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Remcon RC-120S Low Voltage Closet Light Relay Switches

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Control Lights in a Closet or Cabinet with Specialized Low Voltage Relay Switch

Low voltage Remcon relay switch for closet lights feature a standard 2-wire Amprobe relay with stripped leads and built in transformer. Designed for Pyramid and Remcon low voltage lighting systems common in homes built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Replaces the RCL-1* (see installation note below) typically used with lights in closets in 3-wire systems.




  • two low voltage leads (red and white) that connect to a normally-closed closet control switch (SPSTNC) in a 3-wire system
  • for use with closet switches (open door, light comes on; close door, light goes off)
  • 6.5 amp, 120 volt, 60 Hz
  • Fluke Amprobe RC120S 100% solid state relay
  • UL Listed. Limited lifetime warranty.
  • 2.5" wide by 1.125" deep by 1.83" high
  • AC Voltage from 105 to 125 VAC. AC Current Rating: Resistive, Tungsten, up to 6.5A (1/4 HP max. motor load at 120V) maximum
  • 10.0 VDC max. isolated from AC line and 10 miliamps max. Ambient operating temperature: 40 degrees Celsius max. for full rated output current.
  • Remcon closet relay RC-120S replaces the old Remco RCL1 electromagnetic switches. Can be used in all present applications, and in addition, offers more applications than ever before. (The RCL1 was only rated to 2.5 amps, and used 750 mA of AC control current.)
  • made in China
  • Switches AC power ON and OFF using low voltage control circuit. Built-in transformer steps the power down to 10V, with no additional step-down transformers necessary. Momentary contact closure of control wires turns AC power ON
  • Quality megohmmeters that offer a solid range of features that are designed to meet most insulation test applications

Need the relay for your ceiling lights? See Remcon R115S Relay Switch for Overhead Lighting.

*IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: If there is more than one relay on a circuit, the relays must be the same type, i.e. all R115, RCL-1, or RC-120 (mechanical, cylinder on black base) or all R115S or RC-120S ("S" = solid state, as shown). They cannot be intermixed because of the difference in control currents. More specifically, relays must be on the same circuit and same phase of the panel. Both sides of the relays as well as all switches connected in any way must be on the same same circuit/phase. Some of the very old mechanical relays were a different shape - a cylinder on rectangular black base - and might have either Remcon or Pyramid brand on them. Be sure to look for the item code to see if it has the "S" at the end to indicate the newer solid solid state versions.)

Single closet relay can be controlled by multiple switches. In addition, multiple relays can be controlled by a single switch. 

This specialized relay is designed for closets so that the light will come on when the door is opened then turn off when the door is closed. It cannot be used for regular light switches. Use the regular Remcon Light Switch Relay for the rest of the lights in your home.

To install, just insert through the knock-out hole in metal electrical box. For better heat dissipation, installation using the included mounting nut is recommended. Must be securely installed in metal boxes only because the the solid state switch generates heat.

Includes wiring diagram with hook-up directions for replacing the RCL-1 (older style electromagnetic switch relay). Light #22 cable can be used to control relay instead of Romex or armored cable - a significant time and cost savings.

Ovoid Remcon switchplates were typically installed horizontally with the switches rocking up and down to turn lights on and off. The curved, flared switches were pinched in and narrower at the middle and wider at the top with a small dot at the center. (Original type of Remcon mounting straps, ivory curvy rocker switches and rounded or oval wall plates are no longer in production.)

New Applications for the RC 120S Closet Light Low Voltage Relay

  • Industrial Control Applications
  • Where isolated low voltage is need for safety reasons
  • Higher current applications (up to 6.5 Amps, 1/4 HP)
  • Long-distance remote operation with twisted pair wire
  • Use solid state control switching (computer output is appropriate)
  • Alarms
  • Computer control applications
  • Plant process controls
  • Hostile or hazardous environments
  • Lights in closets or pantries
  • Reduce control wiring costs and electrical interference
  • Economically meet building codes in new installations


To install in a closet use with a momentary push button normally closed switch. Normally closed (N.C.) switches are designed to stay off when pushed in, but when released (when the closet door is opened) the light will come on.

Click Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Devices for all low volt switches, brackets and wallplates. We carry low voltage wall plates that fit many different series of low voltage wiring system's electrical devices.

Q & A

Q. I'm upgrading my vintage Remcon switch with a new Touch-Plate light switch. Do I have to replace my relays with a Touch-Plate version?
A. NO. Continue to use Remcon relays with your Pyramid or Remcon low voltage system. Touchplate relays are not compatible and may harm your Remcon system.

Q. Can I use this relay with switches that control the ceiling lights?
A. NO. This specialized 2-wire relay switch for 3-wire systems is designed specifically for providing lighting inside closets or cabinets. When you open the door the lights come on; when you close the door the lights turn off.

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    Great Customer Service. Easy purchase. Product arrive as stated. Relay resolved light issue.

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