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Recessed Coax Jack Outlet Cover for Flat TV - White

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Install this recessed coax jack outlet cover to get a tight fit when you install electrical equipment against the wall. All-in-one recessed wallplate with metal F-connector coaxial jack designed for any location where you want access to a cable outlet but still need a flush surface when your internet cable is plugged in. Use for flush mount flat screen televisions, computer monitors, stereo systems, entertainment centers and furniture that needs to be close to the wall.


  • sturdy, American made recessed wallplate
  • F connector cable jack installed in center of depression
  • 2-3/4" W x 4-1/2" H x 1-1/2" D
  • 3/4" front recess depth
  • 1/2" white screws included
  • box mount screw holes 3.281" apart center to center
  • glossy white finish over .030" steel
  • create an oversized pushed-back internet jack cover with an extender wall plate cover

For oversized version add this flat single-gang extender underneath.

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Product Reviews

  • J
    JOZ Verified Buyer
    13th Jan 2021
    great for minimizing the intrusion of cables

    I hate how far Coax cables stick out from the wall... regular outlets cause the cable to get caught on furniture or force you to keep the furniture 2 inches away from the wall. this is one option to alleviate that issue. the other is a 90 degree adapter.... this worked great for what I wanted

  • L
    Lorie Verified Buyer
    14th Oct 2020
    Recessed coax outlet

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It enables me to push my furniture closer to the wall without crushing the coax cable. I cannot believe how hard it was to find this product, I’m not sure why it’s not more widely available!

  • R
    Ryan Verified Buyer
    20th Jan 2020
    Just what I was looking for

    A little pricey but really well made, and as far as I can tell the only thing like this on the market. The whole thing is actually metal, so it's really solid. This is perfect for my living room where the cable comes out of the wall directly behind my couch. I want the couch pretty close to the wall and the regular cable outlet was pushing the cord into the back of it creating a permanent depression in the fabric. I installed this before getting a new couch and it is perfect. The cord is able to curve downward just enough that it doesn't push into the fabric. Will definitely come back for any specialty outlet needs.

  • G
    GL Verified Buyer
    30th Nov 2019
    Space-Saving and very practical

    I've been looking for this kind of recessed outlet all over. This was a great find. Great construction and easy to install, fits any regular wallplate outlet. Not only saves space, but it also has the right shape to prevent the cable from getting bent.

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