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Sierra Replacement Low Voltage Relay Switches

Buy replacement Sierra Electric low voltage remote control relay light switches & parts for an older home low voltage lighting system installed in the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s.

The Sierra 1070B relays are still manufactured, however the old 7048S relays are not. You may be able to replace the Sierra 1070 relays with a similar GE relay if you have enough room in your box. The Sierra relays are narrow cylinders and are usually closely spaced in the panel. GE RR7 relays have bulkier square bottoms so may not fit. 

The GE relays will work with your existing transformers. If you need to replace your transformers, you may use GE transformers as well. You are still able to buy Sierra style low voltage trigger style switches. Help guides and wiring instructions are available so you can shop with confidence for compatible parts for your lo-vo wiring system.

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