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Switch Plates in Any Size - Design Your Own with Inserts


Create Any Light Switch Plate Size with Filler Inserts

Looking for an unusual or hard-to-find wall plate layout or configuration? Have an odd assortment of switches, outlets and connectors that requires a custom face plate? 

Save time and money with a quick, simple and cost-effective solution: flexible filler inserts for switch plates. Available in a wide range of colors and functionality, these versatile adapters are an ideal alternative to costly custom-made wall plates and are very easy to install. Find recommended filler insert conversions, plus more ideas and solutions for switch plate size challenges. Note, if combing low voltage phone, cable, or ethernet jacks with regular switches, dimmers, and outlets, a physical barrier or standard partition must exist between the low voltage communication jacks and any line-voltage devices in the wall box.

Choose Your Metal Light Switch Plate Color or Finish

all-switch-plate-finishes.jpgInserts and blank fillers are a quick and easy solution for creating a flexible switch plate configuration layout. Filler inserts allow you decorate with quality switch plates in a wide variety of finishes and simply adapt the opening to the required usage. They allow for changes should your lighting, phone, or cabling requirements change in the future. See the light switch wall plate metal finish comparison - brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, and painted metal colors.



Dummy Switch Plate Inserts for Various Opening Shapes

info-blank-fillers-for-switchplates.jpgSwitch Plate Fillers and inserts come in a wide variety of shapes for filling toggle, duplex, and Decora openings that are not in use.

Toggle Switch Plate Blank Filler Inserts

info-blanks-for-toggle-switchplates.jpgToggle to Blank: Toggle opening blank fillers cover up unused openings in toggle switch plates. They can be easily replaced later if a toggle switch is needed. To order, click Toggle To Blank Wall Plate Insert.


Decora to Blank Dummy Filler Inserts

info-blanks-for-decora-rocker-switchplates.jpgDecora to Blank: Fill any Decora cover plate opening with this block insert to create a blank. Allows you to add a decorator style device (such as a dimmer, GFCI receptacle or rocker switch) at a later date if needed. To order, click Decora To Blank Wall Plate Insert.




Duplex Outlet to Blank Dummy Filler Inserts

info-blanks-for-duplex-switchplates.jpgDuplex to Blank: Duplex fillers hide outlet openings, yet allow you to add an outlet at a later date if needed. To orde, click Duplex To Blank Wall Plate Insert.

Hubbell Premise Phone and Data Jacks in Modular Frames

info-modular-ports-convert-switchplates.jpgModular jack frames allow flexibility in designing telephone or communication wiring systems. Fill any Decora switch opening with an adaptable frame that holds two to four modular communication jacks. Allows you to easily add, remove or change arrangement based on need. To order, click Modular Jacks and Frames for Phone, Ethernet, Cable, Audio, Video.

Decora to Cable Jack

info-cable-jacks-for-decora-rocker-plates.jpgAll-in-one cable TV inserts fit into Decora style modern wallplate openings. Fill any Decora switch opening with this round threaded insert for a coax connection. Threaded on both sides of the insert, this keeps your cable connection in place. To order, click Decora To Cable TV Wall Plate Insert.

Decora to Combo Phone and Cable Jack Insert

info-phone-cable-jacks-for-decora-switchplates.jpgFill any Decora switch plate opening with this insert mounted with both phone and cable connections. To order: Decora to Phone & Cable Jack Wall Plate Insert.

Decora to Toggle Reducer Insert

info-create-toggle-switchplate-from-rocker.jpgDecora wall plate fillers convert modern style openings to accept traditional toggle switches. With this insert you can fill any modern Decora style block opening with this wide insert to reduce it a toggle opening. Allows you to change to a decorator device (such as a dimmer, ground fault outlet, GFCI receptacle or rocker switch) at a later date if needed. To order: Block Decora To Toggle Switch Wall Plate Insert.



Decora Insert Converts to 3/8" Cable or Dimmer Shaft Switch Plate

info-create-cable-plate-from-rocker.jpgFill any Decora switchplate opening with this insert to create an opening for the shank of a rotary dimmer. Allows you to change to a slider dimmer or other decorator device at a later date if desired. To order: Decora To Dimmer Shaft Opening Insert.

Phone and Ethernet Inserts for Duplex Switch Plates

info-modular-jacks-in-duplex-switchplate.jpgA plastic insert can be inserted in a duplex opening for use with keystone phone jacks, Ethernet jacks, cable jacks, and other types of connectors for communication systems. To order: Duplex to Modular Jack Conversion Inserts.
Adding blank inserts into the jack openings creates a temporary blank duplex switch plate cover. Those units may be purchased at Duplex to Blank Conversion Inserts.



Decora to Duplex Receptacle Filler Insert

info-insert-converts-rocker-to-duplex-cover.jpgThere are no plastic filler inserts for converting a Decora opening to a duplex opening, however we have designed a metal plate with a duplex opening as shown on the . To order: Decora Rocker to Duplex Conversion Inserts.

Need a Rare, Weird or Uncommon Wallplate? Find More Options

Special Orders - Custom Plates Starting at $100: Need a switchplate not shown? Visit Customize A Wall Plate for quick, affordable solutions for creating a custom light switch plate from a more common size. If you still can't find what you need, it may be possible to special order a finish (except copper). Special orders have a $100 minimum, take 6 weeks to receive, can cost up to 4 times the cost of a standard stocked plate (for small quantities), and must be paid in full prior to ordering. The price per plate on larger quantities will be closer to standard plate pricing. (The more you order the cheaper they get (per piece) because setup costs can then be spread out over more plates.)

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