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6.4" Video Doorbell Plate for Nutone Intercom Box 5.25" Screw Holes

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Doorbell Cover for Specialized Recessed Camera Doorbell Units that Jut Into Wall Box

Easily install a high-end video door bell on an old Nutone intercom speaker box with this custom 6-3/8" high cover plate. Replacement Nutone wall plate features a center cutout for mounting a high-end video doorbell that sets back into the wall. (This cover is NOT for flush mounted basic smart doorbells - be sure to look at all of our photos.) This large specialty plate has screw holes that are spaced 5.25" apart and is fitted with a standard box-mounting ring to make it easy to install a smart door bell that typically mounts on a standard wall box. Use this cover for camera doorbells that push into a regular wall box instead of just sitting on the surface of your wall.


  • 6-3/8" H x 4-1/2" W x 5/32" D plate with center cutout
  • IMPORTANT: designed for PARTIALLY RECESSED models such as the 2020 and older $350 Ring Doorbell Elite (sits half in the box and half outside on top of the box) SEE PHOTOS plus Q&A BELOW and BE SURE TO MEASURE
  • THIS IS NOT DESIGNED FOR SURFACED-MOUNTED VIDEO CAMERA DOORBELLS.  SEE THIS PLATE INSTEAD: 6.4" H Video Camera Doorbell Cover Plate with Small Center Hole for Wires
  • we recommend measuring to ensure you have clearance around brick and masonry
  • if you want to install a different Ring or other model, etc., BEHIND this cover you must make your own mounting subfloor
  • clear anodized finish on .040" thick aluminum, vertical grain
  • American-made customized wall plate
  • designed for high-end doorbells like some models of the Ring Elite that push into a standard 2" x 4" box
  • does not work with surface-mount doorbells because cutout is wider than your camera doorbell
  • note: not designed for mounting your smart doorbell inside or behind the center cutout opening
  • mounting screw holes spaced 5.25" apart center to center
  • two 1/2" steel screws
  • standard box spacing: 3.281" (3-9/32") device installation holes (center to center) on 1-gang non-metallic mounting ring (included)
  • Cutout is 2-3/16" W x 3-3/4" H before plastic mounting ring is installed. Clearance is about 1-7/8" x 2-15/16" with bracket installed.
  • use with a moisture gasket, weatherstripping or silicone for a tight seal
  • some assembly required
  • replaces old doorbells, door chimes, intercom speakers, etc.

Alternative Sizes

Find plates with other screw spacing for other Nutone, TekTone, M&S, etc., intercom units that buzz or ring. Doorbell cover plates for vintage chimes and speakers are available in a variety of options and colors. See No Hole Triple Switch Plates if you want to drill your own holes for custom screw spacing.

Need other screw spacing? Please contact us and tell us what spacing you need, along with your brand and model information if available. New sizes being added on regular basis.

For help measuring your box and screw spacing, see Doorbell Cover Measuring Tips.

Q & A

Q. I have a base model Ring Pro. Is this the right cover to use with that?
A. If you have a Ring Pro other surface-mount video doorbell, then no, this would not be correct. The large center opening in this cover is designed to accommodate the more advanced video door bells, like some models of the Ring Doorbell Elite, that install partially inside an electrical wall box rather than just on the surface of a wall with a larger cover on top (that might overhang the box cover a little bit). These full-featured all-in-one camera doorbells may be priced over $400 and have bulky housings that will be partially recessed into the electrical box. The front half will sit on top of the cover. They will not have a separate installation bracket because they are designed to mounting into a standard wall box instead of just sitting on top of a flat part of the wall. Standard camera door bells need a flat, solid surface (instead of an opening) to drill through for attaching the mounting bracket .

Q. How can I tell if I have the basic door bell type?
A. If your new smart doorbell has a flat back, has a separate mounting bracket that must be attached to the wall before attaching the video camera part itself, and costs less than $400, then it most likely is the regular version.

Q. I saw a blog post where someone mounted a Ring Pro behind this cover. How would I do that?
A. If you want a DIY project and are handy, you can create a metal subplate for holding your Ring Pro in place behind the cover opening. You will have to determine the depth of the subplate. Note that the opening on this cover (when used without the center ring) is close in size to a Ring Pro, but not an exact match. Models change, so be sure to measure your version to see if it will work for your application.

Q. Do I have to measure my screw distances?
A. Yes. There are several popular screw spacings (4", 4.5", 5.25", 6.25", 6.58") on vintage models (NuTone, TekTone, M&S, etc.), so it is important to check distances. Be sure to measure from CENTER to CENTER on the screw holes.

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Product Reviews

  • D
    Deirdre Griswold Verified Buyer
    12th Aug 2021
    Video Doorbell Plate for Nutone

    Perfect fit and great quality.

  • A
    ANDRE M BOISVERT Verified Buyer
    2nd Feb 2021
    adapting Nutone intercom box for Ring door bell camera

    perfect fit and looks professional

  • E
    Elizabeth Verified Buyer
    29th Dec 2020
    Perfect match

    This faceplace worked perfectly to switch out our old doorbell/intercom with a new Ring Elite doorbell. The bronze color matched well with the bronze cover in the Ring Elite kit.

  • J
    Jose Verified Buyer
    16th Jul 2018
    6.4" Video Doorbell Plate for Nutone Intercom Box 5.25" Screw Holes - Also works with Ring Video Doorbell Elite

    Received the product very fast! Faster than shipping details emailed to me stated. Took the item out of the box and started working on my project. Just had to file about 1/32" on each side of the aluminum cover to make the 1 gang electrical box provided by Ring with my Elite camera. Screwed everything in and it looks beautiful!

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