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LiteTouch Replacement & Upgrade Options

LiteTouch Replacement & Upgrade Options

As of September 2015, Savant no longer produces or supports existing LiteTouch systems.

The good news is, if you need to replace parts in your LiteTouch system, can can upgrade to Touch-Plate, a state-of-the-art low voltage system with a modern look. This is more cost effective than ripping out your whole system and changing from low voltage to line voltage.

Touch-Plate Switch Compatibility

Some customers have used Touch Plate LED switches as replacements for their Lite Touch units such as in a LiteTouch 1000 system installed in 1970's. LiteTouch's 12V systems seem to work with Touch-Plates's 24V switches however we cannot guarantee that they will work in your particular system.

Note that the LED lights have been found to work but when wiring them you must figure out which LiteTouch wire is the LED and which is the switch when connecting them to the Touch Plates switch. They might go the opposite way from TP, i.e. instead of across, they might connect vertically. It might be worth it to try installing a Touch Plate switch to see if these will work before upgrading to a whole new system.

Buy a Touch Plate switch to test in your LiteTouch system. (Note that installed switches cannot be returned.)

If you upgrade you will:

-Replace All Parts at Once

Due to the differences between LiteTouch and Touch Plate, the system will need to be replaced in its entirety at the time of your upgrade.

All of your switches and existing LiteTouch keypads will be replaced at the same time, since LiteTouch and Touch Plate systems cannot work together.

This will create a uniform look throughout your home or business.

-Reuse Existing Wiring (Which Saves You Money)

When keeping your low voltage system and updating with Touchplate, all of your existing wiring will stay in place. This will save you tons on the cost of having your entire property re-wired to conventional wiring.

Changing to conventional wiring requires a major renovation, since all existing wiring needs to be removed and new wire put in its place. Many hours of labor & much expense is involved in this type of system update. The result will leave no remote control, which is a highlight of low voltage systems.

Read more about the Advantages of Low Voltage Systems here.

-Reuse Existing Enclosures (Reducing Trauma to Your Home)

Touch-Plate’s upgrade options save you labor and material costs with their module based and DIN rail mounted parts that can be inserted within the existing enclosures. There should be no holes, drywall repair, or major trauma to your home.

-Experience Touch Plate's Advanced Lighting Control

Get the luxury of timing control, dimming, and Smart capabilities - all part of Touch-Plate’s Time-Keeper system and Web Interface. Check lighting statuses, make programming changes, and control the lighting loads right from your Smart device!

-Get Attractive Wall Switches

Choose from Touch-Plate’s variety of colors and button configurations.

-Receive Excellent Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our highest priority - we're here to help make your transition from LiteTouch to Touch Plate as seamless as possible.

-Gain Reliability

Providing lighting solutions for over 70 years (since 1946), you can count on Touch Plate to continue to provide an excellent customer experience with their state-of-the-art lighting controls.

How to Update Your LiteTouch System with Touch Plate

Contact us here - request the LiteTouch Upgrade Information Form in the details section - we'll send you everything you need to get started with your upgrade.

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