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Nutone Intercom Electrical Wall Plate Cover 7.5", Screws 4.5"

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Need to cover up a Nutone Intercom or speaker electrical box? Installing a new Ring doorbell or video home monitoring system? This specialty jumbo blank wall plate will hide the ugly hole in your wall left after removing a vintage intercom speaker system or door chime unit. If necessary, use with window weatherstripping or flexible gaskets to get a tight seal against surface.


  • clear anodized finish on .040" thick aluminum, vertical grain
  • white, black, bronze options are aluminum with baked enamel finish
  • custom size made in America
  • 7.5" high x 5.5" wide x 5/32" deep
  • screw spacing is 4.5" center to center - check the clearance needed on a camera door bell
  • two 1/2" steel screws - order longer screws if needed
  • use with a moisture gasket, weatherstripping or silicone for a tight seal

Shop Intercom Speaker Doorbell Wall Plates for more size, feature, and color options.

Properly measure your intercom box & screw spacing with these tips:

How to Measure for an Intercom Box Cover

Removing a fire alarm, emergency call box, or another brand of speaker with different hole spacing? Use these electrical box screw spacing adjustment straps for mounting that can add or subtract length.

Nutone, Tektone, etc., units came in many sizes and shapes for intercoms, speakers, doorbells, and more. Please see more replacement cover choices on Midcentury Wall Plates or Blank Wall Plates.

Need to drill your own holes? See the Completely Blank Triple Oversized Wall Plate in Aluminum.

Need a cover for a smaller plate with wider (5.25") screw spacing? See the 6.38" High x 4.5" Wide Blank Wall Plate Cover for Nutone Speaker with 5.25" Screw Spread.

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Product Reviews

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    29th Sep 2019
    Quality Product

    The bronze plate fits and covers the nutone wall inbed perfectly. The old nutone was an eyesore on our porch. Removing it and covering the "hole" with this quality plate has improved the porch appearance 100%

  • T
    Tim Haskett Verified Buyer
    30th May 2019
    Very Nice Product For My Home!

    After installing an intercom system in my home 22 years ago, I took out all of the speakers in each room and drywall over the open spaces. The doorbell was also a part of the old intercom system, so we covered that open space (located on our brick front porch) with a Kyle Switch Plate. It looks extremely nice now and very professional.

  • W
    Winston H Cristancho Verified Buyer
    9th Feb 2019
    Quality product

    This plate was just as described, great quality fit perfectly.

  • H
    Harry H Verified Buyer
    23rd Nov 2016
    Perfect for Ring doorbell

    I had looked around for a solution to my NuTone dilemma. We had an intercom/doorbell, but removed all the intercom stations inside the home and we stuck without a doorbell. Bought a Ring to replace it and then had difficulty finding a suitable plate to cover the bracket and the square hole in the brickwork from the previous NuTone bell/speaker.

    Three comments:

    1.) The hole spacing in the plate was slightly off the 4 1/2 inches (like 4 9/16ths") but it really didn't matter because the actual spacing of my bracket from Nutone was 4 7/16th", so I had to redrill a hole next to the pre-drilled hole.

    2.) Unfortunately, I had to redrill a second time when I realized that the bracket in the masonry was actually not installed plumb and was off by about 1/8th" to one side; can't say I ever noticed it with the NuTone piece but I wanted the new cover plate to be level and plumb (especially since it's bigger and more easy to noticed if not squared up). No big deal to adjust the holes though, as it all just gets covered up by the Ring mounting bracket and then by the Ring bell itself. Just a heads up if someone's old bracket is slightly off.

    3.) The included screws were too small for the NuTone bracket's holes, but bigger screws were available at a hardware store; may not be Kyle's issue…my Nutone bracket was about 18 years old, so the screw specs on newer brackets might have changed over time (?). Again no big deal.

    Turned out looking very nice and tidy, like it's supposed to be there with an aluminum (no rust) border around the Silver Ring doorbell…makes the install a bit more substantial looking than the Ring just screwed into the brickwork (which wouldn't have been an option as the hole was wider than the Ring, etc.).

    Glad I found it! Thanks.

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