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GE Low Voltage Light Switch RS237 - White

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Replacement white low voltage light switch with on and off buttons for the low voltage lighting systems common in homes built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. These unlighted devices are the updated versions of original 25V GE RFS3, RFS6, and RFS9 models of low volt lighting switches. Note that these new GE low voltage lightswitches are a bit larger than the original ones and protrude farther from the wall as well.


  • IMPORTANT: Fits in GE new style and bracket mount switch plates ONLY. Does NOT fit old type GE/Bryant wallplates or straps.
  • 3 Amp 24 V.A.C. (volt alternating current)
  • single pole double throw center off SPDT Normally Open (SPDT NO)
  • one button turns light on; the other turns light off - marked on side
  • standard Class 2 control relay wiring
  • outside dimensions: 1-3/8" W x 57/64" H x 1-1/8" D
  • (subsurface housing that snaps into plate is 1.16" x .74", sets down into plate to a depth of .87"; protrudes from plate about 1/4")
  • SPDT momentary manual override switch
  • five 0.187" red quick disconnect terminals included (3 for wires plus 2 spares)
  • for "snap in" or "bracket mount" wall plate covers
  • fits 1.28" x .76" rectangular switch cover opening
  • slightly bigger than original RFS series switches - use with New Style wall plates
  • may use as single pole or 3 way switch - see GE RS237 Switch Wiring Instructions for 3-way installations
  • replacements for GE RFS-3, RFS-6 and RFS-9 rocker devices
  • also may use to replace Bryant rocker light switches
  • made in USA by General Electric
  • UL listed

Click Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Devices for all low volt switches, brackets and wallplates including those that fit the old style RFS-6 devices. We carry custom made low voltage wall plates that fit many different series of low voltage wiring system's electrical devices.

Q & A

Q. My vintage GE rocker switches are mounted in a steel bracket. Should I buy a new strap for these?
A. No, GE's new light switches do not require a mounting strap (unless using with Bracket Mount Wall Plates). They simply snap right into the front of the New Style Switch Plates thereby eliminating the need for a bracket altogether.

Q. Can I use these new switches with my old yoke?
A. No. Do not attempt to insert these switches into an old strap or yoke. New switches are slightly bigger than the old light switches and likely will be damaged - the housing can crack and the buttons can get stuck because it is too tight a fit for them to function properly.

Q. Can I buy GE 3-way low voltage switches?
A. Good news! These can be used as 3 way low voltage switches, too. All you have to do is wire them in parallel to create 3 way switches, 4 way switches, etc. - as many as you want. That way, any switch you click will turn the lights on or off.

Q. How can I tell which button is on and which is off?
A. The switches are marked on the side of the housing to indicate which button is on (red) and which is off (black). As long as you install the switches the same direction on your covers you will know which is which: the left button is on and the right is off, for example, or the top button is on and the bottom is off.

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Product Reviews

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    2nd Jun 2018
    good product easy install

    replaced 16 1968 vintage switches, simple and straight forward assembly
    thank you

  • L
    Lucas Holmquist Verified Buyer
    27th Oct 2017
    Very Happy

    very happy with the service and product

  • B
    Barry Vallance Verified Buyer
    19th Sep 2017
    Nice Looking Replacement Switches

    Great service, and good looking switches to replace the old originals. I bought two to replace the switches in a double gang unit.
    One comment - an 'on' 'off' indication would be useful in a double gang arrangement, where the switches are arranged horizontally. Or maybe there's a convention for horizontally mounted switches that I'm not aware of (in my house, the old switches don't follow a convention - some have the 'on' on the right, others on the left!). Is there a convention..?
    Otherwise, I'm very happy with the service and quality of product. I'll be replacing all the others in the house now.

  • P
    PR Verified Buyer
    20th Feb 2017
    Excellent Product

    Working with Kyle switch Plates was a pleasure. I had to phone for a question and the person I spoke with was very knowledgeable and a big help. The product shipped right away and arrived quickly. And the switches look great and work well.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    19th Jan 2017
    Switches and plate covers

    Both were perfect and look great!!!

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    15th Jan 2017
    Great Switches

    My switches are approx 45 years old, I think they are the original in the house. Purchased two replacements as a test. They look and work great. Now I only have to purchase 20 more and then figure out how to replace the old rotary master switches. Easy to install as well.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    3rd Aug 2016
    Works Great!

    Purchased a home with old light switches- finally getting around to updating and I love the new low voltage switches. Easy to install and looks great. I'll be purchasing more.

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