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GE 3-Switch Classic Low Voltage Replacement Unit - 3 ON/OFF Pairs

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Freshen up your midcentury 3-switch GE low voltage light switch plate unit with this Touch Plate Classic six-button control unit for an updated look. These units are designed with three pairs of buttons that correspond to the alternate directions on the vintage GE mini rockers or square pushbutton switches - top button/up direction was ON, the lower button/down direction was OFF. Choose from white, almond, or ivory for a stylish solution to refresh your existing low voltage set-up. Each switch station has three pairs of 1/2" square button caps.


  • fits the same size box as a 3-switch GE/Bryant unit
  • connects with wire nuts (purchase separately if needed)
  • this six-button control unit is an alternative solution to replace a unit with three GE low voltage switches
  • replaces two RS237, RS232, RS239, RTS6, RFS, etc. switches in GE, Bryant, Remcon and Sierra systems
  • top row of buttons are the ON switches, bottom row of buttons are the OFF switches
  • all three relays connected to this control station must be the same brand
  • ON & OFF WORDS NOT ON SWITCHES - IN PHOTO FOR EXPLANATION ONLY (order engraved on/off button caps separately if needed)
  • 2 wire switches easily adapt to a 3-wire system by doubling the number of buttons creating pairs of ON/OFF buttons
  • 1 amp @ 28 volts switch contact rating
  • 6 momentary contact switches
  • free 3 wire to 2 wire low voltage conversion guide to make installation easy
  • 4-1/2" x 2-3/4" plastic screwless light switch plate
  • 2" x 1-9/16" switch opening holes
  • 3-9/32" screw hole spacing in metal bracket
  • back depth is 5/8"; overall depth is 15/16" from front of button to back of terminal bar
  • two 1" mounting screws for installing yoke to box, screw plate presses on
  • made in USA
  • cannot be used side by side in a 2-gang box: instead order a Classic 12-button control station to replace 6 switches on a 2-gang box.

Click Low Voltage Lighting Replacement Devices for relays and more switch options.

Q & A

Will this 6-button unit fit the box where my current 3-button GE switch plate unit is now?
Yes, this unit fits a the same size 1-gang box or 1-gang low voltage mounting ring that the old switches were mounted in.

How do the wires connect?
The wires on the switches can be connected using wire nuts to connect to the wiring coming out of the wall.

Why are there six numbered terminals on the back?
Because the pairs of ON and OFF buttons are separate, you will connect all wires as such: on the first switch attach the current red/ON wire to terminal 1 and the black/OFF wire to terminal 2; on the second switch attach the current red/ON wire to terminal 3 and the black/OFF wire to terminal 4; on the third switch attach the current red/ON wire to terminal 5 and the black/OFF wire to terminal 6; and the three white commons are wired with a pigtail to attach to the Switch Common (SC) terminal. A wiring diagram is included for this easy installation.

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