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Low Voltage Lighting System Advantages & Savings

Low Voltage Lighting System Advantages

Own a home with low voltage lighting? Or thinking about buying one? Congratulations!

These high-end electrical systems were reserved for luxury midcentury homes, so you're getting a great home with all the added benefits of a low voltage system.

Low voltage lighting systems offer many advantages for home owners. These popular systems were state of the art when installed during the 1950's through the 1980's, and they continue to provide modern conveniences and savings.

Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting Saves You Money

1. You $ave Money

Low volt lighting uses less energy/electrical current, so you'll save money on your electric bill and likely, your insurance, too.

Low Voltage Lighting is Safer

2. Your Home is Safer

Because they use lower voltages, these systems are safer for homes than line voltage lighting. As a result, you may receive discounted rates on your homeowners insurance. Be sure to ask your agent about discounts.

When it comes to home security, having master control over all of the switches in your home gives you the ability to turn lights on at the far end of your home if you hear a noise that is concerning such as breaking glass or bumps in the night. You can instantly illuminate those areas to discourage prowlers.

Low Voltage Systems Offer Convenience

3. Convenience of Control

Control all switches from one location so lights don't get left on. Systems typically have a master control panel (in the master bedroom, for example) allowing you to control all of your home's lighting from one location. You'll love the reassurance that all lights are out before bedtime or prior to leaving for a vacation.

Easy 3-way switching is another convenience. Each switch can easily be wired to create 3- or 4-way functionality (or more!), so you can operate a single light from multiple locations without complicated wiring or the need for new switches. 

Low Voltage Conserve Your Home's Energy

4. Pilot Lights

Having low voltage pilot light switches means you can just glance at your control panel and easily see which lights remain on, and which are off.

GE pilot light switches have mini lights with a soft red glow when the lights controlled by that switch are on, so you'll always know whether out-of-site lighting is on or off.

Low Voltage Conserve Your Home's Energy

5. Environmentally Friendly Residence

Low voltage = less energy consumption.

These systems conserve energy - an excellent way of doing your part!

Modern Low Voltage Lighting Parts

6. Updating Parts is Easy

Those old switches and dingy cover plates can be replaced!

GE continues to manufacture parts for its low voltage line (which is also compatible with Bryant and Sierra systems, among others). You can update the look of your retro switches and get brand new parts for other old components if they break down, such as relays and transformers.

New parts offer greater flexibility - choose from a variety of finishes for switches and cover plates.

How Does Low Voltage Work?

Low voltage wiring systems were created with modern living in mind, giving homeowners added flexibility and control over the functionality of their home.

These systems use relays to switch a current. The relays, in turn, are controlled by small light switches (operating at a low voltage comparable to that of a doorbell). Since the relays only require a brief impulse to switch the current, the light switches are "momentary" (the low volt current only flows for as long as the light switch is pressed).

This results in safer electrical wiring as well as less energy consumption.

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