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GE Low Voltage Light Switches RS232 - Ivory

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Discontinued - see link for replacement

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Unlighted GE RS232 ivory low voltage light switch with two on and off buttons is an updated replacement device for original GE RFS-3, RFS-6, and RFS-9 low voltage lighting switches installed in homes during the 1950's, 1960s and 1970s.

OBSOLETE AS OF 1/2022 - SEE Ivory Trigger Switches PSL-1091-I for Alternative


  • IMPORTANT: Fits in GE new style and bracket mount switch plates ONLY. Does NOT fit old style Bryant/GE light plates or straps.
  • 3A 24 V.A.C. (volt alternating current)
  • may use as single pole or 3 way switch - see GE Switch Wiring Instructions for 3-way installations
  • one button is for on; the other for off - marked on side
  • single pole double throw momentary manual override switch normally open (SPDT NO)
  • standard Class 2 control relay wiring
  • five 0.187" quick disconnect terminals included (three needed, 2 spares)
  • fits .76" x 1.28" rectangular switch cover opening
  • outside dimensions: 1-3/8" W x 7/8" H x 1-1/8" D
  • subsurface housing (part that snaps into plate) is 1-1/8" x 3/4"
  • replaces Bryant rocker switches as well as GE RFS3, RFS6 and RFS9 rocker devices
  • slightly larger than original RFS series switches so new wall plates required
  • made in USA by General Electric
  • UL listed

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Q & A

Q. My GE original style RFS-6switch is 25V, but this replacement is 24V. Will this cause an issue?

A. No, it will not cause an issue. The new style replacements are only 24V. You are able to install a switch that pulls less voltage without it effecting the system. A problem would only occur if you installed a switch that pulls more voltage because it will overtax the system.

Q. My old GE switches are mounted in a strap. Do I need a new strap for these?

A. No, these new switches do not require a strap (unless using with bracket mount plates) because they will just push right into the front of the New Style Switch Plates and snap into place.

Q. Can I use these new switches with my old strap?

A. No. Do not try to install these switches in an old strap. These new switches are slightly larger than the old rocker switches and may be damaged if you try to jam them into an old strap. The buttons can become stuck because the housing will be pinching too tightly against the strap.

Q. Is this a 3 way GE low voltage push button switch?

A. Yes, any low voltage switch can be wired as a 3 way switch. You will wire the switch in parallel to the relay it is controlling. So for that reason, you could have an unlimited number of switches controlling the same light. The relay just responds when receiving a signal from the switch.

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Product Reviews

  • M
    Madis Pihlak Verified Buyer
    7th Jul 2021
    Great replacement switches.

    Excellent quality

  • P
    Peter Proffetty Verified Buyer
    31st Mar 2021


  • A
    abh Verified Buyer
    19th Mar 2021
    Good Switch

    These work well though they differ from my original Bryant switches, requiring the faceplate to be changed out as well. The upside is that they look less likely to stick from people poking the middle of the switch as has been a problem with the old Bryant rocker type switches.

  • K
    Kenneth Stuart Verified Buyer
    6th Sep 2018
    Ideal Replacement

    Great to locate a supplier of replacement parts for old lighting systems. Happily, the switch came with matching switch plate (as the old was not a perfect match), so that replacement of switch and plate went smoothly and solved the problem of a broken switch.

  • J
    J.Jenkins Verified Buyer
    21st Aug 2018
    Quality products + Excellent service

    Kyle products were perfect for my application.
    The service was excellent throughout my multiple orders.
    Sonya is the best!!
    I would definitely recommend this merchant.

  • J
    Jim Verified Buyer
    3rd Feb 2018
    Switches and relays

    The swithches we ordered were exactly what we needed the professionals at kyle are excellent and very knowledgeable. Its hard to find this product. I dont need to sesrch any further then here

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    30th Jan 2017
    Work well

    Eight gang switches we had replaced half previously and replaced remainder with these with little modification.

  • R
    Rex Verified Buyer
    13th Apr 2016
    Almost perfect

    We had to file out the end of the holes a bit for them to fit in although it didn't take much and they are working very well. *** Staff Note - these new switches should not be jammed into the old straps because they can stick and burn out your relay. New switches should be used with new plates which are designed to be large enough to accommodate these larger switches.

  • J
    Jacques Desroches Verified Buyer
    27th Mar 2015
    Excellent product and service.

    I have been looking for low voltages switches and plates for a while. We have a low voltage system installed in our house in Canada which is over 60 years old. The parts that I found at Kyle are exactly what I needed. Kyle fulfilled my order immediately and the parts arrived at my secondary residence in Florida in just a few days. Excellent service and the right parts! Thank you.

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