verified Buyer
    9th Jul 2021

    Relay worked perfect and fixed the problem. No problems with getting relays and will be ordering from Kyle Switch Plates again if I ever need anything like this again. Great prices and great service.

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