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Touch-Plate Genesis Low Voltage Options for Line Voltage Switch

If you have a Touchplate Genesis low voltage switch with an adapter on the back for line voltage, see your options below for a modern solution.

Line Voltage Adapter on Touch Plate Low Voltage Switches

Some Touch-plate Genesis switches from 1949-19537 had a special adapter module on the back that allowed its rectangular button to control a regular light switch (i.e., be connected to line voltage). 

Update Line & Low Voltage Genesis Switches

To update your line & low voltage combination switches:

Replace the line voltage switch with a standard rocker switch.

Update the low voltage switches to Touch Plate's Ultra line.

Be sure to divide your line and low voltage in your electrical box.

Cover with a standard rocker plate.

Line Voltage Touch Plate Switch Update

Here, there are 2 separate electrical boxes in close proximity. Both have a single Touch Plate Genesis switch, but one has a line voltage adapter on the back.

Line Voltage Touch Plate Solutions

You can keep the low voltage Touch Plate as is, if it's still funtioning. Or, replace it with a new single Touch Plate switch.

The low voltage switch on the right has a line voltage adapter. The part may be marked as "Made for Touch-Plate Mfg. Corp. Long Beach, Calif. By Micro Switch Freeport, Ill. U.S.A. Cat. No. 2WS1. X4613." These switches may have been made as single pole or 3-way versions. To update this switch, swap it out with a standard rocker light switch and cover plate.

If keeping the original brown low voltage switch, consider putting a brown rocker switch in an ivory switchplate to match the look.

Line Voltage Adapter Fix for Touch Plate Lighting

If you want the two plates in close proximity to match, you can opt for 2 single rocker covers in white or light almond, and get a single button Touch Plate Ultra switch.

Note that Touch Plate's almond finish isn't an exact match to the light almond finish of the plates and rocker switch.

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