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Touchplate Low Voltage Lighting FAQ

Q. What is the difference between the different Touch Plate low voltage series? Genesis, Classic, 5000, Ultra?

A. The only difference beteen the different Touch Plate low voltage series is the appearance. Otherwise all of the switch units function the same, as 2-wire 28 volt low voltage momentary switches. If your home is wired for Touch Plate, you can choose between the Genesis series, 5000 series, Classic series and Ultra series. Note that the Ultra switches fit into standard Decora rocker switch plates which makes them very versatile.

Q. Are the Touch-Plate switches momentary?

A. Yes, all Touch-Plate switch units feature momentary switches. This means that you press in the switch, it makes a momentary contact to the relay, then returns to center. The button will not remain pushed in.

Q. Can I use Touchplate low voltage switches with regular voltage light bulbs?

A. Yes, you can use Touch Plate low voltage switches with regular voltage incandescent light bulbs.

Q. Can I use a 2-wire Touch Plate low voltage switch unit to replace my 3-wire low voltage switch, such as GE, Bryant or Remcon?

A. Yes, you can use a 2-wire Touch Plate switch unit to replace your 3-wire low voltage switch unit. You will need to split off the common wire, have 1 split go to the ON switch and 1 split go to the OFF switch. You will then have 1 button be your ON and a separate button be your OFF. You will no longer be able to have the same switch function as your ON and OFF. Because of this you will need to double the amount of buttons per lighting location. For example, if you have 2 GE switches in a switch plate, you will need to get a 4 button Touch Plate switch unit to replace it. It is pretty basic wiring. We offer a 3-wire to 2-wire conversion wiring guide free with the purchase of any Touch Plate switch unit. Be sure to add it to your cart and we will include it in your order. 

Q. If I replace my Remcon or GE switches with Touchplate switches, do I have to use Touch-Plate relays with them?

A. No, you must always use remote control relays from the same type of system. Even if you swap out the type of switches you use in your system, you must continue to use the correct relays for it - Touchplate relays in a Touch-Plate system, Remcon relays in a Remcon system, GE relays in General Electric (or the similar type Bryant and Sierra) systems, etc.

Q. Can a Touchplate switch be wired as a 3-way or 4-way switch?

A. Yes, it can. The switch is wired in parallel to the relay it is controlling. So for that reason, you could have an unlimited number of switches controlling the same light. The relay just responds when receiving a signal from whatever switch.

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