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Remcon Low Voltage Lighting Info

Remcon Low Voltage Light Switches & Switch Plate Covers

First manufactured by Pyramid Instrument Company (now Amprobe Instrument) in the late 40's, the original Remcon low voltage switching system was installed in U.S.-built homes from the 40's to the 70's. Though most of the Remcon product line is discontinued today, Remcon's solid state relays are still manufactured and regularly stocked at Kyle Switch Plates. If you need replacement rocker switches and switchplates that will work with older Remcon wiring, we recommend Touch-Plate lighting control units that include premounted light switches in matching face plates for an easy, cost-effective solution.

Old Remcon Low Voltage Lighting Parts - Switches, Plates and Relays

Take a moment to review the pictures and descriptions below to correctly identify that your parts are Remcon brand. Note that all Remcon low volt switches and matching switch plates have been discontinued. Scroll down further for replacement options.

Discontinued Remcon Switch Plates & Wall Switches

As of February 2011, both styles of Remcon brand light switches and cover plates have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Older: Older style Remcon low voltage switches were curved, stacked, bracket mount rocker devices used in conjunction with box mounted transformers. The slightly flared switches were narrower at the middle, wider at the top and bottom and featured a small center dot. The old style plastic Remcon switchplates were 2-15/16" W x 4-17/32" W and were typically installed horizontally with switches rocking up and down vertically to turn lights on and off.

Newer: Remcon's updated single pole single throw (SPST) momentary RE-SW contact switches starkly contrasted the original ivory colored rocker devices which mounted in a bracket, and these newer clip-in switches were made for use with compatible stainless steel light switch wall plates. At a compact 1-1/4" by 9/16" size, these switches had two push-in side arms to clip the switch into the front of the wall covers. Remcon's latest line of stainless steel "snap in" low voltage switch plates measured 4.5" high by 2.75" wide and were available in single gang configurations for one, two or three devices. Each rectangular switch opening measured .4375" high by 1.1875" wide, with .906" spacing between openings on three-hole covers and 1.812" spacing on two-hole wall plates. All covers could be mounted vertically or horizontally and had box mounting screw holes at 3.281" apart, center to center.

Replacement: Although now discontinued with no Remcon brand replacement available, Touch-Plate low voltage switches can be used as substitute light switches in Remcon low voltage systems.

Old Style Remcon Single Gang Mounting Brackets

Discontinued Remcon Light Switch Plate Brackets & Yokes

Original Remcon MB-1 mounting brackets were designed for use with matching plastic Remcon switch plate covers and could be installed directly on plaster or sheetrock. Compatible with older ivory Remcon rocker devices, these straps could be mounted vertically or horizontally on walls. These metal yokes were eventually replaced with Remcon's newer style of "snap in" stainless steel switchplates which eliminated the need for brackets; as of February 2011, however, this "snap in" Remcon series is now discontinued.

Remcon Nine Switch Plate - Pilot Light Remcon Replacement Options

Remcon 9-Switch Wall Plate Cover Replacement Option

This Remcon unit appears to have eight switches plus a 9th switch that acts as a master control in the middle for turning off all switches with one push of the button. The switches to the left and right of it are curved ivory rocker switches and they have red, green, yellow, and white dots in the middle.

You can replace this panel with new controls for the 8 switches. To do so, order four 4-button Touch Plate ultra switches and a 4-gang cover. You'll need a total of 16 buttons (an on and off control for each of the 8 old Remcon switches).

Pyramid Low Voltage Switches

Pyramid Low Voltage Switches & Wall Plate Covers

These are the first version of Pyramid style low voltage switches, that were later discontinued and converted to Remcon low voltage switches. If you have a Pyramid system, the same Remcon light switch replacement options would apply.

Old Remcon Low Voltage Relay

Old Remcon Relays & Transformers in Low Voltage Wiring Systems

Older style Remcon relays were cylindrical in shape.

Note: If replacing your old Remcon light switches with new Touch Plate switches, you will still use your working Remcon remote control relays in your system.

Replacement Parts for Remcon Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Your old Remcon low voltage transformers, switch plates and switches are compatible only with each other. They CANNOT be used with parts from any other series. Do not attempt to use Remcon parts with other series' transformers (such as GE, Bryant) or relays. The switches will not fit into wall switch plates from any other series ("Original Style", "Snap In", "Spec. Grade", "Bracket Mount".)

Modern Remcon Solid State Relays

Remcon Relays & Replacement Parts at Kyle Switch Plates

This is the latest manufactured Amprobe line of transformers that work with older Remcon low voltage electrical wiring systems. Remcon produced two types of UL approved remote control relays: the R-115S for momentary devices (replaces older R-115) and the RC-120S for closet-light switching (replacement for RCL-1). With built-in transformers, these relays can operate independently so that 1 relay can be controlled by multiple switches, or 1 switch can control several relays. Standard momentary relays have 3 wires while closet light relays have only 2 wires. Scroll down for more specs and info on this relay. Important: continue to use your working Remcon relay switches even if updating your light switches to Touch-Plate versions. Note that all Remcon relays have been discontinued as of early 2021.

