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Ivory Plastic Screws for Wall Switch Plate Covers

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Ivory plastic light switch cover screws for use on ivory, cream, tan or other light-colored wall plates.


  • color: classic ivory
  • see drop down menu for bulk quantity price breaks
  • 1/2" long oval head residential grade standard slotted 6-32 replacement screws for light switchplates made of Delrin plastic (similar to nylon)
  • oval head screws have slightly domed top; 1/2" length is measured from the widest part of the head to the bottom of the screw
  • use plastic screws on glass or enameled wall switch plates or when heat transfer from metal screws may warp plastic wallplates
  • plastic electrical plate screws may be helpful in reducing static shock from solid metal plates in dry conditions

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Product Reviews

  • S
    Stephen (Steve) Raymond Verified Buyer
    4th Feb 2022
    Plastic plate screws

    These solved the problem of static electrical shock off metal screws on my switch plates. Great product.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    31st Jan 2020
    Safety first

    I am a licensed electrician and I know the hazards of electricity in and around a bathroom. Unfortunately I retired to a manufactured home, and honestly, I'm having a real challenge living with the kind of wiring the manufacturer got away with when this place was built a few years ago. One such place was the bathroom with switches easily in reach of toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Not wanting to end my retirement early due to such a device, I decided to replace the metal screws with plastic ones. One less path for electricity to pass through my body on its way to ground somewhere in the plumbing (or might it go the other way?) Oh, and I did also replace the outlets with GFI's in both bathrooms, the kitchen and all outdoor.

  • H
    Howard Boucher Verified Buyer
    7th Mar 2019
    Great Product

    I was tired of getting zapped from static electricity every time I turned on a light switch. These plastic screw solved the problem. I will recommend this product to others.

  • R
    Randy F Mueller Verified Buyer
    14th Feb 2019
    No more static shocks!

    The main reason I bought the plastic screws was because I was getting shocked from the metal ones. Also, when I did some searching for this product, your site seemed to be the only one that had them. So, thank you!

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    1st Jan 2019
    Plastic Screws...

    I have been trying to find these locally for quite some time and the big box stores did not seem to have such a basic item as a plastic screws. I have always had the problem of static shock from the metal screws, had to be very careful not to touch them, but with out fail, ZAP, shocked again. So I looked online and saw Kyles website, they had the aforementioned plastic screws, ordered, delivered very quickly, switched out the metal screws. The new screws were the exact size of the old ones, and looked to be of high quality. I ordered the 48 ct. pack and had no problems with any of them, my only error was estimating that 48 would be enough, turns out I needed 4 more, oh well.
    Bottom line, good product and no more shocks.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    4th Sep 2018
    Great Offer

    Thank you for offering these wonderful switchplate screws. Have been wanting them for a long time.
    Since I change mine to match the season or holiday, I am very particular about how the screws look and work. I am so happy to be able to use this type rather than the aluminum ones.

  • G
    George Fullerton Verified Buyer
    26th Feb 2017
    Fixed my GFI tripping problem

    I have a light over my sink in the kitchen where the switch and light is on a GFI circuit. In dry weather, when my finger would come near the standard metal screws on the switch, a static electricity arc to one of the screws would cause the GFI circuit to trip and need reset. This problem had annoyed me for years. Replacement of the screws with these plastic screws has totally solved the problem!

  • B
    Bill Verified Buyer
    23rd Feb 2015
    Plastic screws

    Takes the shock out of turning on or off the lights in dry weather

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