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Wireless In-Wall All Load Smart Dimmer ELV+ Lutron Caseta - White

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Install this wireless in-wall smart dimmer and pair with a Lutron Smart Bridge hub to control your lights from anywhere, even when you're not home. This Lutron Caseta PD-5NE dimming switch works with numerous bulb types – including dimmable LEDs/CFLs and electronic low voltage bulbs (both halogen and LED).

Center preset button lets you quickly recall your favorite lighting level from the switch itself or with the compatible Pico remote (sold separately).


  • part of the Lutron Caseta Home Automation collection
  • works with all load types
  • Lutron Caseta PD-5NE ELV+ Smart Dimmer switch; 120V
  • favorite button for preset lighting level on dimmer (matches Pico)
  • gloss white finish
  • 5 on-switch buttons for turning lights on, off; raising/lowering lighting levels; and recalling a favorite user-defined setting
  • max ratings: 250 W LED/CFL, 500 W incandescent/halogen, 500 W electronic low voltage, 400 W magnetic low voltage (MLV), or 400W Hi-Lume 1% LED Driver (20 drivers max)
  • note: 10W minimum load cap required for switching ELV, LED, CFL loads
  • best dimming performance for LED bulb types - see Lutron Bulb Compatibility
  • capable of dimming loads
  • neutral wire connection is required for installation
  • fits a rocker style switch plate (not included)
  • compatible with Pico for remote control for multi-location dimming applications
  • pair with Smart Bridge and control switch using Lutron's app on a smart phone or tablet

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Q & A

What is the minimum load?
The minimum load requirement for this dimmer is 10W of incandescent/halogen or 1 LED bulb from Lutron's compatibility list (unless otherwise noted on the list). You can view compatible bulbs for this dimmer on the LED Compatibility Tool. Note that the warranty on your Lutron 100 W C.L dimmer or 150 W C.L dimmer or 250 W C.L dimmer will be void if used with bulbs that are not on this Lutron Compatible Dimmable Light Bulbs.

Can I use any dimmable CFL or LED bulb with this dimmer?
We can only recommend dimmable CFL and LED bulbs that we have tested (per UL) and deemed compatible with our dimmers. Please use our LED Compatibility Tool to ensure you're using a bulb that is approved for this dimmer. If the bulb you are using does not appear on the approved list, please contact the LED manufacturer for a dimmer recommendation.

Will this dimmer work with Wink hubs?
Yes, this product is compatible with Wink Hub 2 as long as the device is not already linked to a Caséta® Wireless bridge. However, it is not compatible with the first generation Wink Hub.

How do I factory default this dimmer?
To default a Caseta dimmer, tap 3 times on the "ON" button and hold on the third time. When the LEDs on the left of the dimmer start to cycle, release and tap the "ON" button 3 more times. The LEDs should cycle a few times to verify your dimmer has been reset.

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