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2.5" Narrow Toggle Light Switch Covers

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2-1/2 Inch Narrow Toggle Light Switch Covers Fill Tight Spots

Squeezed for room by cabinets, furniture or appliances that are slightly blocking the area around an electrical box? If an obstruction is preventing you from using a standard wallplate , fill in the 2.5" gap with this specially designed set that includes a narrow toggle switch plate along with a flat underlay. The flat ring covers an extra 1/8" around the all the beveled edges of a thin 1 toggle switch plate to provide a neat, finished look.


  • made in America
  • white enameled steel
  • two parts - flat underlay plus beveled toggle plate
  • flat under ring is 2.5" W x 4.75" H with a 1.87" W x 2.85" H cutout
  • beveled narrow plate 2.25" W x 4.5" H x .15" D
  • customized size - only manufactured in metal (not in plastic)
  • fits industry standard toggle switches
  • 2 matching 1/2" slot head screws
  • narrow electrical boxes unneeded

Need another color? Buy a 2.5" Narrow Filler Panel then purchase a 2.25" Narrow Toggle Light Switchplate in another finish.

Q & A

Do I need to buy a narrow electrical box with 2.5" narrow toggle switchplates?
No. A standard electrical wall box is two inches wide and set into the wall surrounded by paneling, drywall or plaster. Narrow light switchplates are typically needed to cover the wall box when there are obstructions (trim, cabinets, tiles, etc.) blocking the area around it. The narrow light switch plate fits into the tight space between obstructions, covering the exposed part of the box. Consult an electrician about building codes in your area.

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