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Oversized Edge Hider Depth Ring Wall Plate Extender - 2 Gang

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Hide electrical box edges with this 2-gang oversized depth ring outlet cover switch plate extender. Gap fixer extension rings will create a deeper wall plate by extending the edges by .125" to hide an ugly space left around a protruding wall box. You'll find these situations when wood paneling has been removed from walls, or drywall was too thin, or standard boxes were installed in exterior walls where shallow boxes should have been used. These also work in situations where bulky electronic timers or dimmers have extra wires that don't allow them to fully into the box.

These extender rings are designed to neatly align with the edges of our 2-gang oversized light switch and outlet covers however they may be used with any covers that are larger than 4.75" x 4.75". Fits most electrical devices including rocker or toggle light switches, duplex outlets, slide dimmers, GFCI electrical outlets, etc.


  • 5.5" H x 5.5" W x 1/8" D, stackable to needed depth
  • inner opening 4.75" H x 4.75" W
  • stack the gaskets to create the depth ring size you need - .25", .375", .5", .62", etc.
  • hold in place by using electrical tape or caulking, or by friction when cover is tightened over it
  • purchase jumbo 2-gang wall plate cover separately if needed
  • for use on flat surfaces only; sand wall to remove bumps
  • do not bend or item may crack 
  • made exclusively by Kyle Switch Plates
  • white, ivory, brown and gray hard plastic gaskets
  • gloss acrylic, clean with warm water
  • sits around electrical box for a cosmetic fix
  • WARNING: for indoor decorative use only. Ensure devices are properly installed inbox. Important: if using with protruding devices, must use fire safety box extenders and spacers to ensure devices are safely installed
  • custom item made in USA


  • Hide edges of electrical box that protrudes from wall
  • Build up area around electrical box if bulky wiring causes devices to stick out of box (you will still want to use a goof ring and spacers for mounting your devices)

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Product Reviews

  • T
    Tom K Verified Buyer
    17th Nov 2021

    This was exactly the product I needed. I have an old house that I was rehabbing and one of the exterior walls was only framed with 1x2" studs screwed directly into the brick. So my outlet boxes protruded from the wall. I combined this product with the Jumbo 2 Gang 1 Centered Duplex Wall Plate to make a nice cosmetic fix. I called the customer service to help determine the size and number of every piece I ordered. The woman I spoke to helped me locate each piece online. For any odd shaped fixes moving forward, I would definitely use this company again.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    18th Jun 2019
    Solves the problem

    I had an electrical box that wasn't quite deep enough to accommodate my light timer. The switch stuck out about 1/8" higher than the wall, so there was a gap between the plate and the wall. This product hides that gap. It actually goes around the plate, not under it, so you add about 1" of cover around the original plate.
    ---- STAFF: It sounds like you were using this oversized extender 5.5" x 3.5" (designed for oversized plates of the same dimensions) with a standard sized cover (4.5" x 2.75"). Although they are not specifically designed to be used with smaller plates or designed to set a plate inside of it while covering extra area around your box, if it is working for you that is great. When used with our plates of the same dimensions, they are exactly aligned with the edges so that they are hardly noticeable. Please see the category under Hardware for the Depth Extender Rings to see all available sizes.

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