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10x8 Wall Guard 3-Gang Light Switch Cover Expander

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Wall switch cover expanders will extend the area around your 3-gang electrical switch plate to hide broken plaster, poorly cut holes in granite, or lumpy paint. These expansion panels are 3-1/2" taller and 3-5/8" wider compared to a regular triple light switch cover. An added bonus is that these wall guards will protect the wallpaper and paint around switchplates in high-traffic areas. Larger than both regular and oversized switch plates, these jumbo switch and outlet cover extenders are an easy, affordable way to hide visual flaws caused or remodeling changes or by contractor errors. 


  • Finish: white enamel that matches our white light switchplate covers.
  • Thin slightly flexible extra large panel easily adapts to wall surface for use under all wall plate covers
  • Steel expanders are 10" wide x 8" tall with 6 box-mount pass-though screw holes
  • Center cutout is 6" wide by 2.85" high with three sets of box-mounting screw holes (vertically 3.281" apart center to center)
  • Mount with included 1/2" white screws or with any standard wallplate screws
  • Extends area covered by a 1-switch wall plate by 3.5" in height and 3.62" in width. (Standard triple plate is 6.38" x 4.5".)
  • Designed to work on 3-gang electrical boxes
  • Tip: Cover with wallpaper or paint to match your wall color. See instructions for painting light switchplates
  • Kyle Switch Plates exclusive design
  • Can be used with standard size or oversized 3-gang wall plates
  • Can be used on a 4-gang box to reduce the visual size to 3 positions by aligning with the three screws positions on either end


Step 1: Turn power off to the electrical wall box then remove your current triple light switch plate.

Step 2: Remove screws in the electrical devices, then pull the devices slightly away from box.

Step 3: Slip devices through the large opening in the switch plate expander then seat panel over electrical box, adjusting the position of small holes as needed until they are in alignment with screw holes. Place your electrical devices over the expander cover, and reinstall screws by threading them through device and expander directly into wall box mounting holes.

Step 4: Replace switch plate and screw into place. Tighten down as needed for a snug fit against the wall surface. Restore power to your electrical box.

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