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Best Color Switches & Outlets for Wall Plates

Electrical Switch & Outlet Finishes

Choose the right color switches & outlets to make your home a standout

See our Ultimate Electrical Device & Plate Finish Guide for your best options pairing switches and outlets with cover plates.

What Looks Best? Choosing the best color for your electrical devices can be challenging given the array of choices currently available. Consider these approaches while keeping some important points in mind.

Think Longterm  Keep in mind the range of choices, the possibility that you may upgrade your lighting again at some point in the future, the longterm appeal of a finish, how well it complements or matches plates, and how a color can be used to dramatic effect.

Gray Switches & Outlets

Gray Switches & Outlets with Stainless Steel Plates

Gray switches come in a wide variety of functions and shapes - from dimmers, to toggles, duplex, cable inserts, and are the best choice for more complex lighting installations.

Stainless: They look good with stainless steel switchplates and outlet covers.

Aluminum: If you're going for an industrial look in a NYC loft and have chosen gray electrical devices, pair them with aluminum covers. This looks great in any industrial space including a workshop or garage. It has also become a very popular look in rustic decor homes recently.

Polished Chrome: For a retro look, combine gray switches with polished chrome plates (shown in image). This is great for a diner themed kitchen or motorcycle garage. Interestingly, chrome can also be used to complete modern decor. Pair gray with chrome in a contemporary bathroom that features a glass-tile backsplash.

Mirrored Switch Plates: Many bathroom vanities with full wall mirrors look best with mirrored switch plates covering gray outlets.

Neutral Decor: If your walls, carpet or countertops are gray, you can keep a neutral look with gray outlets. Perfect for when you don't want to use them as a decorative accent, but want them to blend in with your decor.

Concrete Countertops: Poured cement can really transform a kitchen or bathroom. This look is best with white walls and trendy open shelves. Gray light switches go well with cement kitchen countertops, especially those with a satin finish.

Gray Home Decor: Greys on greys is a trendy look for homes in 2016. Especially popular in bedrooms, where homeowners are looking to create serene, uncluttered rooms that promote tranquility and relaxation. Keep the look going with gray switches and matching cover plates.

Gray Cabinetry: Kitchens across the country are being made over with gray cabinets, white and gray marble counters and white subway tile backsplashes. Many bathrooms are also following suit with Benjamin Moore painted gray cabinets. One way to complete the look is to update your electrical devices to gray as well.

In the Garage: Whether you use your garage to tune up bicycles, change your oil or fix up old cars, greasy fingers can lead to dirty, stained switches. Replacing white switches with gray ones in your garage will greatly reduce the appearance of staining.

Nickel Switches & Outlets

Metallic Silver Switches & Dark Bronze Plates

Satin nickel light switches and receptacles produce a high-end designer touch. Note that this finish comes in a limited number of choices - decorator rocker switches in single pole, 3-way and 4-way (all 15A only), block outlet (15 amp only), GFCI outlet (15 amps only), and one type of dimmer.

Luxury Decor: Nickel devices give a high-end look appropriate for modern decor in luxury homes. They have a shimmer finish that completes the look and feel of high-end home decor. If you are adding a light switch to a mirror wall or a room with silver mirrored furniture, choose nickel switches and polished chrome wall plates.

Satin Stainless Steel Switch Plates: In a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, you'll love the look of nickel switches with stainless steel cover plates

Aluminum Wall Plates: If you're not looking to match stainless steel in your kitchen, but still want a silver-tone cover that will lighten up your wall space, consider aluminum switch plates.

Black Switchplates: For rooms with a silver and black motif, you can't go wrong with black plates and nickel switches. They look stunning together.

Metallic Paint: Match the look of silver metallic paint in a powder room with shimmer nickel silver light switches. Whether you've added patterned metallic wallpaper to a half bath, painted a gray stencil or brightened up a small bathroom ceiling with trendy metallics, you'll love the luxurious look of these nickel devices. Here, we show Ralph Lauren's Metallic Gray Ferro paint sample with nickel switches and a dark bronze plate - something we highly recommend!

See more examples of nickel switches paired with cover plates.

White Switches & Outlets

White Outlets with Black Covers

White switches continue to be the most popular finish, and they're the easiest to match plates to. You'll find the greatest range of electrical switches, outlets, dimmers, motion devices, sound systems, & home security controls in white.

White Wall Plates: White switches & matching plates are a great look if you have all white walls & decor or want to match your trim, baseboard and crown molding. We highly recommend metal switch plates over plastic ones. Two of the main reasons are that they won't discolor over time and won't crack from daily abuse or if you tighten the screws too tight. Learn more about why metal cover plates are better than plastic ones.

Black Switch Covers: Entryways with black and which checkered floors, black and white tiled kitchens and racing-themed garages will all look complete with white switches and black covers.

Red Cover Plates: White outlets also look great with red cover plates in rooms that feature red decor such as garages, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Gray Switchplates: One of the biggest trends in kitchen remodels is two-tone cabinetry. Homeowners are choosing white cabinets around their kitchen's perimeter but selecting a contrasting island cabinet color. The hottest cabinets this year are gray. For gray and white kitchens, keep switches and outlets white but add gray cover plates for a fresh look that's on-trend. This also helps any outlet covers located on gray islands to blend in.

