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Occupancy Vacancy Sensing Dimmer S/P or 3 Way - Ivory

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Occupancy Vacancy Sensing Dimmer S/P or 3 Way - Ivory

Heat sensing ivory dimmer switch simplifies life by automatically lighting up the room when you walk in, then darkening the room when you leave. Lights effortlessly fade out over a 10-second period. Use dimmer lever to adjust bulb brightness.


  • Lutron Maestro MSCL-OP153M-IV
  • dimmer light switch
  • gloss ivory
  • controls 150 watt CFL/LED, 600W halogen/incandescent loads; if side tabs removed - 400W capacity (or 500W if single side removed)
  • 180° sensor field of view
  • capable of detecting major motion in 30' x 30' range (minor motion range is 20' x 20')
  • timeout is adjustable (1-, 5-, 15-, or 30-min.)
  • auto-on + auto-off OR manual-on + auto-off
  • S/P, 3-way (compatible with mechanical 3-way switches) or multiple-location (up to 9 MA-R-IV companion switches can be connected)
  • ground wire required
  • no neutral needed
  • pressing and holding OFF position fades lights out
  • single tap switch results in lights fading up or down
  • double tap makes lights go up immediately to full brightness
  • program for 100% brightness, 50%, last level used, or a locked pre-set
  • adjust lighting brightness using the dimmer lever
  • NOM Certified
  • 120 V~ 60 Hz
  • UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety requirements
  • indoor use only

Fits rocker dimmer switch plates.

See all CFL / LED Dimmer Switches.

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