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Touch Plate Lighting Controls Help & FAQs

Produced since the 1940's, Touch-Plate low voltage lighting is one of the last historical remote control wiring systems that continues to be manufactured today. Available in a variety of contemporary switch styles, Touch-Plate devices are regularly stocked and available at authorized dealers and distributors like Kyle Switch Plates. Touch-Plate control stations are convenient and cost-effective since they include devices, mounting brackets, cover plates and screws in a single unit. Touch-Plate switches can also be wired to work with other popular three-wire low volt set-ups, such as Remcon, Bryant and GE low voltage systems for which replacement parts can be more difficult to find.

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Troubleshooting Your Touch Plate System

Visit our Touch Plate Switch, Relay, and Tranverter Troubleshooting Guide to determine what's wrong with your system.

Touch-Plate Low Voltage Switches and Switchplates

Modern and stylish, Touch-Plate low voltage lighting controls are conveniently packaged with the switches, bracket and wall plate you need for an easy installation of your new low volt device panel. 

Touch-Plate 5000 Series Control Stations

Touch Plate 5000 Series

Elegant and simple, Touch-Plate's original 5000 series lighting controls are available in single gang configurations with one, two or three buttons. Coordinating 5000 series plastic screwless switchplates are also offered with single, double and triple device openings that each measure 5/8" high by 1-1/8" wide.

Touch Plate 5000 Depth

5000 series units protrude .25" and recess .5".

Touch-Plate Genesis Series Switch Styles

Touch Plate Genesis Series

Rugged Touch-Plate Genesis switch units come in one button single gang sizes or two and three button double gang sizes. Matching Genesis plastic covers with 1 hole, 2 holes and 3 holes have device openings of 1-23/32" high by 27/32" wide. Openings are 1-13/16" apart on double device plates and 1-1/4" apart on three hole plates, with screw holes spaced 3-9/32" center to center. Old style 1400 model switches are 1 amp 24 volt, while the new Genesis switches are 4 amp 28 volt. This does not pose a problem. The newer Genesis Series are built to withstand a higher level of current, but they are compatible with the original systems.

Touch Plate Genesis Depth

Genesis series switches protrude 1/4" and recess 7/16".

Touch-Plate Classic Series Lighting Controls

Classic Series by Touch Plate

Popular Touch-Plate Classic switch stations have a great modern design with 1/2" button caps and are offered in various one or two gang sizes to control four, six, eight, twelve and eighteen lights. Plastic Classic series 1 gang and 2 gang screw-less switch covers are available with 2" high by 1-9/16" wide device openings. Classic series switches are also available with optional LED lights for low voltage systems that have existing pilot light wiring.

Classic Series by Touch Plate

Classic series control stations protrude 5/16" and recess 10/16".

Touch Plate Ultra

Ultra Low Volt Lighting

Ultra switches are modern and simple with small buttons.

Each control can have anywhere from 1 to 6 buttons for lots of control in a single gang.

The ultra line is available in white, almond, ivory and black with unlit and LED lighted options.

These units fit rocker switch plates.

Touchplate Ultras

Ultra controls protrude 7/16" and recess 5/8".

Touch Plate Mystique

Mystique Line by Touch Plate

Mystique low voltage switches are a contemporary look for a low voltage system.

Units come complete with 1, 2, 3, or 8 switches (regular and LED are available in white), a sub plate and modern screwless cover.

Shop Mystique to buy units in white, almond and black.

Mystique Switch Dimensions

Mystique units protrude .375" and recess 1.25".

Touch Plate Control Unit Colors

Available Finishes for Low Voltage Switches

Touch-Plate 5000, Genesis and Classic model series are all available in white, almond and ivory; black Classic series switches can be special ordered. White and ivory finishes have been manufactured since 1946, while almond was introduced in the early 2000's and black is relatively newer. Brown devices were produced from the late 50's to the 70's, but are now discontinued.

Older Touch-Plate Metal Overlay Wall Plates

Metal Frame Overlays for Touch Plate Lighting

These decorative Touch-Plate switch covers were produced around the 1960's and were uniquely customizable in that homeowners could create their own wall plate configuration with just a standard mounting frame and different metal overlays. Today, this flush plate style is no longer manufactured and most Touch-Plate devices include wall covers made of durable plastic.

Original Two-Wire Touch-Plate 3000 Relay

Touch Plate Relay Compatibility

Touch-Plate currently offers the SPST (single pole, single throw) 3000 model relay for operation of standard unlighted momentary switches. Backwards compatible, the 3000 relay can be used for drop-in replacement of older 1550-A, 2500-B and 4000 Touch-Plate relay models. CSA and UL listed 3000 relay bases measure 1.65" H by 1.98" W - which is approximately 1" larger than previous relays - and have a contact rating of 120/277/347 VAC 20 amp.

Newer Touch-Plate TPS-0120 Transverter

Touch Plate Transverter

TPS-0120 transverter is Touch-Plate's latest power supply model. Measuring 3-5/16" wide by 2-3/4" high, the TPS-0120 replaces older TVR-1 transverters as well as the 78K1 transformer and 17C converter power supply combination in houses built prior to 1957. Featuring a 120 VAC input with 28 VDC output, the UL listed TPS-0120 is backwards compatible for use in Touch-Plate systems dating back to the 1940's.

Discontinued Pilot Light Transformers

TPS-2001 Touch Plate Pilot Light Transformer

This Touch Plate transformer (TPS-2001) for pilot lights has been discontinued.

If you need to replace this part, you will need to upgrade your low voltage system to the new Zone Z panels.

Discontinued Touchplate Pilot Light Transformer TPS-2003

Discontinued TouchPlate TPS-2003 Pilot Light Transformer. Upgrade to Zone Z panels if you need this part to fix a problem with your system. 

Old Touch-Plate 5000 series switches with aqua blue (teal) wires

Old Low Voltage Wire Colors

On older Touchplate low voltage switch units, the wires coming out of the back were black and teal (aqua blue). On the new switches, the wires are now white and yellow. So the one old black common wire is now replaced with individual white common wires that connect to each switch that can be spliced together. The old teal blue wires have been replaced with the yellow wires.

Touch Plate 5000 Switch with Grounding Wire

Touch Plate Grounding Wire Example

Here is an example of an older 5000 series switch with a black grounding wire attached to the mounting bracket. There was a teal wire attached to each individual switch (for 1, 2, or 3 switches) on these original versions.

Touch-Plate Finishes Compared to Standard Switch Plate Finishes:

Note that Touch-Plate's versions of white, ivory and almond are not exact matches to standard switch plate finishes. The white, for example, is not as stark and the ivory is a much deeper shade. The Touch-Plate switches and cover plates are not meant to match standard switch plate finishes.

Touch Plate Finish Comparison

More Touch-Plate Information:

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