Stainless Steel: Keeping with the trend of two-tone kitchens, white marble counters, gray cabinets and stainless steel ovens pair beautifully with white electrical devices and stainless steel plates.

Light Almond Switches & Outlets

Light Almond & Stainless Steel Kitchen Outlets

Light almond is popular in homes with country charm as well as for traditional home decor.

Matching Almond Plates: For farmhouse kitchens with creamy walls and cabinets, light almond light switches and cover plates are your best bet. They offer a cool country look that blends in with your cottage kitchen decor better than white, but aren't as dark or yellow as ivory.

Traditional Kitchens: For a traditional look that incorporates creamy tones and off-white walls, blend in your electrical devices by selecting a light almond finish with coordinating almond wall plates.

Stainless Steel: If your cottage style kitchen has been updated with a stainless steel oven and fridge, another way to tie in your cabinets and appliances is to install light almond devices but opt for stainless steel switch plate covers.

Beach Decor: With sea foam greens, navy blue stripes and shiplap walls, you can complete your nautical home decor with off-white light almond switches and covers.

Tile Backsplash: For remodeled kitchen with multi-color travertine backsplashes, light almond kitchen switches & outlets can be a neutral choice that blends in nicely.

A Note on Almond Switches - Close in color to light almond but with a slightly more yellow cast, we generally don't recommend this finish. There is not much distinction between the almond and light almond colors, and not all device manufacturers produce almond electrical switches, so you could find yourself having to buy a switch that looks off in color if you need to update or expand your lighting.

Ivory Switches & Outlets

Ivory Light Switches with Polished Brass Plates

The yellow undertone of ivory switches offers added warmth and is a popular solution when you want to get away from stark white light switches.

Ivory Faceplates: The most common cover plates for ivory switches are ivory cover plates. Gives a nice uniform look.

Stainless Plates: If you're looking to tie in an industrial look - for example a stainless steel oven, fridge or farmhouse sink in your kitchen - you may want to use stainless steel cover plates with your ivory switches. Ivory is a great substitute for white in a kitchen that has granite countertops, Tuscan cabinets and no white appliances.

Polished Brass Covers: For glam home decor, polished brass switchplates are a must. The best look with polished gold is ivory switches & outlets. Looks fab with gold trellis bedding in an elegant bedroom, gold wireframe side tables in a living room or with shiny gold mirrors in an entry or foyer.

Satin Brass: If you want to match the warm tone of ivory switches but are looking for a higher end plate but don't want fingerprints to show, satin brass is an excellent choice for any room.

Antique Brass: Pair ivory switches with antique brass covers and hardware when you want to upgrade your plates but also want to tie in some darker tones.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Opt for ivory devices with oil rubbed bronze plates in any room that has bronze fixtures. This pairing looks fantastic with cream, beige, taupe, gold or tan walls. The plates will tie in with bronze faucets in a kitchen or bathroom, bronze wall mirrors in a bedroom and espresso living room furniture.

Dark Bronze Switch Plates: Ivory light switches look incredible when paired with dark bronze switch plates. If you have dark wood trim, baseboards or crown molding as well as deep espresso tables in your home, you'll absolutely adore the rich look of ivory electrical devices with dark bronze plates.

Cream Kitchens: For modern kitchens with glazed cream cabinets, warm granite countertops and a stone backsplash, ivory devices are the right choice for electrical devices to blend in with your kitchen's warm color palette. Ivory is also the most popular choice for vintage home decor since older homes often feature ivory tone devices.

Refined Gold & Ivory Decor: To get a truly sophisticated look in a formal dining room or living room, you might choose to accessorize with cream accent tables, gold lamps and ivory candles. Don't detract from your luxurious look with white switches, but instead choose ivory switches with matching ivory or polished brass wall plates.

Black Switches & Outlets

Black Light Switch & Polished Chrome Cover

The most elegant finish, classic black looks great. When selecting black light switches for a room, you can either match the plates with the switches or go for a contrasting look.

Black Switch Plates: Chic, black home interiors call for black switches and outlets. For black walls, use black switches & plates so that your devices don't take away from the dramatic look.

Stainless Steel Trim Plates: A very popular choice in kitchens with black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The stylish contrast offers a striking yet balanced design. Works well with new black stainless steel appliances as well as a matte black kitchen accents.

Gray Plates: Black switches & outlets are an excellent choice for a garage, especially when paired with gray cover plates. Keeps grease stains from showing and gives your workshop an upgraded look. In high-traffic areas like garages, you'll appreciate black switches & gray plates that don't show dirt as much as white does.

Black & Gold Glam Decor: If you've created a gallery wall with lots of black and gold picture frames, keep the look with a black light switch and polished gold or satin brass light switch cover. Black and brass switches and plates look glamorous next to gold night stands, on striped accent walls, and dramatically dark powder rooms.

Red Switch Plates: For a room that's black and white with a pop of red, consider a red switch plate for your black switch. Kitchen with black and white tiled floors and red countertop appliances won't be complete without black kitchen outlets covered with red plates.