Replacement for Remcon Light Switches & Covers: Touch-Plate

Replacing Remcon Light Switch with Touch-Plate Control

To replace Remcon switches, we recommend Touch-Plate low voltage devices and cover plates (shown at left). While this isn't your only option, only Touch Plate switch units have been tested for safety when used with Remcon relays. In order to convert Touch-Plate's two-wire switches to a three-wire Remcon set-up, you must use two Touch-Plate buttons for every one Remcon button to properly operate a light. For clarification, see our Guide for Replacing Remcon Switches with Touch Plate. (Note: once you click the link for the Guide, scroll down the page for replacement information).

Touch Plate Replaces Remcon Low Volt

When doubling the number of Remcon switches to find the correct Touch Plate replacements, pay attention to the overall size. See here, 6 Touch Plate buttons replace 3 old Remcon, and they both fit a single-gang electrical box.

NEED WIRING HELP? Add this free wiring conversion guide for Remcon to your cart when placing your order.

For a fee, you can download this guide at any time.

Comine Wires in Wire Nut With Pictail Wire

When converting from a 3-wire to 2-wire system, be sure to order our wiring guide for help.

You will combine your white wires (that went into your old Remcon switches) in a wire nut with an additional pigtail wire.

Wire Pigtail Into Switch Common Terminal

The pigtail wire will go right into the back of the Touch Plate Unit.

You will wire it into the terminal labeled SC (Switch Common).

Mixing GE and Remcon Brand Light Switches & Covers - Not Recommended

Replacement Remcon Switches - GE Parts Not Recommended

GE low voltage switches should not be used with Remcon relays.

We instead recommend Touch Plate low voltage units since they have been tested for safety with Remcon relays.

Pilot Light Remcon Replacement Options

Remcon Pilot Light Switch Replacement Option - Touch-Plate Switches

Touch Plate's LED lights will not function when replacing Remcon pilot light switches. We don't recommend spending the extra money for replacement LED switches since they can't be wired properly to light up.

Remcon Low Voltage Relay Specs

Remcon Relay Switches: 6.5 Amp, 120 Volt, 100% Solid State Relay. Made in China. AC Voltage from 105 to 125 VAC. AC Current Rating: Resistive, Tungsten or Ballast Load up to 6.5A (1/4 HP max. motor load at 120V) maximum. Control Switch Closure Time: 5 milliseconds minimum. Frequency: 60 Hz. Safe control switching: 10.0 VDC max. isolated from AC line. and 10 milliamps max. Ambient operating temperature: 40 degrees Celsius max. for full rated output current.

Status: Discontinued. Update broken Remcon relays with Touch Plate low voltage parts.

Replacement Unit: The R-115S replaces the old R115 electromagnetic switches. Can be used in all present applications, and in addition, offers more applications than ever before. (The R115 was only rated to 5 amps, and used 750 mA of AC control current.)

Operation: Switches AC power ON and OFF using low voltage control circuit. Built in transformer, with no step down transformers necessary. Momentary contact closure of control wires turns AC power ON or OFF. If there is more than one relay on a circuit, the relays must be the same type, i.e. all R115 or all R115S. They cannot be intermixed because of the difference in control currents.

Closet Relay Replacement Unit: The RC-120S replaces the old RCL1 electromagnetic switches. Can be used in all present applications, and in addition, offers more applications than ever before. (The RCL1 was only rated to 2.5 amps, and used 750 mA of AC control current.)

Closet Relay Operation: Switches AC power ON and OFF using low voltage control circuit. Built in transformer, with no step down transformers necessary. Momentary contact closure of control wires turns AC power ON. If there is more than one relay on a circuit, the relays must be the same type, i.e. all RCL1 or all RC120S. They cannot be intermixed because of the difference in control currents.

Size: 2.5" wide by 1.125" deep by 1.83" high.

Features: Single relay can be controlled by multiple switches and multiple relays can be controlled by a single switch. These quality megohm-meters offer a solid range of features designed to meet most insulation test applications.

Installation: Insert through the knock-out hole in metal electrical box. Installation using the mounting nut (included) is recommended for better heat dissipation. Must be securely installed in metal boxes only because the the solid state switch generates heat.

Wiring Instructions: Includes wiring diagram with hook-up directions for replacing the R-115 (older style electromagnetic switch relay). Light #22 cable can be used to control relay instead of Romex or armored cable - a significant time and cost savings.

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