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Pilot Light Power Transformer 6V for Touch Plate System

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Use these small 6-volt transformers to replace vintage Touchplate PL-6 or PL-120 pilot light transformers in systems built before mid-1985. Pilot lights are useful for indicating where room lights are still on and were typically used in control panels found in a primary bedroom, kitchen, or near a home's main entrances.


  • AC Power Filament Transformer with center tap for use in 2-wire low voltage system
  • use the two red wires for 6V to power the pilot lights; use one red and one green wire for 3V
  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC - black wires
  • Secondary Rated Voltage: 6 VAC - red wires
  • Rated Current: 1000 mA (1A)
  • Secondary VAC with no load: 7.86 V
  • Given Output voltage is across the entire secondary
  • Center green tapped lead provides half that voltage from the center to either lead wire
  • Resistive Load: 6.8 Ohms
  • Output VAC with load: 7.05 V
  • replaces vintage PL6 and PL120 pilot light transformers
  • Classic style with metal bracket with mounting holes
  • Mounting hole center to center: 2.30"
  • Height: 1.7" 
  • Width: 1.97"
  • Depth: 1.58"
  • Actual product model and brand may differ from image shown but will work in a Touch Plate system to power the pilot lights

Visit Low Voltage Replacement Transformers, Switches, Relays & Wall Covers to find updated electrical devices for mid-century low volt lighting systems.

Note: The old Permoflux PL6 were used strictly to illuminate the pilot light bulbs in the switches (historically clear buttons with red pilot light bulbs behind them); removing them from the system will not affect the functionality of the switch. 

Q & A

Q. Some of the pilot lights on my Touch Plate Classic control panel no longer light up. How many replacement pilot light transformers will I need?
Each pilot light button in the control panel requires its own transformer.

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