Brown Switches & Outlets

Brown Outlet & Bronze Cover

Brown switches and outlets continue to be a traditional favorite. They are elegant without being harsh so are a good choice for creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere in homes and businesses.

Wood Switch Plates: Complete a rustic living room with brown light switches and wood switch plates. Brown devices with wood covers are also great for western themed bedrooms and entire homes featuring country style. They look stunning in rustic rooms with beamed ceilings, open shelves and hardwood plank flooring.

Bronze Hardware: Because brown electrical devices come in so many types of electrical devices, you won't have to worry about finding the shape or function you need for your oil rubbed bronze cover plates.

Brown Light Switch Covers: Kyle Switch Plates carries brown switchplates in 200 sizes, so you can find the right size for your space.

Wooden Cabinetry:  Rich wood kitchen cabinets are stunning, but it is important to have enough lighting to offset the color. You'll want to have can lights in the ceilings, under-cabinets.

Wood Floors: If you have installed gorgeous wooden flooring whether its exotic woods or one of the stunning new laminates, brown switches perfectly compliment that elegant look.

Brick Walls: For neutral brick walls with tans and browns, brown switches & plates keep your devices from standing out against the warm brick tones. 

Plank & Pallet Walls: Any time you create a wood pallet accent wall, the most likely finish to blend in is brown devices and plates. This will keep the eye's focus on the plank wall rather than the contrasting light switch covers.

Bronze Switches & Outlets

Bronze Switches & Cover Plates

Bronze light switches and receptacles are the best choice for luxury homes outfitted with bronze hardware. They offer a higher-end look than brown, but aren't available in as many switch styles, so your options are limited.

Venetian Bronze: With a reddish undertone that adds warmth to a dark finish, Venetian bronze light switch covers are absolutely gorgeous with these new metallic bronze switches and receptacles.

Brown Metal Switch Plates: Our brown cover plates are a deeper tone than the bronze switches, but they pair together very well. Choose brown with bronze devices for a living room with a deep espresso coffee table, a dining room with a bronze chandelier or a brown bedroom with gold or ivory wallpaper.

Satin Bronze Covers: The reddish tone of bronze switches makes them an excellent choice to go with satin bronze wall plates. You'll adore the contrast of the deep bronze light switch against the lighter and brighter brushed bronze covers.

Antique Brass Plates: For a formal dining room outfitted with brass accents such as a stem chandelier or antiqued buffet table lamp, buy elegant antique brass switchplates for your luxurious bronze light switches.

Brushed Copper: To really make a statement, consider brushed copper plates for these bronze tone switches. This will tie in copper kitchen appliances such as countertop mixers, toasters and cooking utensils. Copper plates with bronze switches go great with pennant lighting over a kitchen breakfast bar or table as well.

Almond Switch Plates: For the greatest contrast in a room full of neutral beiges, taupes and tans, cover your bronze switches with light almond wall plates. The tones blend together nicely and offer a touch of class and elegance in a powder room, guest bedroom or formal living room.

Red Switches & Outlets

Red Outlets & Covers

Red switches look great on an accent wall that pumps up a bold, modern dining room.

Vintage Kitchens: Add red switches to a vintage styled red enamel kitchen.

Retro Diner: Use as designer accents in a retro bar or diner - they will match red barstools, red leather benches, or tablecloths in banquet halls.

Matching Plates: The red switch plates & outlet covers match these devices beautifully. A great way to blend in your electrical devices & plate on a bright red accent wall.

Contrasting Plates: Have a black and white checkered floor or red kitchen cabinets with black granite or black appliances? These red outlets are also magnificent with black covers if you have other black decor to tie them in.

Red Bathroom: Small bathrooms look great with bold colors. Paint your powder room walls a vibrant red and add matching light switches. If your unsure of red paint covering an entire room, add wainscoting or beadboard to the bottom of the wall to break up the color - a very popular decorating choice for bathrooms.

Contemporary Laundry Rooms: Whether your washer and dryer are bright red or you've added a fun red accent wall to your laundry room, coordinating your light switches and cover plates will make doing laundry all the more fun.

Clear Switches & Dimmers

Clear Switches & Gray Wall Plates

Clear light switches have limited availability but a good choice when anything else will clash. Also, they are usually lighted so they are easy to find in the dark.

Aluminum Plates: They can look good with aluminum wall plates because they are the closest match to aluminum's very bright finish.

Gray Covers: If you're looking to blend your switches and covers into their environment, here's an idea for you. Use clear switches that match your bright, shiny stainless steel kitchen appliances, then use gray covers to match gray kitchen tile or gray wall paint.

Get an Accurate Count  Use this technique to ensure you don't end up short one device or wall plate: Put a sticky note on every switch and outlet in your room with the type, color, and location. Then when you have confirmed that there is a note on every one, gather them up and count them by type. Do the same for the switch plates and draw the size on the note. Take our advice - it is very easy and common to miss one, so save yourself the aggravation and expense of needing to order one more item. This is especially important if you are on a time deadline or a tight budget.

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