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Replacement Rotary Light Dimmer Knobs

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Now you can match your rheostat button to your switch plates with these classic replacement dimmer knobs in a wide variety of finishes. Available for various brands of light dimming switches, you can choose from satin silver/chrome, grey, copper, white, light almond, ivory, red, brown, black, antique brass, bronze, Venetian bronze, satin bronze, or dark bronze buttons.

Check the brand name on the device in the wall to confirm which brand device you have.

  • 1.5" (38.1 mm) round x .5" (12.7 mm) deep plastic replacement knobs - all finishes except white and ivory are spray-painted (knobs only manufactured in white or ivory colors)
  • dimmer knobs are brand / stem type specific - see image to determine your stem type
  • try to find the brand name on the device itself to help identify which knob will work
  • Leviton, Lutron, or Pass & Seymour / GE brand stem types; 3/8" (9.5 mm) internal depth
  • Leviton - 7/32" (5.5 mm) diameter D-shaped stem; 3/8" internal depth
  • Lutron - 7/32" (5.5 mm) diameter split stem; knob has C-shaped opening; 9/32" (7.1 mm) internal depth
  • GE - 3/16" (4.8 mm) round split metal stem; replacement knob has circular opening with two wings - one fits into slot, other pushes outside edge to hold
  • "Current GE Replacement" style will fit your old GE light dimmer device (but not low voltage master selector) and is the correct replacement for an "Old GE" knob

Some brands may not have name printed on device, so if you still don't see what you need, please see our Dimmer Knob Replacement Guide with photos of old dimmers if you have more questions. 

GE note - older GE dimmer switches push in to turn lights on, then rotate to dim. This discontinued brand is found in older homes. The old style dimmer knob has a circular opening on back with tiny ridges inside that tended to strip over time. These current Pass & Seymour brand replacement knobs for GE dimmers are designed to be longer-lasting.

Vintage Low Voltage Systems: If you are trying to replace a GE knob for a on old low voltage 9 switch controller, then the Lutron knob is a better fit because the center stem is larger than those on a regular light dimmer.

Note: these knobs are about 1/2" (12.7 mm) deep and the dimmer stems push into the back of them about 5/16" (7.9 mm). The area where you push in the stem does not extend past the base of the knob. If you need extra long stems to fit down into a hole on vintage speakers or are trying to replace dimmers by other brands these may not fit. Please confirm whether you have at least 1/2" (12.7 mm) of stem protruding from your wall plate.

Choose your replacement rotary knob color based on the either the shade of your current electrical switches or the finish of your wall plates. Mixing and matching knobs to tie in other hardware or room furnishings is also a popular approach.

  • a black dimmer switch knob will look particularly great on black, dark bronze, or stainless steel wall plates
  • dark brown dimmer switch knobs are attractive when paired with dark wood, brown, bronze, and brass light switch covers
  • almond, ivory, and white replacement dimmer switch knobs are good neutral colors for light switch plates in any color

Visit Rotary and Slide Dimmers and Switch Plates by Finish for more options.

Q & A

Q. How can I tell if this knob will still clear the surface of my wall plate? A. The internal depth on each brand's knob is listed above. This refers to how deep the stem goes into the back of the knob). To test if this depth will work on your device, cover up the stem with masking tape for the distance listed next to the brand you need. That will be the bottom of the knob. For push on/push off dimmers, test by pushing the stem in to see if the knob will clear the surface of your wall plate.

Q. The back of my Pass & Seymour dimmer knob looks different than my vintage GE knob. Will it fit? A. Yes, if it is installed correctly. The P&S knob has two "wings" that protrude toward the center of the knob. One of these wings must be inserted into the slot in the stem. This keeps the knob on tight and prevents it from slipping when turned. Please see the additional photo above.

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Product Reviews

  • D
    David Maxson Verified Buyer
    7th Apr 2019
    Great Colors

    They all go well with our home remodel color schemes. Paint seems natural.

  • J
    JACKIE BRANA Verified Buyer
    26th Mar 2019

    I changed all my switch plates to oil rubbed bronze plates and I couldn't find anywhere that the rotary knob would match the color of my switch plates except for Kyle's. Thanks for having them. It looks great, perfect match.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    12th Mar 2019
    Great Fit

    I searched around for a non plastic black knob but only found ones with design issues. This fits really well and the painted surface is better than expected. Black is a great modern choice. I'm so happy with it! Thanks!

  • T
    Taneal Bhandari Verified Buyer
    5th Mar 2019
    Only place I was able to find what I needed!

    I apparently knew nothing about dimmer knobs prior to visiting your site. I was unaware of the different fittings/openings on the back. On your site I was able to find EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks!!!

  • C
    Chas Verified Buyer
    24th Sep 2018
    Perfect Knob

    Kyle was the only place I could find knobs in a light almond. When I installed the knobs they fit perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • J
    Jenny G Verified Buyer
    31st Jul 2018
    I searched a lot for this replacement knob and you have it!

    The Kyle Switch Plates website's description of "dimmer knob types and replacement options" is very thorough and allowed me to purchase the correct knob. My knob stem is round, and my local hardware store only has the Lutron type for round stems. It was too loose. I searched the internet for light dimmer knobs and found this website. I purchased the GE/Pass & Seymour knob for 3/16" slit stem, and it fit perfectly! I since purchased a few more.
    It is so easy to purchase the correct replacement knob from Kyle Switch Plates for this normally difficult to find item.

  • J
    Jacalyn Aikin Verified Buyer
    5th Jul 2018
    Fit Perfectly!!

    The dimmer knobs I purchased were the exact size! This was an easy
    process and I will order from Kyle Switch Plates again. After reviewing their website and viewing all the items they offer, it is a no brainer to come back when I am in need of something else!
    Thank you, it was wonderful doing business with your Company!!
    Jacalyn Aikin
    Coppell, TX

  • P
    Patricia Davis Verified Buyer
    24th Jun 2018
    just right

    thanks, just what was needed...arrived in good condition, fits perfectly

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    14th May 2018
    Exactly right

    It was challenging to find exactly what was needed for our dimmer switch knob. HD only had one type and that didn't fit! An internet search resulted in my finding Kyle Switch Plates. With precise specs and photos, I knew I was ordering exactly what I needed and the price was right. Plus, with the various color choices, one is sure to find what fits the decor. Fast delivery too. Will definitely keep this site on my list when I need these type of items in the future.

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